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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks Takala and Glutenfreemanna! I picked up a calcium magnesium and zinc supplement it's free of my allergens. I was taking a mineral supplement for my natural doctor, it says it's free of my allergens but I would feel odd after taking it, I don't know how to explain it. The new one I got is fine though. I've noticed since taking it I hardly crave grains as much, I did get into the chips today but not many Other grains I had no desire for like Bobs red mill cereal. The iodine may be an issue too, I always use sea salt and I just put two and two together as to why some chips brands I can't put down and some I don't care for- the ones with sea salt maybe I don't crave? I actually craved meat today and was able to resist carbs until my meal- magic! Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies! I've always liked salty crunchy foods like trisuits, wheat thins and pretzels which are obviosly out now. The gluten free pretzels are good but theyre so expensive! Theyre $6 a bag where Ive found them, geez. Im trying to lower my carbs and do more of a higher protein and (good) fat and vegetable diet and see how that goes. I havent tried beanitos, what kind of beans are they made from? Im allergic to pinto and kidney beans according to my blood test, havent tried them since going gluten free. I want to wait till my skin clears up before guinea pigging on myself Chia seeds sound tasty! Would I find them at Whole Foods? Do I eat them raw? Thanks!
  3. I think thats part of it. I have low blood pressure so sometimes I black out when standing, my doctor said its because I have adrenal fatigue. She gave me her blessings to eat as much salt as I want as long as I also have alot of water with it. I should get one of those salt licks they give to horses
  4. Thats a really good point. For the most part I eat vegan, I've been having a cup of soy yogurt and 1/2 cup of raw nuts spread out every day, tofu, quinoa, soy milk, avocado, sushi 1-3 x's a week, yesterday and today each I ate a can of organic black beans (although Im allergic to most beans which makes it hard). I have red meat once a month or as often as I crave it (Im female so I need the iron, this month I had two burger patties and a steak in one week!) I dont do well with poultry or pork, I can do chicken once or twice a month. More than that I swear it slows everything down and I get c (sorry). I have a protein shake from my doctor I do a couple times a week. I think Im getting enough protein but Im not sure... My doctor tested my protein levels and they were low, but I dont have many options since Im allergic to everything and Im nervous about eating too much soy and getting allergic to that too. You might be on to something, maybe I should look into more protein options, any suggestions? Thank you.
  5. Hi everyone, I have celiacs and crave tortilla chips like crazy. I can go through a half a bag of chips a day, like the big bag of plain corn tortilla ones. Im not allergic to corn, but Im allergic to dairy, eggs, gluten, blueberries, mustard, tomatoes, eggplant, peanuts, sunflower, sesame, pinto beans, brazil nuts... and more its a long list so Im really limited. Im thin so its not like Im trying to drop alot of weight, but I have soft areas I want to tone and I know if I cut out all the calories I eat from chips it would make a huge difference. Its also not healthy to eat that much chips and I cant stop! Its mostly when I eat veggies, oddly enough, that I crave chips. I make healthy garbanzo beans with avocado and steamed veggies and I have to have chips with it. Or a salad, or Daiya cheese on brussel sprouts (my favorite pre-non-gluten eating food is Kraft Mac n Cheese mmmmmmmmm)... I feel twice as hungry right after I have veggies and all I can think about is chips. And I cant stay away from them. Any ideas on why I crave chips, and why always with veggies? Anyone else have this problem?
  6. I Cant Gain Weight, Small Appetite! Help

    Eat fats like raw walnuts, cashews, and pecans. Like a handful throughout the day. Eat half an avocado a day. Gluten free tortilla chips (I can eat half a bag a day lol). Bobs red mill gluten free hot cereal with agave sweetener and flax seeds on top and a banana. Soy yogurt if you tolerate soy. Saute veggies in olive oil. Quinoa pasta with soy cheese (I get Daiya its the only one without dairy proteins even though the others say theyre soy cheese grrr). Make homemade burgers without the buns. Get gluten free cookies and have protein shakes with coconut milk. Eat whole thai young coconuts. Have brown rice with veggies with olive oil on top. Take fish oil supplements. Have yams and potatoes. Fruit, yogurt, with nuts and gluten free chocolate pieces. Hope that helps!!
  7. I second the anemic post. I would reccomend going to your doctor and having your levels checked for that and B vitamis as well.
  8. She sounds alot like me, especially when I was younger. Im now in my early 20's, and just found out I have celiacs. I want to possibly help someone else out there that may be going through what I did. When I was 16 and younger, I cycled between severe depression and rage. I would scream, punch holes in things, I even ripped a door off a hinge. I was such a thin thing I have no idea how I did that. I was always sick with pnemonia, bronchitis, fevers, and severe stomach pains. What I did eat was $1 frozen burritos, pasta, plain ground beef, cheerios or bagels with cream cheese. I would stay in my room and think about what was going on in my head and why. It was like I was my own psychologist, I knew it wasnt normal so I tried to wrap my brain around it in a rational way. After I was 16 I was able to take my health into my hands and went vegetarian and ate mostly organic. I improved but I was still eating wheat. My stomach was always bloated like I was pregnant even though Ive always been underweight. I've had bad acne since I was 16. I cut down on gluten for the past 6 months, but two weeks ago I found out I had celiacs and have cut gluten out of everything down to my chapstick and beauty products. Im feeling so much better, my hair, skin, and nails are improving. I actually had 3 hallucinations out of the corner of my eye the first week I cut gluten out. Then I kept at it and felt even better and they didnt happen again. I hope that my story might help her. She may just need someone to really reach out and get to her understant its out of love. It might take a while to adjust to the new food alternatives. Maybe do the diet with her? I dont know either of you personally, but perhaps she's rebelling? (I had blue hair and a long list of things I did lol). Just a thought...
  9. Are you taking any vitamins? Celiacs causes malabsorbtion of nutrients, namely all B's, A, C, D, E, K, magnesium, calcium, and omega fatty oils (most important is 3, found in fish oil or flax). Im not a doctor, however you could try supplementing those (I have celiacs and am taking all of these I reccomended). Make sure that they are wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, and egg free in case you are also sensitive to those things. You also might have gluten in your shampoo and body products. Most products have gluten in them, I didnt get a rash but contstantly straw dry hair and it would fall out, and I tried everything from $60 a bottle to cheap drugstore brands to no avail. When I found out I had celiacs I switched everything, even my toothpaste, chapstick and laundry detergent. Desert Essence Red Grape shampoo and conditioner are gluten free and dont have the harsh additives, and after one use my hair is shiny and frizz free!! Apparently my hair even has allergies (Im both celiac and allergic to wheat). Its probably beyond only gluten free for me as Im also allergic to 27 different foods.... I have to have pure everything. Hope this helps! I bought mine at Whole Foods, they have a great return policy if you have reactions.
  10. Doctor In L.a.?

    Also, if you are going to get tested to celiacs you must eat gluten a day before the test so your body will make the antibodies to show up in the blood work! Hope that helps
  11. Doctor In L.a.?

    I've had problems my entire life, and doctors did not have an answer. After being horribly sick, I happened to meet Dr. Tamara Smith and did a consult with her. She listened and asked questions that were relevant, and even expected certain symptoms and asked about them before I even told her. She ran blood tests, I tested positive to celiacs, the beginning of hashimotos thyroid, low adrenals, low hormones, malnourished, candida, chronic fatigue, and allergic to 27 different foods. She knew exactly what tests to be run. I tested normal for hormone and thyroid by other doctors, even though it runs in the family and I clearly am off. I found out that every other doctor ran the wrong tests or didnt know how to read them. She is in Santa Monica if you google her name her contact will come up. She listens and types notes and reccomendations during the office visit and prints them out for you, she spent an hour or more with me at our first meeting. Nothing goes undiscussed! Be prepared to talk about everything that goes into and out of your body lol. She rocks. Im in my early 20's, female, thin, I thought I ate healthy for my body. Every other doctor looked at me and said it was in my head or that they didnt know what was wrong. I wish I found her sooner, I am so much better and getting better every day.