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  1. thank you for your help, I just figured out how to read my replies, I am so new to this! much appreciation and love to you all
  2. hello everyone, as I am trying to do my research I am unable to find out online if the qualitest brand of acetaminophen with codeine is gluten free and also penicillin vk 500mg by teva. I just had a root canal and have noticed I have felt sick every time I take the pain medicine. I do take with some food. I will try to call the manufacturer in the morning but any heads up would be awesome. I just keep seeing the teva brand of acetaminophen with codeine is okay...
  3. I have been taking a vitamin by Real food organics, Country Life, called Women's daily Nutrition because I know it is safe. But I have to say after 6 months of being on it that I feel no change. I am wanting a vitamin to give me more energy, immune support, ect, and one that I am not paying $43 a month for. My body does not handle Centrum very well, so besides these two vitamins does anyone have any suggestions that worked for them and that has not worked for them? Thank you
  4. I gained about 40 pounds before being diagnosed with celiac. I was already trying to lose weight so I was basically eating granola bars and fiber one bars, of course the things that I thougt were good to eat to help lose weight but all the wrong things for a celiac. I basically broke down in my doctors office asking why am I gaining all this weight when I eat such a small amount and that I was doing all the wrong things. She decided she wanted to test me for the disease. I also am anemic and have had problems with that before being diagnosed as a celiac. Now I am trying to follow a gluten free diet. Haven't noticed a difference with the weight yet but I am working on it. It will feel good to lose some weight.