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  1. LOL this is great...once I went to the hospital because the antibiotic they gave me made me ill and the nurse that I told I had Celiac handed me a cracker and said this will help....LOLOLOLOL
  2. I have found to react to carl buddig meats...upon looking at the ingredients I noticed(too late) that there was modified food starch in it and nothing stating what that starch was.And then I also picked up some sunflower seeds and on the back of the bag it says wheat starch. *smacks self in head* I got too trusting of stores and didnt check and that was my bad. One of the reasons I like to shop alone. That way I am not bothered or rushed.
  3. I had a hankerin for some lunch meat so I got some carl buddig to try and its made me have reactions similar to being glutened. I talked to them and assured me that they are gluten free but its really messing with me Is there something in it that may be causing this? Oh its so hard when your body goes haywire. Has anyone else had this problem? Seant
  4. Hi I am new to this and now that I have gone through my entire house and rid it of gluten, I pretty much have nothing. I was wondering if there was a program out there that helps people like me on a small fixed budget to get food.