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  1. Need Advice

    Glutenfreemanna: No I do not know whether I'm allergic to gluten or actually have celiac disease. I don't really think it's worth the trouble finding out, I'm going to stay away from gluten and try to treat whatever symptons are still present. UPDATE: I'm having that "on-top-of-the-world" feeling again. The pimples on my nose have cleared up(coincidence maybe?). Knee pain is diminishing, was on a trampoline yestarday though so a bit aggitated. My eczema on my right hand is clearing up, and the acute eczema on my face as well. My energy levels are great. Farts still smell rancid and I'm going to work on that, although not as bad as before. I left this topic to sit for a while because it's discouraging taking this long to start feeling good again. I've been trying to be extremely healthy lately and it seems to be working. I'm also taking precautions which I didn't before such as not eating foods off my barbeque or oven. I'm still staying out of the cafeteria at my school. Staying away from sugar. No junk food. I don't let me mom cook for me anymore, she's very diligent but idk, she's glutened me on several occasions, and I like being assured I know what I'm eating. Me and my mom have had a few arguements on why I'm feeling like this. She thinks it's because im malnourishing myself. I tell her that may be, but it would be from having an unhealthy gut. During one of these arguements she told me "you know people don't always feel good, I go to work a lot not feeling the best". I told her I'm not going to settle for what she had. She still hasn't taken me too the doctor, she's very busy. I dont really care to go though, doubt it would help, a herbalist maybe, but not a doctor. With a little bit of reading I now believe that gluten does effect me, however I think my main problem has been Leaky Gut Syndrome, which can coincide in people that have Celiac Disease and Lactose allergy. (VERY INTERESTING SITE:http://curezone.com/dis/1.asp?C0=205, I think this site should be a link somewhere, very helpful information). I believe once I take proceders towards healing my gut the rest of my problems will go away. An update on my calculus:100% on unit final... don't like to brag though... oh wait yah I do, top of class WOOT With my concentration problems I think this is not too shabby but I think that problem will soon be gone. Thanks everyone for your support. I'll probably update this again later, if I keep feeling good.
  2. Need Advice

    My father introduced me to Celiac Disease about a year ago. We went to a naturopath, had a blood prick test. Gluten, milk, eggs, and tobacco were positive. Gluten and eggs were the two surprises, the naturopath suggested going off gluten for 6 months and then try to reintroduce it, his light words made it sound less severe so I only got really serious with this diet about 5 months ago. If I remember correctly he gave me a B5 vitamin, multivitamin, and a Calcium-Magnesium one. Since I've started to live with my mom for the majority of the time I've kind of forgotten about my vitamins. So I'll definitely look into checking my levels and starting to take them regularly again. Thanks for all the sympathy and advice everyone.
  3. Need Advice

    I think I'm just going to do my homework/study at lunch in the library or something. It doesn't help though when my mom and her boyfriend are baking pizza & breaded chicken wings in the oven(like 30 mins ago...). I told her that when you bake stuff with gluten in it, it may get in the air. She replied something like well, yeah maybe, but other people need to eat too. I told her I'll probably feel worse tomorrow, and oddly, I hope I do. I have had a blood prick test, the positives were I think it said gluten, milk which I already knew, eggs which was surprising, and tobacco. Do you recommend having another allergy test because It's been about 2 years since I've had that test, and allergies can change right? I don't know if you can contract new allergies but I know I used to be allergic to corn and am not anymore. Regarding the vitamins I'll make sure to get some, forgot about them lately... Regarding Calculus I have a 89% which I was disappointed about because ... idk I can do way better. On another topic my moms going to bring me to the doctor. Is there any information I should be equipped with being allergic to gluten? All i really know is that if they test for gluten sensitivity it may be negative if I'm successfully avoiding it. Thanks, Jack
  4. Need Advice

    Two months ago I was feeling on top of the world because all my symptoms were completely gone. My anti-social personality(not social anxiety... Just when I feel like crap I don't want to talk to people/enjoy it) was gone so I made a lot of new friends, my knee pain was completely gone which had me flabbergasted, eczema... gone...flatulence...gone...more energy, and most importantly I was enjoying life. When 2nd semester of my last year in high school started things went back to the way they usually are. Stopped working out, don't want to talk to people, don't hang out with my friends as much, knee pain back, flatulence, feel like crap. I wish I knew what it was but all I have is suspicions. I'm ruining my last semester and... I don't care. One of my friends yesterday told me that he didn't want to go to our last two blocks because he didn't feel good(We have calculus and physics 30 together). When he said this I started to feel sorry for myself because most days I dread going to class. It's horrible for myself to concentrate with brain-fogginess and constantly thinking of why the hell I feel like this. Which gave me the push to not go to school today. Well... My point is that I haven't been feeling stellar lately and I don't know why. My diet for the most part hasn't changed, still taking the same precautions. I only have one suspicion of to why I feel like this, and it's kind of... dumb, It makes me feel like I'm just being paranoid, because I don't even know if it's plausible. Since the start of this semester I've been hanging out with my friends at lunch in the cafeteria. Everyone's eating stuff from the cafeteria like pizza/spaghetti or bringing sandwiches. Not only that we sit near to where they cook these foods and coincidently I seem to feel the worst in my 3rd and 4rth blocks. I don't know how common(or possible) it is to be this sensitive to gluten and it makes me feel stupid discussing this believe with my mom(she doesn't understand). Nevertheless I'm going to try what I think may help because I can't stand being like this. If anyone has anything that relates to this please share...
  5. "gluten Free" Foods

    Would this suggest that I need to revisit what I'm allergic to? (I'm assuming that psawyer is right, suggesting that the product has no gluten)
  6. Is it common for people to react to foods labeled gluten free? I seem to get an allergic reaction to these pepperoni sticks my mom often brings home (Labeled Gluten & Lactose free). I live in Canada so the enforced limit by Health Canada is 20 ppm. Another thing I'm curious about is if it's common for celiacs to react to, lets say a serving of a 20 ppm food, or would reacting to this be extraordinary? Thanks, Jack
  7. A girl offered me a bunch of candy hearts, put them on my desk, was a little reluctant but I ate one. After deciding that they probably don't have gluten I shoveled about 10 in my mouth. About 10 minutes later my vision went weird.... not blurry... I don't even know how to explain it but it was harder to concentrate. Since I got home I've had diarhrea and my knee pain came back. I'm assuming they don't have gluten because popular brands I looked up(Don't know which brand I ate) don't contain it. I'm, thinking of eliminating refined sugars. Any advice on this?
  8. Life

    For myself it's a very odd pain. Nothing like an physical impact/injury. It just seems like your knees are brittle and aren't strong enough to support your weight. On days where the pain is very noticeable it's worse in the mornings, also on these "bad days" keeping my knee in the same position would be very uncomfortable, stretched out fully was the most comfortable position. Well, self-diagnosed with the most contribution to my father. He diagnosed me with milk and tobacco allergy very young... Just 2 years ago in grade 10 I started feeling terrible, lethargic, knee pains, became anti-social(depession/anxiety became much more of a problem). He introduced the idea of celiac, didn't even know what it was. Some blood test confirmed it, with eggs which was a surprise. So long omelettes :'(. I never realised the seriousness of these allergies till about 6 months ago. Where I began a strict gluten diet, although I can only say I've been gluten free for two months as I wasn't yet a pro at decyphering what I could eat. I just hope I can make the last 5 months of high school memorable, It's already been way better... It's been so different lately, and I love it.
  9. Life

    I've been strictly off gluten, milk, and eggs for the past 2 months. As of three days ago knee pain that I've been cluelessly struggling with for two years is completely gone. Excessive mucuos for the most part is gone, and the last three days have been the best of my life. I'm happy, happier than ever before, literally crying through this remembering how hard I've struggled through high school because of social anxiety and depression. I feel like I've been "high" this whole weekend, and I hope I never have to go back to how it was....
  10. Dealing With Joint Pain

    Oh dear... I'm baffled, I've been eating this stuff for so long... How can I avoid this in the future? Do I need to research every food brand that I eat? and furthermore what does uses barely in the processing exactly mean? Is there somewhere I can read up on this process to expand my understanding?
  11. Dealing With Joint Pain

    For cereal I just find a gluten free one... not picky For milk i use Rice Dream: Water, White Rice, Brown Rice, Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Sea Salt, Amylaze. I've been using this subsitute milk for probably 10 years.
  12. Dealing With Joint Pain

    Ok thanks, I'm going to look into my vitamin deficencies to make sure I can recover, I noticed in the side that their is gluten free vitamins. Would the regular vitamins I have contain gluten? And if they do contain gluten do they have to state it? I got an allergy test(blood prick test) about 2 years ago. Was surprised to find out I was allergic to wheat and eggs along with my milk allergy. Could my allergies alter overtime so that I may be allergic to something new like soy? Also in my diet I lack carbs, all I eat is a cereal, gluten free oats, and potatoes. I don't really know a big list of carbs that follows my allergy guidelines, is there some sort of list/suggestions of carbs that I can eat? Lastly, I need an avoidance list for gluten, seems small amounts of gluten are sneaking into my diet and hindering my recovery. Thanks again, Jack
  13. I'm 17 and I'm a celiac (recently diagnosed), I've been struggling with joint pain for a good portion of my life. As I'm getting higher levels of soccer my knees cannot handle the fatigue. It almost feels like my bones are brittle and cannot support my weight (after a decent amount of excercise) causing a somewhat throbbing/sharp pain, I get this same pain in my elbows although its more rare(usually when snowboarding). Also when I twist my left knee in an awkward position I get a sharp tearing pain as if my cartilage just ripped(movements my right knee can do without similar pain). The only conclusion I can conjure up is that I havn't been getting enough nutrients my whole life due to being exposed to wheat for such a long time, although I may be wrong. I'm going to be avoiding wheat at all costs, taking calcium vitamins, and doing lower body workouts that are designed to help this problem(I have attempted this before but have never got the results I have wanted). I guess my question would be is there anything I can do besides what is stated to make this process go faster, and your opinions on prolotherapy. P.S. My knee pain is worse in the mornings, and seems to get worse when I eat wheat Any advice is greatly appreciated, Jack