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  1. I hate to say this, but drop the carbs and sweets. Lots of fresh fruit will satisfy the "sweet" cravings. Eat more veggies, especially those less starchy ones. Lots of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc. Limit potatoes and corn. Lots of leafy green salads light on the dressing. I had this problem after I was diagnosed too. Lost lots of weight then after going gluten free was deathly ill and lost more weight then put it back on, and then some too. Nothing worked... I wasn't over eating but gained and gained fast. Dropped the breads and sweets and exercised more and now am losing again. Also I feel better, more alert and energetic. I don't LIKE exercising more But, it's the only thing that is working. I joined the online Weight Watchers for guidance to limit portions and it is working. I hope this helps you, good luck.
  2. Can't Loss Weight!

    Have your wife go to her doctor and request a thyroid test... I was just reading yesterday that hypothyroidism (slow thyroid) is VERY common in Celiac patients. And to ask for the T3 and T4 test, NOT the TSH test. I hope this helps. For me, staying away from the processed Gluten Free foods is helping me lose weight. That would be all commercially prepared stuff, including pastas and breads. I eat small amounts of gluten-free oats and brown rice, but mainly lots of vegetables both raw and steamed, lots of fruit (apples, peaches in juice not syrup, pears, bananas, papaya, mango, applesauce etc.) and VERY lean meats and especially skinless chicken breasts. I am not much of a fish eater but I will eat tuna canned in water. Low fat mayo, salad dressings and also eggs, mostly hard boiled, If she is eating too little it could be her body is going into what they call "starvation mode" and hanging onto all the calories it can. I also joined the online version of Weight Watchers which helps keep track of all I eat PLUS my activities, it's amazing and I love it! Hope this helps a bit good luck you her! Dee
  3. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease on January 25, 2011. I had been losing a lot of weight, fast. Once going gluten-free, and my innards began to heal, I put it back on. And then some, like 15 pounds MORE than I started with BEFORE I lost weight being ill. I was stuck on the whole "I have Celiacs now, it's going to be impossible to lose the weight, etc. etc. etc..." and I lived with that for about 4 months. I was unhappy how I looked, hated looking into a mirror. Lost my confidence. Then, I realised something. Celiac disease did not take away my body's ability to lose weight. I gave up. Even though I have Celiac disease this same formula holds: Calories in < calories burned. Less input, more output. I gave up eating gluten-free bread, it is more calories than the wheat crap I ate before. Ditto pastas. I eat a slice of bread maybe once a week now. I started online Weight Watchers. I walk, use my exercise bike, play with my dogs in the back yard. I clean my house more vigorously. And, I am losing weight now. Being Celiac didn't stop me from losing weight, THINKING that I couldn't lose weight because I had Celiac's kept me from losing it. Just a thought. Hope it helps someone get over what I was going though, which is what I call the Celiac Weight Dilemma. Commercially prepared gluten-free foods are high in calories. If you eat them, you need to burn them. I now eat tons of fresh fruit, veggies, veggie and chicken stir fries, some beef (lean), and can now evern eat dairy products.
  4. Yes that would be nice, but would they listen? After all, with Celiac family members and customers who use the products with no. problems obviously they know more than some silly foundation or center!
  5. If anyone is interested in checking out their other gluten-free products just Google the company name, they have them all listed with a big old "gluten-free" for your shopping convenience and peace of mind! Seriously, before I found out I had Celiac, I consumed their stuff and it IS tasty albeit pricey. I couldn't tell you if the gluten-free stuff made me sick because for years EVERYTHING made me sick pretty much AND I never paid attention to the gluten factor because I knew nothing about gluten and the whole Celiac problem. What got me going on this topic with this company was the claim by the representative at the trade show that they found a way to "remove the gluten from the wheat". For about 2.3 seconds my head was spinning, I was beyond elation... I was going to contact my favorite beer brewery, bakeries and soup companies screaming "STOP PRODUCTION! YOU CAN NOW REMOVE THE GLUTEN!!!!" Then, I came back down to Earth with my mother's words echoing in my head... "If it sounds too good to be true dear, then it IS." And now I'm just bitter. Dee
  6. I just feel like a fool... I always assumed that if a company labels a product gluten free (or sugar free, caffeine free, soy free, dairy free, whatEVER) that they must have the testing to back it up before they market it as such? And if they had this testing in place, shouldn't it be available to people like you and I to view to reassure our Celiac selves that we are safe when we consume it? I guess I just have an awful lot to learn!
  7. No kidding, you could make a fortune! In all seriousness though, isn't it frightening what companies can get away with? I would like to know what the big secret is that they will not share any info from their suppliers, or is this common practice amongst food companies? Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. I would like to thank each of you for your replies and opinions, it helps to know there are others out there like myself who have to battle the hidden ingredient war every time we eat, and it also helps that the majority of you have been at it longer than me and are SO much brighter than I am at the moment LOL
  9. Hello again. I have been thinking about Skylark's post about the tests, and sent an email off to Sunset Gourmet this morning. They were prompt with their reply! My email read in part: (I can be rather long winded ) "As you can imagine, I have to be very careful now about what I eat. For my own peace of mind, would it be possible for you to provide me with the results of any independent gluten test results your company has had performed on your products? Thank you!" Their reply, in full: "I am sorry, but we don't manufacture our own products and do not provide our suppliers information to our customers. Dee, if you are not comfortable with our claims I would recommend you decline to use the products you are worried about. We only use large reputable suppliers who go through rigorous testing to comply with US and Canadian standards. All of our ingredients are clearly labeled on our products. The item you are questioning, the Ginger Wasabi, is gluten free but again, if you are not comfortable, please do not use it. I have family members with celiac disease that use this product without problems and have done so for many years.....as do many of our customers. As I'm sure you have noticed, we have a good number of other items that are gluten free with all the ingredient listings listed on the jar or box. Once we have our revamped webiste up in the next few months we will have the ingredient listings for each of the products on the site as well. Regards, Perry Bohn Sunset Gourmet"
  10. I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back here and post the reply I received from Sunset Gourmet. I have copied and pasted it from my email account: "Hi Dee and thank you for your email. Yes, the Ginger Wasabi Teriyaki is a gluten free product. We have carried this product in our line for 4+ years and have never had a problem with it. The Wheat Protien is removed during the fermentation of the Soy Sauce. Regards, Perry Bohn Sunset Gourmet" This is me again, I am listing the ingredients exactly as they appear on the label affixed to the bottle: Ingredients: Sugar, soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt), pear puree, vinegar, soybean oil, water, ginger puree, corn syrup, candied ginger, garlic, honey, apricot, mustard flour, egg yolks, modified food starch, horseradish, salt, ground ginger, wasabi, artificial flavor, potassium sorbate (as a preservative), xanthan gum and calcium disodium edta added to protect flavor. Their website is sunsetgourmet.ca Their catalog states that this product is gluten free. I wouldn't want to try it based on the wheat in the soy sauce but I am new to this and maybe paranoid? Am I making too much of this? It just really upsets me that if they have wheat as an ingredient and say it's gluten free then people who are new to the gluten free way of life will believe that there is no risk of them becoming ill by consuming it. Oh, this is all so confusing for me, but it doesn't help that I'm having a lot of brain fog lately
  11. Psawyer, that is exactly what I just said to my husband lol
  12. The name of the company is Sunset Gourmet. They claim they have been selling this sauce for over 4 years with "no problems". I will copy and paste his reply in a bit! Thanks for your response!
  13. So today I went to a trade show and was lured to a booth boasting gluten-free products. Spices and sauces etc. The first item I picked up was a sauce with soy sauce in it. Second ingredient in the soy sauce was wheat. I emailed the company and they snottily replied that the gluten was "fermented" out of the sauce. Can this be? Dee
  14. Oh, you poor thing I am so sorry you are going through this. Hopefully I can give you some words of comfort! I am not a young thing like you, I am 47 years old. However, I was recently diagnosed with Celiac on January 25 of this year. I went gluten free that very day and never once knowingly put another bite of anything containing gluten in my mouth. However, on or about the 3rd of March, something triggered the godawfullest reaction I have ever had. I suffered from incapacitating diarrhea for a solid eight weeks. I couldn't leave my house unless I allowed myself to become totally dehydrated for fear of having an "accident". I was losing a pound or more a day. I would take a mouthful of water and it shot right out my other end. I was going for IV fluid therapy and my doctor was at his wit's end with me. I saw a specialist who could not help me. I seriously believed I was going to die. Wow, it was so bad... I made some wonderful friends in here who suggested several things to me that helped, the most important for me was a very good probiotic. You WILL get better, stick with the gluten free diet. The pain WILL go away, be persistent. It's hard not to be depressed, I know. Sometimes a good cry is what can give us the courage to take a deep breath and lift our chins up and carry on! I am thinking of you, and wishing you well, and do know that it DOES get better, I am proof! I feel ever so much better now, and each time I put a bite of food between my lips I give thanks that I am able to do it lol As my mom is fond of saying (and her mother and HER mother before her) "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger..." (I used to roll my eyes at that saying all the time as a kid growing up but now my kids are going to hear it a lot more coming from me ) Take good care of yourself and get better soon! Dee
  15. I Can't Do This

    I, too, am concerned about the OP and how she is doing. My thoughts are with her every day. Dee