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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Can anyone tell me if Tussionex cough medicine is gluten-free. I have a terrible cough and getting over the crud and I need to know if I should get some or not. I used to take it before I got Celiac. I have looked on some of the gluten-free meds sites I have and didn't find it. Thanks!! Fonda
  2. Oops sorry, guess you need that......... fclumsky@yahoo.com Thanks!!
  3. celiac3270, did I read that you have a list of gluten-free restaurants? I am going to Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico next week and I need to know where I can eat. If anyone knows any places in these towns, I would love the help! Thank you, Fonda
  4. Ouch! Now What Do I Eat?

    Since going gluten-free a month ago, I can't eat things that I could before. Tomato based products (that I think are safe) are bothering me. But my stomach burns, I eat and within 30 minutes I feel hungry again. Someone mentioned L-Glutamine tabs which seem to help some. I guess I am just impatient and want to be well NOW!! Fonda
  5. These are too funny!! I love it. Here are a couple... You know you are Celiac if... You cheer when you go to the grocery store and they have started carrying gluten-free items! I live in a small town and to find gluten-free stuff in this town-tough!! Your friends and family just tell you to stop eating bread, pizza and pasta and you'll feel better..........get a clue! Fonda
  6. Ok, thought it probably was the same, just thought I would check. Fonda
  7. What is the difference between Celiac and Coeliac? I have noticed both spellings and didn't know what the difference was. Fonda
  8. Writing A Book

    Hi Kaiti, glad to hear you are writing a book!! Us newbies need all the info we can get our hands on at first. I have been gluten-free for a little over a month now and it is difficult. There needs to be a chapter about how to cope and grieving over foods and restaurants that are missed like Pizza Hut, Olive Garden, etc.... I used to love to eat and as the saying goes "Live to Eat, eat to live". I now have to learn to eat to live. Healthy!! I am still at that stage that I think a lot has been taken from me, until I get used to how all the new breads and everything taste. Also, a little note that people could copy off to keep in their wallet/purse that really tells what and how important Celiac and the Celaic diet is so that we can give it to restaurant people, friends, relatives, etc. When I go to a restaurant it would be nice to have a little card (the restaurant card I have doesn't explain it) to hand to the waiter so you don't have to explain it to them, they get someone else out, you explain it to them. They could just take it back and all read it then know what to do. Does that make any sense. I tell people about Celiac and they think if I just don't eat bread, pizza, pasta all is well. WRONG!!! Good Luck!! Fonda
  9. Yes, I am laughing!! That "You might be a Celiac if....." is too funny. Since I am pretty new here I haven't been in on all the bowel movement messages. It is so good to hear that other people go through the same thing!! Since going gluten-free about a month ago, I am better, but have had IBS symptoms for years, so I am far from staying out of bathrooms. I avoid meetings, rooms that are too quiet because then I think about it then my stomach starts churning and then it gets louder and then I have to go to the bathroom. I hate traveling in a car very far with people I don't know very well in case I have to stop several times. Church sometimes is hard to get through w/o going to the bathroom. There are several more on my list. Some day I hope to be able to sit in a meeting in a quiet room all day and no worries!!! Fonda
  10. Constant Hunger

    Yes, my stomach feels like this a lot. I can eat, and within an hour sometimes, I feel hungry again. I have gained a few pounds just by trying to keep something in my stomach. Now, since I have been on the gluten-free diet, I have been eating plain rice cakes, that seems to help for a while. (I hope they are gluten-free) And now it seems that I can't get those pounds off. I have taken nexium, (in case it was GERD) but that didn't seem to help. If I get too hungry, it really hurts.
  11. Caramel

    I just know that every time I drink Coke (or Pepsi), my stomach burns and kills me. But, I can drink sprite. When I ate the marinade with the caramel coloring in it, that was the only ingredient in it that was "iffy". So, I don't know. Maybe it is just me that it bothers.
  12. Caramel

    I can't have anything with caramel coloring in it, I know when I ingest it almost immediately. I have a list that says that caramel coloring can be made with Barley Malt, but US companies use corn because it makes a better product. I can't drink cola or use marinades with caramel coloring in them. So, who knows....
  13. I can't drink dark sodas with caramel coloring in them. On a list that I have it says "according to the FDA Code of Federation Regulations caramel color can be made from barley malt, but US companies use corn because it makes a better product." But, I can't drink coke (I can drink sprite) and I used a marinade the other night that had caramel coloring in it (unknowingly) and my stomach killed me. So, I don't know....
  14. Thanks for all the input. Since I am new to this diet, I am learning a lot from this forum.