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  1. She was tested about 2 months ago, once I was confirmed Celiac. All 3 kids were tested. All 3 were negative for celiac and any vit deficiencies. Honestly, with the symptoms she has, we were shoked she was not positive. Very small for her age, she wears the same clothes her big sister wore in Kindergarden and she is about to complete the 3rd grade. Always has bathroom issues, sever gas and colic as a baby. She is emotional and always irritable, use to have bad temper fits: now there is just emotional breakdown with tears and thumb sucking. Her doctor okayed the diet with the following conditions: Food diary Weekly emails on her on emotional state We have spoke to the doctor before about her temper and emotional roller coaster. She has dyslexia and has had a very hard time with school work. Crying jaggs before school, stomach aches and temper tampers. Doc is worried even if the diet helps with the "phyiscal" symptoms, she wants to make sure there is nothing else going on causing the emotional issues. I told her the doctor called an said that she may be gluten intolerate and she wants her to go gluten free. I told her this means the wheat isn't causing damage, but may be why she is has tummy issues and bathroom issues. I took her shopping last night, we have been eating at gluten free at home and have always made it a positive experience for everyone in the house. And I will tell you she LOVES shopping for gluten free at Kroger. She was so worried about getting something wrong (since she has trouble reading, she keep getting flavor and flour backwards).Krogers has a self tags with a wheat stalk with a negative since through it, she thought it was awesome! Her teacher is behind us and I'm with the the school for the last 3 weeks of shcool. We have been gluten free for 24 hours, her bag is packed for school already. It was funny, she refuses to eat gluten-free bread. We roasted a chicken and she is packing lots of fruit, nuts, popcorn chips to pair with the chicken. I'll let you guys know how she does through the weekend, by Sunday she will be 5 days gluten-free.
  2. I was diagnoised with Celiac in Feb. I had all 3 of my children tested and they were all negative. However: 2 of them do not show any signs what so ever. My youngest however, I am at the end of my rope. My youngest is having more and more "bathroom" issues, severe Gas and very irritable. She sat here tonight and had a complete meltdown and we could not get through to her to even figure out what was wrong. I think it was the fact she isn't as smart a everyone else and she hates being the youngest? She went on a camping trip with her girl scout troop and she had alot more gluten then what she is getting at home. The house is not fully gluten-free, but most of the meals are gluten-free and I have been slowly modifing my yongest at home. but when she is out, she stuffs gluten, becuase she says she is not allergic so she can have it. Our doctor has been againist putting the kids on gluten-free, unless there is reason. Long story short: Will putting a children on a gluten-free diet harm them? How do you get the schools to watch what they eat if there is not a doctor's note? How do you explain to the kids event though the doctor does not say they are "Allergic", the diet may make them feel better?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Hubby and I have removed most glutten from her diet now, right now she is fighting and refusing to her her roasted chicken, rice and green beans. I say most, because I just found out the apple juice we are drinking had it, meet with the nutritionist this week and working on modifing the family diet. Right now 2 kids have come back negative, and we are waiting on 1 more child to be tested. Sister is going in on 2/22 to have testing done. All other family thinks like mother. Mother thinks it is all in my head and the fact that my father has the same the symptoms, she thinks my Sister is crazy for even listening to me. Mother blames mine on my mind and my sister's on the infection she has a child where the docs had to remove 1/3 of her large intestines. My dad is afraid he has colon cancer because of the syptoms he is having, but refuses to go for testing.
  4. Does anyone use or been told to use indoor tanning to help increase Vit D?
  5. Just quick question: I have just tested positive blood and biospy for Celiacs. My next stop was to peds to have all 3 of my guys tested. 2 of them, they do not appear to have any of the signs, but my youngest has seveal of the classic signs. Her test results have come back negative adn the doctor wants to test for other areas of why she is the way she is: Gas (Bad stinky) Bad bowel movements Stomach aches Very Thin Temper tantrums Anger Stress Anixety Attacks Nervous Is there a chance her tests were a false negative? She we have her tested every year? We are still waiting on the other 2's tests to come back.
  6. I'm from Tennessee and just little bit of changes you can make all the above items.. Tonight: I made pan fried Zucchini, lightly breaded in Gluten Free Cornmeal. For Breakast: a bacon, egg and grit casserole Some of the tradtional gravey and sauces are, will need to be severaly modified due to the butter and flour bases as with the mac & cheese,but it is doable.
  7. 1St Blog....ever

    I'm right there with you. I have been gluten-free for a week and I'm dying here. Over the last year I have dropped over 50 pounds and do not look like myself. I work close to 60-70 hours a week and 3 kids. I did not realize how it would hit, until 3 times this week, I've had lunch meetings and trying to explain what I can and can't eat has been very hard. At one meal, I just had steamed rice and water.
  8. My internist is the one who suggested it. I had been to GI's and all they told me was my intestines was inflammed. My interenist ran the blood tests, found me a GI who would listen to me. The 3 of us worked together to find the answer. Now I love the both, my GI has been supportive since the test results, found me a support group, is talking to my children peds dr and set me on a direction to find what I can eat, instead of what I can not eat. BUT it took an internist to put all the pieces together.
  9. Poll- How Tall Are You?

    Was 5'6", but lost an 1/2 inch in the last year. I"m the shortest in my family. My sister is being tested now and she is 5'8". My 3 kids are also being tested: Oldest: 12 is 5'9.5" Middle: 10 is 4'10" Youngest: 9 is 4'2" (she is the one we think is positve)
  10. Just wanted to say thanks guys. I was feeling so bad today, severally exhausted after 10 hours of sleep (generally get 3-5). Splitting headache, exhaustion has ruled the last 2 days and wondered what the heck was going on.
  11. Grits, Eggs, And Bacon For Breakfast!

    Grits for a quick lunch or dinner: 1 cup chicken broth to boiling 1/2 cup cream 1 tablespoon butter Bring back to boil Toss in quick cook grits. Serve with anytype of meat: our favorite: Cook bacon, then saute peppers, onions, mushrooms, toss in shrip. Plate grits and top with your favorite meat or veggies:)
  12. What are you levels? Are you high thryoid hormone with elevated Antithyroid antiboies? Do you have a Goiter or Nodules? Is sounds almost as if you have an overactive thyroid which is a foreign body underattack by your immune system. I have Hasimotos for 10 years, but normal thyroid function at my last test. I had been off thyroid meds for 3 years, but I had to go back on a week ago. I started deveolping more nodules. My doctor is pushing me into Hyperthryoism in order to shrink the nodules without having to remove, 1 mm more and I will have to have them removed. I can't give you much help, but to let you know, I will soon be Hypo by nature, Hyper by meds and Celiac.
  13. Last Friday, my Family Doctor after being worried about my lab work, sent back samples to test fof Malabsorbtion issues. Last Friday she called me and said I tested positive for some call Celiac and I would be getting a call with my appointment information. Yesterday: I had my consulation with the GI, he asked some questions, poked on my tummy and asked what I had had to eat.....told him and he said great. He said I had a positive blood test for Celiac, all my symptoms could be caused by Celiacs, the good news it that if it is Celiacs, a drastic life change in my diet would be the treatment. He said that he would perfer to complete a biospy to confirm, before he gave a diagnosis. He said, I was lucky, and lead me to the his asst and together they talked me though the process for the biospy. Today: I was at the surgery center at 8am, was out by 11. My positive blood test, went from possibly Celiacs, to probally. The Doctor told my husband he was able to see damage during the endoscopy, but would still like to review the slides and speak to us on Monday. Totaly ate all my favorite foods today, I know I can have these foods in modification form, but it will the last time i can walk in to a resturant just order whatever looks good with out research before hand or speaking to the staff. Tomorrow: Day 1 of my new life. Start Gluten Free tomorrow morning. Breakfast and lunch for tommorrow have already been purchased, tonight I've made menus of food to cook and take to work. With my work schedule and commute, I generally eat breakfast and lunch at fast food. Any advise for on going treatment? I know the diet change, but what about exercise? What about family members? Kids testing is getting started with thier peditrians. Thanks for listenting, just sorta shell shocked, 7 days from What is Celiac to you have visible damage and need to go Gluten Free diet for life.
  14. I am eating this weekend:) Tonight's dinner is not going to be my last glutten dinner..... Chicken Brooth and Green Jello... I don't think so I will have last meal. My doctor said he is pretty positive the biopsy will be positve too, but wants to give me the tools to make the decision to go gluten-free, he said he just doesn't ask someone to make this life change without giving them the full picture of thier health. I asked him if being on a low carb would make a difference, he smiled and said it would not. He said Glutten was everywhere, and my result would not be effected. He did ask me to not change the kids diet, until I sit down with the peds doctor and have them at least blood tested.
  15. I went to the doctor last week and was shocked by my test results. For the last 10 years I have seen so many specialists and tests, I never know what will happen when I go in. Cardio, GI, Endocrine, rhemy, etc! First I got in trouble for waiting so long between check-ups, I've just been tired of being treated for symptoms and never a diagnosis that lasts longer then 2 years and looked at like I'm a freak who is always sick. 1: I have lost 50 pounds: I started back up my low carb diet at the being of 2010 and was under ALOT of stress with the flooding of the Nashville in May. 2: 1/2 an inch shorter? 3: Thyroid normal hormone level: for the first time for 9 years (but I have not been on my meds for 3 years) 4: Again, I am extremely anemic 5: Sed rates were normal? Not happend in 8 years? 6: No ANA issues! Not in 8 years? SO: doctor said that all my levels were normal, but since I had lost weight, still anemic and all my syptoms were still present, she wanted to run a few tests for Malabsorbtion issues. By the end of Friday (Last week): Severe B12 and Vit D defient and positive for for Celiac. Today (6 days after the postive test results): I meet with the GI Dr. He asked a few questions, poked on my stomach and he asked me what I had eaten all day. I told him, looked at me and said Good, i can get you in for a Biospy tomorrow. What can I expect? Will I learn tomorrow if it is postive or negative? To have been fighting for so long to find an answer, this is going way to fast. Last Friday, I had not known what Celiac Disease, No I've had a positve blood test and have biospys tomorrow. I will be up most of the nights prepping for tomorrow, so any advise will be avidly read tonight and cherished as I'm getting ready for tomorrow.