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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks. I knew I was right! I'm not going to bother with the test. I think she just heard me say that I've CHOSEN to remove gluten from his diet based on my instincts and feels that he deserves to know for sure whether he has celiac or not. It's funny how people think a gluten-free diet is a punishment for kids. Trust me, he'd rather be without gluten than having diarrhea 8 times a day at school! Plus, we have a family history of celiac. My daughter (his sister) has it confirmed through biopsy as does my mother. My blood test was elevated so I took myself off gluten and feel SO MUCH BETTER in so many ways.
  2. My DS's doctor wants to test him for Celiac even though I took him off gluten 2 years ago. His test 2 years ago was negative (blood and biopsy) but I took him off gluten anyway because it reduced his number of diapers per day from 8 down to 1 or 2. I told the doctor that he doesn't eat gluten and that I didn't think a blood test for Tissue Antigliadin Antibody would show anything for that reason. She insists it will and that the biopsy is the only test that requires the patient be eating gluten at the time. Am I wrong? I thought one had to be consuming gluten for the blood test to show a reaction. Thanks in advance for any insight. I'm keeping him off gluten regardless, but I'm curious as to who's right regarding this testing business.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I've learned my lesson. No more being polite when the in-laws "forget" that I have Celiac. They can watch me eat steamed veggies at Christmas! On a positive note, the gluten-free carrot cake I made for dessert turned out great!
  4. I'm still suffering after turkey dinner on Easter. My in-laws stuffed the turkey (with gluten of course) and I took a risk and ate some that my husband carved off the top with a clean knife. Bad idea right? The gluten would be in the juices? If they basted it, for sure the top would be covered in gluten. If it wasn't basted, it could still seep through right?
  5. Thanks for the replies. We're checking her blood again in a couple of weeks. I've heard about Floravital from other people as well. I'll check it out. Perhaps it will work better than the capsules. She takes vit D daily. Maybe I should add C to help absorption.
  6. Hi everyone, I haven't been here in a while because things have been going so well for DD7 and myself. We've been gluten-free for 2 years. Recently, her routine bloodwork showed low iron (5) and slightly elevated sugar (7.2). I was told to put her on an iron supplement (300mg/day) and not worry about diabetes, but that her blood sugar will be checked again in a month. The other concern is that she has recurrent UTIs (once a month, sometimes back to back/not clearing up). Scans have ruled out valve problems and any other scary concerns. So, my questions are: 1. Why is her iron low when she has been taking a multivitamin with iron daily for 2 years? She isn't eating as much iron-rich food as I would like her to, but would that drop her iron to 5 even with the multi? 2. Is there a connection between iron and blood sugar? 3. I'm aware of the celiac-diabetes link, but is 7.2 a number to be concerned about? 4. Any thoughts on the UTI situation? Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.
  7. Thanks for your reply. Within 24 hours of not eating gluten the depression started to lift. By day 4 I actually said aloud that I felt somewhat better and other people were noticing that my mood was improving, that I seemed lighter. (This was after 6 months of treatments with SSRIs to which I was unresponsive.) The depression continued to lift each day for several months. I got stronger and stronger. Today, while I do have moments of stress, I no longer live with constant anxiety that spirals out of control. I haven't had a panic attack since going gluten-free. When I accidentally consume gluten, I get a headache, brain fog, and feel down/depressed for 24-48 hours. It all makes sense now.
  8. I stopped eating gluten March 2011 following "borderline" blood test. My response to the diet was incredible - depression lifted, anxiety reduced. So...it's a year later and I've learned A LOT from these boards and my own reading. I've started taking the following supplements: 2000 C, 2000 D, multivitamin, 1 tsp. omega 3, and a probiotic. My questions are, does it matter what time of day I take vitamins? Should I take them all at once or spread them out? Should they be taken with certain foods? Right now, I take all of them after eating my breakfast and take them with some orange juice. I'm also wondering if anybody has ever forgotten to take a vitamin for, say, a week, and noticed a difference in their mood? I forgot to take omega 3 for a week and felt really terrible (depressive), remembered to take it again then felt better. I didn't put it all together until after I'd felt better for a while. My other question is about my reaction to glutening being different now than it was in the beginning. The gas/bloating reaction happens first (as usual) but the depressive symptoms (feeling down/tired/brain fog) may not kick in until the next day. Is that normal? I ask because sometimes the gas/bloating may not be that bad and I won't even realize I've been glutened, but then the next day I feel depressed and tired and my gut hurts (I describe it to others by saying that my gut feels bruised - familiar to anyone?). Then I say, "Oh, I must have been glutened yesterday". Sometimes I feel like I'm just blaming gluten for a bad mood or depression. When I come out of the fog though, I always realize that I wasn't myself and that it had to be gluten. While I'm in the gluten fog (for a day or two) I find myself questioning. Anybody else experience this type of thing? I'm not questioning whether or not I have celiac, it's just that this can be such a frustrating thing to deal with. Any advice or suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  9. I'm pretty sure I'm reacting to the Easter M&Ms in pastel colours. We purchased them in Canada. Has anybody else had a problem with these? I can't find any ingredient or allergen information on the Mars Canada web-site. The ingredients look OK on the package, but you never know right? I've got a terrible headache and a loud tummy right now.
  10. Welcome to the board! One year ago my results came back "borderline" and I was told to "try the diet if you want to". My symptoms were more neurological like yours. Well, I gave the diet a try and started feeling better within days. It has been quite remarkable. Everybody's recovery time is different. Stick with it though; the rewards will surprise you.
  11. Took DS to GI today. Symptoms: frequent (3-6/day) diapers, never solid always mushy if not watery, undigested food in diaper, very foul smell, back to back mushy full diapers, always hungry, dark circles, belly off/on distended, stool sample showed undigested sugars Of note: DD has celiac, pretty sure I do too, DS is of normal weight/height Also of note: When DS was unintentionally off of gluten for 2 days a few weeks ago, he had a somewhat formed poop at the end of the second day. GI told me he has Toddler's Diarrhea, fructose malabsorption. I'm to eliminate all fruit and fruit juice for 1-2 weeks to see if it makes a difference. If there's no change in his diapers, then he'll do a scope. I was told that toddlers' intestines cannot handle much fruit but by the time they're four years old they can. I understand how too much fruit could give anyone diarrhea and I also understand that some people have problems with fructose. DS eats a varied diet and fruit has been a part of it, but not a disproportionate part of it. Has anybody else been given this diagnosis for their child recently? What do you think? It doesn't hurt to eliminate fruit for a bit to see what happens, but I wasn't expecting this today.
  12. I'm looking for gluten-free body wash and shampoo that is sold in Canada. Any suggestions?
  13. Oops. I forgot to mention that it was his stool samples that showed malabsorption of sugar.
  14. Well, it has almost been a year since DD was diagnosed and I went gluten-free with borderline blood results. (Update: One of my parents has just been diagnosed through biopsy, so with that plus my daughter being confirmed, I feel very confident about my self-diagnosis.) What a difference a year makes! We're all feeling better. I want to thank everyone on this board who has helped me over the last year. While our hospital offered some assistance with the transition, it was on this board that I learned the "whole" truth. Now I have a question about sugar malabsorption. I've suspected our DS has celiac since we learned about our daughter a year ago. He had the blood test at age 2 and it was negative. We were told that at that age the test is inaccurate at that age and to keep him on gluten and test him again in a year, which is coming up soon. His symptoms are as follows: never had a solid BM, frequent dirty diapers (up to 6 a day), will have full dirty diapers back to back, foul smelling, often see undigested food in diaper, mucous too, dark circles under eyes. His regular blood tests did not show any deficiencies. His doctor said that since his iron is fine and his skin is not sagging that she doesn't think he has celiac (I know better). He has been referred to a GI and has that appointment soon. So, while his symptoms point to celiac, I'm wondering what else could cause malabsorption of sugar? Any thoughts?
  15. Hi. I'm about 9 months into this celiac thing. My DD was diagnosed at age 5 back in February. DH and DS continue to eat gluten, while DD and myself are gluten-free. Here are my recommendations for you: 1. To save yourself some time, try to make dinner entirely gluten-free for everybody. Making two dinners is exhausting and there are a lot of delicious meals that are gluten-free. 2. Think of three easy gluten-free dinners that you can throw together in a pinch. 3. Clear the house of all baking ingredients/mixes that contain gluten. This includes flour, cake mixes, pancake mixes, boxed stuffing etc... Wipe out your cupboards and counters. Basically, anything that could contaminate your counters, cutting boards, pots and pans needs to go. I gave a lot of stuff away to friends. If the gluten eaters want baked goods, they can purchase them from a bakery and clean up after themselves. Don't allow the stuff to be baked in your house. All this being said, if it's still not working, you may need to go completely gluten-free in the house. We haven't had to do that, but do take all the necessary precautions to prevent cc. I hope this helps some.