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  1. Deactivate My Account Immediately

    Whenever,I come upon a group of interest and, they tell me to listen to them, only, its time to go. I am a human beings just like all of you. I have my opinions and thoughts just like all of you. When, members do not listen to me, why should I listen to them. Communications is a two way street. I say somehting to you and, I am suppose to hear your rebutals. This is the way real communications is suppose to be conducted. Vise versa and, so on. I grew up with this disease and, I had to trial and error to deal with it. I think, I have learned something about the disease as well has all of you. But, the members of this forum must learn to hear everyone's opinion equally or, do not speak at all. There is one last point that I wish to make here before departing this forum. This form is for people with Celiac Disease but, most people with Celiac Disease have more than one disease going on at the same time. Many people whom have a second disease, cannot tolerate the food and/or practices of those whom have only celiac Disease by itself. What you people preach here is ok only, if you have Celiac Disease. In the future give warning to people whom come here and have other diseases other than Celia by itself. Tell them not to mention there other diseases or their knowledge of other diseases.
  2. How do I deactivate my account with Celiac.com? I do not want to be a member here any longer. I want my personal information erased from this forum. Current members cannot accept new view points on subject of Celiac Disease. I cannot find the spot on this forum which allows a member to deactivate their account.
  3. My Son's Sad Look Upon His Face

    Hey people do not get me wrong here. For about three years between 18 - 21 yrs old, I did wonderful things. I fished, hiked, camping, took photos professionally for the US Army. I traveled around the world, see many different people and learned that all people are equal and they all want the same things out of life. I was very happy back then. I almost felt normal. I was in college studing to be a writer. It was then the manure hit fan. My disease took me out of the game of life. I am a living example what happens to the human body when, my two diseases are not taken care of right away.
  4. My Son's Sad Look Upon His Face

    It is not being bad or stuck up, to want your children to grow up normal, strong, and happy. It is like child abuse, your grandfather abused you father he abuses you, and when you get grown, you abuse your child. The only way to stop it is to stops with you, yourself. Then, there will be no more abuse. As with any disease, you know for sure that is in the family tree, it can be pasted along to your children. Child are innocent people, they do not deserve to be born with one foot in the grave before coming into this world. I look back on my young life and, I see where I have suffered because, I my two diseases and know, life would have been better if not for my two diseases. I had the strength in will power to do what it takes to win. But, the diseases must run their course so, I was handycapped right from the start. How, was I expected to tell my sons that, they were going to grow, be athletic, get a good educations and go on to college. At the same time knowing, that I had diabetes, heart conditions,and celiac Disease in the family tree. These things would put a screatching halt to the have happy life thing. Having diseases, cost allot of money to control, it robs us of our future. It keeps us from working normal jobs and buying homes and giving things to our children and wives. Life is hard enough for normal people but, for the disabled it is evern harder and more costly. Sure, we the disabled do what you can and must to survive another day but, that is not living, just existing only. We make adjustments in our lives but, it is not living, its co-existing only. I have been personally sick so long, I am sick of being sick. There is nothing, I can do about it, however. Celiac Disease and Hyperinsulinism Hypoglycemia do not get better with time but worse with time. They are classified as a cumutive diseases, meaning gets worse with time. I have worked for two hours a day when, I was young on volumteer basis one time. I worked in a veterans home setting. These disabled veterans were very unhappy customers, they lived in mysery and, they did not like it, being disabled. Some were in wheelchairs, bed ridden, etc... Some wanted to be able to go out into the world again. They would have litterly sold their souls to be normal again.
  5. My Son's Sad Look Upon His Face

    I am talking about the people whom know they have it before they are married or before they become sexually active and, could easily make a mistake and have a child. People whom have Celiac Disease at present time whom, did not know they had it. Well, they have a valid excuse because, someone else had control of their lives. Hambergs, are made of bread, meat, & Sauces. The last time, I looked those burgers have wheat in them. Some got Rye and wheat, too. Please, tell me you think they do not have it. It states so on the wrapper in my state and city. This product contains wheat, and/or rye. When, you use wheat bread in preparing anything, you contaminate that other foods as well. Come people, has the wheat gluten gotten to your heads. I do not believe in half-stepping here. Just like smoking cigarettes if you quick or say you are quitting it means absolutely no cigarettes what-so-ever. Like me and food chemicals, I do not drink, chew, smoke, or use street drugs. Nor do I let them be used in my house by others as well. I do not drink, coffee, tea, or anything else with caffeine in it. Those burgers always made my oldest son sick after he ate them. He would always say, they sure taste good going down but, he would lay back in his easy chair and say he feels sick for the first hour after eating them. He or myself never knew what was causing the sickness. Now, we know, what caused it. Things like fast foods helped put him in allot of his bad health at present time, too. Over weight, and out of shape. He has a physically demanding job and his other jobs were also physically demanding jobs. It required him to lift heavy objects, bending, stupping, and walking around constantly. Yet, with all these physically demanding jobs, he still become over weight. His doctor says so in his medical records. Too, much fast food he says. I personally think, that any responsible parent to be, would not want to pass on their medical conditions to their unborn children. Why put a child through the same hell as we have to go through now? They are innocent people. Not knowing something about your health is damaging to your family's health now and in the future times. Celiac Disease keeps on spreading because, we keep having children and knowing we have this disease within us.
  6. My oldest son whom, is 37 yrs old was driving by a Burger King stand yesterday. He had to stop near the stand due to traffic. The smell of the fresh burgers and french fries were pumping out into the air. He told me, he felt so sad and wanted to cry. Imagine that, a grown man wanting to cry. He was very tempted to go straight in there and get one of those burgers, he claims. He thought better of it and drove on home. He looks me in the eyes, his father with a deep saddness and, ask if this is how it is to be all his life? He just shook his head in, saddness. It made me want to cry myself and, I felt realy bad, knowing, I was the one that gave it to him from birth. He got it from me. Which, brings me to this point, why would any person whom is not married or married without children want to bring a child into this world when, they have this disease. The only way this disease keeps on spreading in through live birth. If the current young people of today know they have this disease when they have children ? You are going to make some innocent child go through all this hell, pain, and mysery. I would not have done it had I known, I had it at the age of 18 years old.
  7. Let me tell you all something about the good old US Government and the Veterans Administation did for me in life or caused ? First off, for years they VA & US Army gave me all sorts and kinds of Anti-Anxiety Meds. Which, were totally wrong for me according to the civlian doctors I have seen in the past. I had to take these meds for 15 - 20 yrs. In there opinion it gave this condition to me. Second, the VA & US Army doctors gave me Epilepsy meds of all kinds, never did stop any seizure activities in fact made them worse. Again, the civilian doctor blame the taking of the meds for 15 - 20 yrs in cause seizures to be worse. VA & US Army claimed the did not know my present condition. Third, I now, have no teeth in my head accept my front teeth only top and bottom 12 teeth in all and, they are now in danger of coming out, too. The oral surgen, whom done work on my gums and teeth were shocked at what they saw in my mouth. My gums and jaw bone decentigrated into nothing and, I have no gum ridges to place false teeth on. So, I get no false teeth ever. I have to grind up all my current food in order to eat anything. This could have all been avoid according to the oral surgen if I had have been told and treated for my present condtions. Celiac Disease & Chronic Hypoglcemia. My teeth as well as my sons teeth died from the inside out that, means the pulps in all teeth died first leaving the outside of the teeth nice and shinny and white, giving the impression of well kept teeth. Then, the teath all crumbled and broke appart in my mouth one at a time. Again, this could have all been avoided if, I would have been receiving proper treatment of Celiac and Hypoglycemia. Thank so much Uncle Sam. Fourth, I have to keep a log book ever darn day of my life, to write down blood sugar levels, how often eat, and my activities during the day. I do not get any regular sleep due to have to eat 6 times a day, every 4 hours all during the night and day. Never getting but, 3.5 - 4 hours at a time of sleep. I wake up spend 15 - 20 minutes prparing the meals then, repeating this process every 4 hours, 6 times a day. All of this in order to live. My yougest son and oldest one now have to do this as I do according to their doctors. This is only the tip of the iceberg, of things I go through daily. Dizzy spells, blurred vision, lightheaded, foggy mind patterns sometimes, neuropathy in fingers and toes, seizures, tired allot, weak spells, loss of weight, under weight, no muscle tone or muscles on body, have to lay on mattress overlay due to bed sores trying to form, cannot sit in regular chairs due to no meat or muscles on my behind. Found out, 7 yrs ago, the US Government knew all about my condition when, I accidently was given copy of my medical records from the VA Hospital. A disgruntled worker at the VA, send me my official copy before she was fired. Papers dated back to 1985.
  8. Why I Chose My Current Diet !

    When ever you eat a food or food group and, it gives you gas, nausea, or just sits on your stomach, it is a pretty good indication it is bad for you. When it came to iceberg letuce, it made me betch it up 1 - 2 hours after I eat it. So, the was out. Raw veggies have more sugar in them than, you may think. Again, allot of veggies do a body good but, some people have a change in body after the get sick. Take peanuts and tree nuuts, I could eat small amounts of peanut butter and a small amount of jell up until 25 then, out of the blue, my body became allergic to nuts and tree nuts of all kinds. When, I use to eat just about anything, I was always feeling terrible after each meal. The VA Doctor would tell me, don't starve yourself, go ahead and eat what you like. I was so stupid back then that, I actually listened to them. Then, I spent 1 - 2 hours after every meal rolling around on the floor of my living room with terrible nausea. I also had bouts of constipation all the time, too. The VA doctors were not stupid as I was. They were trying to get me to die. What doctor in his or her right mind would order a patient with Celiac Disease to eat anything they like? There is also a schedule on-line that tell all the nutritional food facts. This guide is very helpful in decided what foods you need to eat for the right amoung of natural vitamins in your diet. I looked up my current diet and, it statisfies the vitamins and minerals I need. I used to take vitamin supplements but, after 6 - 8 months they were making me sick to my stomach after I took them. So, I had no choice but to lay off the vitamin suppliments. It is through trial and error that I came up with my current diet. I have never suffered any nausea after eating the current diet. Yes, it might not sound delious but, it helped me out greatly. I remember all the horrible times rowling around on the living room or bedroom floor holding my stomach. No amount of money would ever get me to go back to the old standard of eating whatever you like or is good for someone else. I went through childhood, teenage years, and young adulthood sick to my stomach after every meal. Heart papatations, full body jerks, and severe nausea, simply horrible times.
  9. Is there a way of adding photos to a meessage to show what I looked like back in the olden days? You would see how skinny I was and thin and under weight. Remember, I was in the US Army back then. We did exercise every day before breakfast so, comon sense tells you, I should have built up muscles and muscle tone. I also would have put on weight and body mass. So, why would I be thin, small chest, under weight, and no muscles after 2 solid years of military service.
  10. This morning, I was attempting to make a gluten-free cake from all gluten free ingredients. The cake mix stated gluten free all over it. It was from Betty Crocker. After, the cake was done, I started cutting it up into pieces. There were a piece or two of cake stuck to the knife blade. So, I decided to eat it and maybe just ver small piece, half teaspoon size. I went on on about the business of finishing the cake. Within 10 minutes, I started having a smothering choking spell, and, it reminded me of am asthma attack. I rinsed my month with water and, took my regular food and hoped it would not go any futher. Thank God, it was a very, very small piece of yellow cake. There was no eggs, or milk in the cake. So, what the heck happened to me? My regular diet plan never causes a reaction that way. Why woulf a simple piece of gluten free cake do that to me?
  11. I too found out from the Veterans Hospital in Denver, had blood lab reports hidden. The Reports said, way back in 1985, I had hypoglycemia, and possible Type 1 diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus. The VA Hospital did not finally admit it until 2004. In 2004 they finally came out and, stated I had hypoglycemia. Then, I was given the old version of the Celiac Test. Then, they said, I had celiac Disease as well. The only reason for this hold off situation was over money. The VA knew I would have to be paid money for disability. They did not want this so they were willing to harm my health to save the government money. Back in 1982, I went to the doctors monthly complaining of symptoms of Celiac, Hypoglycemia, and Diabetes. Yet, I was made suffer all those years. Go figure !
  12. Yes, all my avatars are drawn and painted by me. I used to take the time during the winter months and draw. Then, I used my watercolor paints. I paint them the way my mind thinks they should be colored. I stopped for a while since allot of people did not like my paintings. They said, they looked childish and so, I quit for now.
  13. Endometriosis?

    Your situation sounds like a complication of Celiac Disease, to me. Did you look up the list of complications associated with the Celiac Disease. Remember you were born with this disease. I do not know how long you have been treating this disease of yours but, it sounds like some complications are setting in on you. Check out the list and see if any of those condtions fits your situation, OK.
  14. Chronic Asthma

    I used to have symptoms that acted like asthma in a way. I kept going back and forward to the doctors to find out why. I found out that my glucose levels were out of control. Sometimes they were too high and, at other times they were too low. It was when my blood glucose was too high or low that I would have smothering spells. It felt like, I was truly having an asthma attack. Once, I started being treated for this condition hypoglycemia, the smothering spells went away. Have you ever been tested for Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) ? It is just a suggestion.........
  15. Refractory Celiac Disease

    I had a situation once, like temporay IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I think hat is how you say it. The doctors at the emergency room gave me some little antibioltic blue capsules. I was suppose to take them for 10 days. After the 5 th day, I got really sick and went back to the emergency room in an ambulance. After that, I produced a large amont of clear dark yellow liquid every time, I had a bowel movenment for a week or two. Then, that was followed by allot of blood in the stool. You could see all the blood in the bowl. It was scary. So, I went to the doctor's office. She told me it was a temporary bout of IBS. Two months later it was all gone, as soon as I stopped eating anything with gluten in it. I have had no bowel problems since, that time many years ago.