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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I found this website and think it could be useful for finding out about products and what they contain and whether there are any harmful ingredients. http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/
  2. Thanks for the replies ladies! I'm 47 so I'm dealing with aging skin too. I've got a double whammy however and have to avoid gluten AND soy. I'm finding soy to be even more difficult to avoid than gluten unfortunately and it's even harder to get info on soy. I know Bare Escentials make up line is safe but haven't found a good skin care line which is safe. I went to the Garnier website but will need to contact customer service to see which products may be safe. They also have several lines. Do you have one that you recommend?
  3. I just got off the phone with a customer care rep who confirmed the entire line of Philosophy Miracle Worker contains gluten. The only exception to this is the retinoid pads. In addition I inquired about eye hope multi-tasking eye cream and this product also contains gluten... I am SO bummed. If anyone has a found a safe skin care line that actually works and is gluten free, please enlighten me.
  4. Thanks for the list. I'm already avoiding it but can't seem to get my family on board. My hubby as well as many friends insist that soy is a good form of protein and eat and drink protein drinks and bars frequently. I printed it out to show them. The fact that the majority of the soy produced is genetically modified should be enough to scare anyone even if it doesn't disagree with their bodies.
  5. Good for you Joni! It's always fun to be able to add a variety back into our diet and more importantly that you no longer show signs of diverticulitis. I am a big fan of Enterolab testing since I finally got some answers recently after YEARS of suffering with no answers from multiple GI physicians. None ever suggested going gluten free or anything free for that matter after my endoscopy came back negative; as a matter of fact they told me to feel free to eat all the gluten I wanted after I went gluten free for 1 month. I want to also mention that I am in no way affiliated with or have any vested interest in the lab. I named the lab testing in two posts and I have been flagged as a potential spammer but I am just enthusiastic about finally feeling better. Let me know what you think about the lamb. I have never tried it as well. I remember my grandmother cooking leg of lamb when I was a kid and hated the smell but maybe it's time to give it a try.
  6. You've had lots of great recommendations already. I am following a similar elimination diet although I also have eliminated eggs and yeast. It's hard but what I find helpful is cooking ahead and freezing smaller portions which can be pulled out and microwaved. I use the crockpot as well as the stove on weekends and don't really mess with much cooking during the week. Soups and stews are a mainstay for me. I make sure to load up on frozen bags of veggies which can be steamed. Also, I have a rice cooker and will cook up a big batch of white rice in advance and reheat it in the microwave. White rice (I use sushi rice and add extra water so that the consistency is soft and sticky) seems to sooth my gut and fill me up. I will sometimes eat it for breakfast with some almond milk, maple syrup and a bit of cinnamon. The key is to always have food ready so that you don't slip up when you are hungry. I always keep Lara bars and fruit, especially bananas on hand with me too. I'm sure it is hard to think about preparing everything from scratch when you are so tired but if you keep it simple and fresh, hopefully you won't feel too overwhelmed. I hope you feel better soon!
  7. Thanks so much for posting such good news. It gives me hope. I currently can't tolerate gluten, soy, dairy, eggs or yeast. Hearing this makes me feel like some day I will be able to add some variety into my meals again. Congrats!
  8. Thanks for the replies. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear on what I was asking. I do understand that I was high on everything and went gluten, casein and soy free even before I got the results back. I have notice a minor improvement in my symptoms but I believe there is a lot of healing which needs to take place. Since I received the results I have also eliminated eggs and yeast which is very hard. I'm hoping that after some time and healing I can occasionally add egg and yeast back into my diet. I'm not sure if I have a true intolerance to all of these proteins or if I have developed the sensitivities from all the damage over the years. I don't know if I have celiac disease but obviously I have gluten intolerance as well as microscopic colitis. I did not get a hard copy of my blood work. I'm not sure if he did a gene test. The only info which was given to me was that I had the antibodies for celiac disease but when the remainder of the blood work and the biopsy came back negative he told me I didn't need to go gluten free. This happened a while ago and my symptoms continued to get worse. I decided to get the Enterolab testing done. I wasn't sure if anyone here understood the specifics of genetics and could elaborate further on it and if not, that is fine too. I know I don't have the 2 main markers for celiac disease but wasn't sure what mine indicated other than a gluten sensitivity and the fact that I have double DQ1 genes which means I may have more severe reactions as well as additional intolerances. I'm very limited to what I can eat and still have cramping and D although it isn't as heavy in volume as it was before the diet change. Teri Lou- It took exactly 3 weeks to the day to get my results emailed to me. They state 2-3 weeks but when I checked at 2 weeks they said they were consistently taking 3 weeks to get the results posted. It was a long wait but I'm glad I did the testing. Good luck to you.
  9. Julie, I'm new around these parts and other than this thread, I'm not familiar with what you have gone through but it sounds like a tough road. Have you ever had a colonscopy to check for microscopic colitis? I have MC and it goes hand in hand with multiple food intolerances. I'm not suggesting that you do have it but often times people with celiac disease who are gluten-free and still have problems can have MC. There is a test called MRT which tests for food intolerances that seems to be helpful for people with multiple sensitivities and are having problems with introducing new foods. After having the blood test you work with a dietitian in your area who helps with introducing foods (LEAP diet) which you test safe for and slowly you introduce new foods. The test checks for about 150 foods/seasonings and the results are then correlated with what you already know you can have/not have. I have not had the testing done yet but plan to do it soon. Here is a excerpt to an article by Scot Lewey giving a brief explanation as well as a link to the MRT site: FWIW, I would have to agree that you may have better luck with vegetables and fruits if you peel and cook them. Good luck to you and I hope you are able to add some new foods soon!
  10. Glad to hear some of the symptoms are easing for you and good luck with the appointment. Enterolab does testing for gluten, soy, casein, chicken egg and yeast as well as genetic testing. You can order the test yourself without a script and you pay for the tests directly and some insurances will reimburse for the testing. I found it very helpful but still feel like I have additional intolerances which I need to narrow down. I hear you on soy in vitamins. I have thrown out a bunch myself as well as ALL lipsticks and lip balms. Freeda vitamins are all gluten, soy and casein free and pricing is reasonable.
  11. For whatever it's worth, I react more violently to soy than gluten. You may want to try eliminating soy. It's tough because soy is in everything including cosmetics but it made a huge difference for me. Also have you eliminated all dairy or only lactose. It could be a casein problem. I got testing through enterolab.com and it helped with the guess work.
  12. You could get tested through Enterolab for egg intolerance via stool testing. You would not need a doctor to order the test. I believe for only egg test the cost is $ 99 plus shipping to send the specimen back via ups.
  13. Hi all, I have received my results from Enterolab and will post below. Any feedback would be appreciated. My results of bloodwork were negative for Celiac but was told I have antibodies for it. I don't have the lab results however. I'm guessing from the description that I'm gluten sensitive and do not have Celiac disease but get confused when it comes to genetics and alpha vs beta. I believe Enterolab does not test alpha. Also, I have confirmed microscopic colitis as well as Grave's Disease. Thanks in advance.