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  1. I inquired of the manufacturer, Wisdom Nutrition, how their stevia was made (Brand Name is SweetLeaf "100% Natural Stevia Sweetener"? I cut-n-pasted the quote from the email: "SweetLeaf Sweetener is blended with Inulin, a prebiotic all natural soluble fiber which aids digestive health. The fiber is solely derived from chicory root." Then they stated "As with all SweetLeaf products; zero chemicals, zero alcohol sugars, zero gluten, zero msg, zero carbs, zero glycemic index and zero calories". Well its its made with the fiber derived from chicory root, and we know that chicory root is NOT gluten free...I have my doubts whether this product is truly 100% free of gluten. I let them know my thoughts so hopefully they will look into it and re-test their product. I won't be getting it, that's for sure.