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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm so glad I'm not alone! I'm really wondering what it is. Everyone kept saying it was trapped wind but after a month of feeling it on and off I'm pretty certain it can't be wind. I know stomach pains are a symptom of celiac disease but I wouldn't really describe this as stomach pain, it's not in the right place. It is also sometimes comes with a noisy gurgling tummy. And more recently a feeling if liquid sloshing in my tummy. Again I don't really know how to explain this feeling except feeling like a hot water bottle lol with liquid sloshing in my stomach when I move.
  2. Hi Everyone! Have not posted for a while as i forgot my password But last time i was here some of you provided me with some fantastic information. Im still pre diagnosis after many problems with my doctor, however in the end he agreed to test me and i should have results soon! However recently ive been getting a pain in my lower left abdomen, low down sort of between my belly button and hip bone. Its not incredibly painful but more annoying as its so persistent, i cant even explain it that well except to say it feels like their is a lot of pressure or im very full up. Its worse when i stand and walk and worse after ive eaten. The only thing i can liken it to is period pain, except its not period pain. any ideas?? Id really appreciate your help
  3. Hi everyone, I wrote my first post yesterday and am currently in the process of trying to get my doctor to test me for celiac, the more I read the more convinced I am that I could have celiac disease and the more curious I become. Im just wondering if celiac disease (if undiagnosed and untreated from childhood) could lead to late onset of puberty? I didnt begins my periods till I was almost 15 (they are now completely regular, I'm almost 21) however still to this day I've never developed any breast tissue what so ever. I'm not suggesting that I'm 'flat chested' or that i have small breasts, I literally have no breast tissue at all! No doctor or specialist has ever been able to explain why. Could this in any way be related to celiac disease?
  4. oh thank you so much! I just got really emotional when my mum came to see me, i showed her this website and some of the stories and symptoms people have and she agrees that celiac is a real possibility for me, she knows im not a hypochondriac and suggested next week that she will come along with me to the doctors, along with my boyfriend and we will just bombard him, they say strength is in numbers so we will see how that goes. I surprised by how many more of the symptoms on that list i have. Im not going to be made to feel like a whining nuisance any more. You guys have made me determined to get this sorted one way or another. Also i dont know if this is relevant but my sister although she is not celiac (well at least not diagnosed) she does have acid reflux and many many allergies, i dont know if that makes me more likely to test positive.
  5. Thank you so much again for all of these lovely responses, its so nice to finally have people who listen. Obviously my mum and boyfriend do but they have no experience or celiac and are also in the dark. Ive not tried a gluten free diet by myself for two reasons... 1. im worried my doctor would finally agree to test me and id get a negative result. 2. im terrified ill go gluten free and nothing will change, although its very odd i almost want to be celiac just because it would be an answer/diagnosis something i could work with and understand, i really dont want to be disappointed and back at square one. (i did this when my doctor suggested i was anaemic he convinced i was, and that when the bloods came back id be "cured" i was disappointed when they were negative) But i think soon im going to have to try, the way things are i have nothing to lose. I went swimming with my younger sister and a lady asked me to cover up with a towel since my body was making her feel sick lol i do laugh but it is depressing. Im thinking of paying for someone to carry out private allergy testing, or even a dietitian who may help me.
  6. Hi, thank you so much for your reply. Yes i live in London and so i am covered by the nhs. Ive been with my doctor for my whole life, where i live there are only a limited number of doctors, all of which are over flowing with paitients, its almost impossible to register somewhere new. I think to my doctor he is not overly concerned since is till manage to function on a day to day basis, i work i go to university i get good grades etc. However deep down im so unhappy, and its making me so miserable. The main issues are my inability to gain weight and the hair loss. However when i list all the things i mentioned here (some of which i forgot like brown patches on my skin, aching jaw) the doctor says im trying to "find" thingswrong with myself. But im really not like that, i hate fuss i hate complaining. The main reason he wont test is because he says im not overweight (clearly!!) and i dont have the common fatty stools. When he checked my bloods he checked the normal stuff, blood count etc as he suspected anemia but that was not the case. I just feel so unhappy, all my friends are going away for summer and i cant go since i cant even find a swimsuit or any shorts to fit!
  7. Hi everyone im new to this and this is my very first post. However i have spent the last month reading everyone elses stories and posts Im a 20 year old female and am literally at a loss for what to do or where to go. My story is this.... For my whole life i have been underweight, at three months old my mother was told i was not thriving, i was a very fussy whiney baby, i refused bottles and would scream in pain, as a result my mum put me on solids from an early age. As i got older i had a brilliant appetite but was still very very skinny, so much so that people would stop and ask my mum if she was feeding me. I had stomach problems on and off throughout my teens, with bouts of diarrehea that would be accompanied with sweating and the shakes. The diarrehea would dissapear for long periods of time but would flare up again. At ten years old i come down with what can only be described as a flu like illness. I was bedbound for a month, i would wake for an hour a day, other than that i slept solidly, would not eat, passed out, just generally was a mess, my mum took me to a&e on a few occasions that month they suggested it could be glandular fever but told my mum to just take me home keep me warm and that id be fine. I came down with this exact thing again at 13 and 16 years of age, my mum is adamant it was not typical flu however we never got a diagnosis. Also i should add here it was around this time that my dentist noticed a lack of enamel on my teeth, and that my front teeth were pitted. At 14 i started my periods, which were awful, so heavy that id pass out and they were always (and still are) accompanied by diarrehea. My menstural cycle is now the only time i actaully get diarrehea now, the rest of the time i just get a very gurgley tummy which makes strange noises and often feels painful. I hate to be so incredibly graphic but my only toliet troubles now is the fact that when i go my stools will not flush, ever, its very embarrassing. Whilst on the subject of puberty i should also add that i have never ever developed any breast tissue (and ill be 21 this week) Over the past couple of years ive started to become very lazy and have no get up and go what so ever, i cant find any motivation, nothing excites me. I have awful mood swings and get depressed. My weight is also a problem im still incredibly skinny and cannot gain a single pound no matter how hard i try, ive been on weight gain shakes, super high calories diets, nothing works, my doctor says it simply a fast metabolism but my instinct says otherwise. Im five foot ten and only 114 pounds. Im constantly ridiculed by people and asked if i have an eating disorder, which i certainly dont. I eat a lot although i do get full up very quickly so have to eat in small sittings. Also other symptoms over the last few years are strange dotted rashes that are almost under my skin, again my doctor cannot diagnose these, first he said it was a fungal rash now he says he is unsure. Ive also visited the doctor on many occasions complaining of shortness of breath, like i cant catch a full breath or inhale properly. Ive also been in tears due to extreme hair loss which is still continuing. So just to summarise these are my CURRENT symptoms... Very underweight, cannot gain. Very little muscle tone. Easily fatigued need lots of sleep gurgley noisy tummy stools that wont flush extreme hair loss unexplained dotted rashes heavy periods poor tooth enamel shortness of breath (without exercising) headaches VERY dry skin on face and body cold hands and feet at all times Difficulty falling off to sleep (takes at least an hour of tossing and turning) Dentals problems, lots of cavities and pitted front teeth. Get full quickly, but need to eat lots occasional joint pain dark under eye circles (darker than average) I just feel so lost, my doctor puts everything down to stress or says it psychological. He has done blood work but refuses to test for celiac as he says my symptoms dont match up. He explains he way out of everything and makes me feel like a hypochondriac. Im so fed up of being skinny i cant get clothes to fit ever and people forever accuse me of having an eating disorder. My once thick hair is falling out in handfuls. My body is covered in strange rashes and is forever flakey and dry I just want to feel normal, im beyond depressed and my confidence is at an all time low Any help or advice would be so appreciated