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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Feeling Overwhelmed

    I went through the same stuff at work. Fortunately, my husband has a great job, and I was able to come home. It's hard to deal with. I have a degree I'm not using. I feel non-productive at times, but my kids need their mother, and my body simply would not cooperate with me working. People do not understand. They do not understand no gluten, ever. I have Lupus to boot, so it seemed like I was sick all the time. I worked anyway, but the girls started to accuse me of hiding out in the bathroom, so I wouldn't have to work! Really?! I finally had to choose. Me or the job. I chose me. I now homeschool both of our children, and we love it! It took me about 8 months to actually start to tell a difference. A totally gluten free diet is really hard to achieve in the beginning. For example, I continued taking communion at church every Sunday and wondered why I never felt any better! You have to be gluten free, not only to prevent the symptoms but in order to heal. Doctor told me I had so much damage I would never completely heal. Three years later, he was astonished to see microvilli during my EGD. Now he wants me to mentor other patients lol. He says my biopsy will always show Celiac, though. My advice is to either go to the doctor and tell him to order you a couple days off, or give notice for a few days off and muttle through until then. The bad thing about it is that, eventually, no matter how compassionate the boss is, they have to choose the job over your health concerns. I figured that out before I got fired, and quit on my own. Could you work from home? Move to part time?
  2. Hey guys! A year after being diagnosed with Celiac (3 years ago), I was diagnosed with lupus. Most of the time I can tell which one is bothering me by my symptoms (and I usually automatically know when I've been glutened). For the last 6 days I have been exhausted, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, facial rash, vomiting, body aches, and hot flashes. I have not eaten anything questionable. At first, I just thought I inadvertently glutened myself, but it just keeps dragging on... I wonder if this is indeed the Celiac or if it's Lupus. If it's Lupus I prob need to get a steroid. The prob with that is oral steroids KILL my GI tract. I am miserable, and my butt is killing me! Just wanted to know from someone who has both, how you know which is which? Steroids or no? ANA? Sed Rate? Should I go to my PCP? GI doc? Rheumy? I have to get better. We are buying a new house, and I need to get busy! Also, should I ask for an IV to get some fluids? Thank you much!
  3. Saw my GI doc yesterday, and he wants me to see a surgeon for fundoplication. I am doing very well with my diet. Scope was good. Markers down, but I still have horrible reflux! I sleep almost straight up, take 60 mg of prilosec and many tums throughout the day. I've tried prevacid, nexium, and carafate. They either did nothing or had really bad side effects. At first I was excited at the prospect. Until I read the statistics, risks, etc. Inability to burp or vomit? That is really scary to me. Difficulty swallowing, paralytic pileus? 6 wk recovery? 10-20 lb weight loss (okay, that part I can deal with). Irreversible. May not work. Anyone have this done? Advice, please.
  4. Reflux Is Killing Me!

    flowerqueen I've been wondering about that. I am not sure how to find out which drugs have gluten???
  5. Reflux Is Killing Me!

    Went to doc today. He put me on carafate and set up a GI consult. I have not seen a specialist since we moved here 2 years ago. He fussed at me about not going to see GI doc. He said I should be having an EGD every 6 mos to a year. He said esp since I have Barrett's esophagus. Waiting on scheduling. However, I took the carafate and was waiting an hour before eating when I became acutely ill. Severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, fainting. That is what happens every time I'm glutened. Coincidence? If I had accidentally glutened myself before this morning, it could explain why my reflux is so bad... Now I feel incompetent. Anybody see a nutritionist?
  6. I have been gluten-free for 2 years now. I'm careful, but have glutened myself a couple of times. The last time was just before Christmas, when I had to get IV fluids from dehydration. I was vomiting and having diarrhea so much in only 4 hrs that I needed 2 bags of fluids just to get my blood pressure back up to somewhat normal. First off, it seems that most other celiacs primarily have diarrhea. Is vomiting normal? Second, I was told I have Baretts esophagus at the time of diagnosis because of severe gerd. Anyone else have this? My biggest concern ( for the moment) is that no matter my diet, I have horrible reflux. I take 40 mg of prilosec every morning, and sometimes end up taking another 20 later in the day just to be able to keep food down. Lately it seems to be getting worse and worse. Someone please tell me what else I can do to help with this. I am miserable.
  7. Please help me! Been gluten free for 18 months since diagnosis. Wendy's website says their frosties are gluten free. Lots of stress going on. My daughter didn't eat hers. I looked it up (didnt think myself very sensitive). Yay, gluten free! Gobbled it up. Sick within the hour. My mom checked the ingredients: malt. That was Wednesday night. It's Sunday morning and very little improvement. I'm terrified to eat anything. Drinking gatorade. Please give me some ideas of what meds, foods, drinks, etc that help you... I will not be this careless again!
  8. All labs normal. What the heck? No anemia. B12 normal. Still waiting on porfyria. What is wrong with me?
  9. I'm So Bitter And Sick Of It

    Oh and suicide crosses my mind a lot, but I shake it off and press on. I don't want to die at my own hands.
  10. I'm So Bitter And Sick Of It

    Yes. I am very angry. I hate the inconvenience, the texture of most gluten free products, that I'm starving, the effect this illness has on my family, the tendency to blame every symptom on celiac, the questions people ask, the nightmares I have about eating pizza on purpose because I'm sick of the diet, and most of all, the lack of support of my husband. I was relieved when I got my diagnosis. Something I could control by diet sounded wonderful. After all, at the time, I couldn't eat more than a teaspoon of anything at a time. Then the reality started to sink in... I'm doing better with managing my anger since I met the owner of our gluten free bakery. Thank god for her! I have good days and bad days, and I'm still sick. But at least I can eat something, and I'm not vomiting everything up anymore. One day at a time...
  11. No oats. No brm. Had a come to Jesus meeting with my husband. I think he will be more understanding and supportive now. The past 2 days my blood pressure's been low, and I'm urinating all the time. I stopped taking the steroids. I had those symptoms before when the doc thought I had Addison's. Hmm... Just waiting on test results...
  12. Steroids help with the joint pain and the rash. I have gotten this rash periodically since I had mono in high school. Doc just started treating with steroids last year.
  13. Hillside is supposed to be biopsies. Stupid smart phone! Lol
  14. Interesting u should bring this up. One doc I was seeing when I first got sick, swore I had Addison's. I had low blood pressure, low aldosterone, craving salt, low sodium and potassium, fainting spells, low adh, dry skin, brittle hair, other things. However when my tests and hillside from the GI doc came back showing celiac and barretts esophagus, all those symptoms were attributed to that. She actually gave me a shot of adrenaline to check function of my adrenals and I went to sleep. She said she'd never seen that before. Steroids are the only thing that helps me though. I don't know what to think.
  15. Got a Rx for prednisone. Forgot to mention the rash on my face. I have tested positive for lupus twice in the past but saw a rheumatologist that said I don't have it. Today he drew a cbc, bmp, tsh, b12, and some type of screen for porphyria, a genetic autoimmune skin condition that is affected by sunlight. He thinks all of my symptoms are caused by whatever systemic illness I have. Says I just don't fit into any one category. The only thing we know that I have, without a doubt is celiac. Whatever else I have, I hope it gets better.