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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Well, my dd came in under 10 on all gluten sensitivity panels, so yes we have had a negative.
  2. Thats the problem. There was NO INTERPRETATION at all!!! Nothing! I emailed Enterolab and have had no response. The whole thing just pisses me off. There was a small section detailing how to read the results, but not an actual interpretaion like I have seen on others reports posted here. Well, she was having really bad GI symptoms, and what I thought were food allergy symptoms several months ago and thru a food journal we narrowed it down to bread products. Maybe it is a wheat allergy. Maybe not. She is fine now, no symptoms at all to speak of. So who knows, I guess we will stick with a regular diet. I sure regret wasting that money on Enterolab, I don't really feel like I got any where with that.
  3. PLEASE SOMEONE!! My dd's tests from enterolab came back negative, but she does have the 201 and the 503 gene. The 201 as I understand is the main celiac gene? Correct me if I am wrong. What does this mean? Should she be gluten-free even if she is no longer having any symptoms or problems, and if she is negative everywhere else? What should we do next? She did have a dairy sensitivity which didn't surprise me. I am thinking of checking for other allergies when we have our next appointment. Jess
  4. I am so amazed! I received my dd's Enterolab results in the email just now. Here they are: Gluten Sensitivity Stool Test Fecal Antigliadin IgA 8 Units (Normal Range <10 Units) Stool Test for Autoimmune Reaction to Tissue Transglutaminase Fecal Antitissue Transglutaminase IgA 9 Units (Normal Range <10 Units) Stool Test for Cow's Milk Protein Sensitivity Fecal anti-casein IgA antibody 13 Units (Normal Range <10 Units) Stool Test for Intestinal Fat Malabsorption Microscopic Fecal Fat Score: 18 Units (Normal Range < 300 Units) Gene Test for Gluten Sensitivity Molecular analysis: HLA-DQB1*0201, 0503 So I think that sounds pretty good, she is in the normal range for everything. The gene part confuses me. I know I have seen others explain the genes, Are these the celiac genes? Where do I go from here? Her symptoms are not near as bad lately, and she is under 2 years old. I wonder if the worst of her symptoms were due to some outside thing, like a virus. Anyway, If she has one of the genes, what do I do? Go gluten-free? Keep that in mind and watch her and look for an onset? Please advise!!!! Jess
  5. I don't have any experiance or anything to add, but could you tell me how long you waited for your results? I shipped my dd's sample back a week ago today, and I know they say to wait three weeks, but I am sooooo impatiet!! How long till you got the results?
  6. Need A Quick Answer!

    Just curious, are these family practice type drs, or GI's? I suspect that my dd has celiac, and am awaiting results via enterolab after getting tired of the wait. I want to get myself tested too, but the expense of enterolab isn't an option. Can I just go to my family Dr. and get these tests run, or will he want to ship me off? Jess
  7. Just chiming in with a hug. My dd is not diagnosed yet, but when we did the gluten free diet and found relief, it was bittersweet. I was happy that her suffering was gone, but on the other hand the realization of what that might mean was overwhelming. I had quite a few crying days as I accidently gluted her, and as I realized how difficult this would be. It is worth it, and how wonderful to know now instead of 20 years from now. Hang in there and keep coming here for support, it will get easier. When I get down I think of some of the others on here who seem to have it all together with this lifestyle. I WILL get there, and so will you. And then you will be the one lending support to a scared newbie! Jess
  8. WOW!!!!! Thanks for posting that. I guess I assumed that a pill or treatment would come from overseas since it is more widely understood there. I would bet that it would be at least 10-15 years after it is approved there before we would have approval for it here. Still, that is great news. Jess
  9. Enterolab

    Enterolab gives you the codes to submit to insurance after you pay. You have to order with a credit card first, so it would be a matter of getting it reimbursed. If you want I can give you those codes if you want to call your insurance and try to get it covered. My insurance doesn't cover it, but it count toward our out of pocket I guess, which is something. I also believe that it is a tax deduction if you itemize. Not sure tho. What I am saying is that it is well worth the cost.
  10. Do you think that it has anything to do with the fact that for it to be truly called Celiac there has to be damage, and they have to see it? From my reading it seems like it is just "gluten sensitivity" until the gene is activated and damage starts. That is what concerns me, I don't WANT to wait until a lot of damage is done, just to get a label I guess. I think if you have the gene and antibodies, and SYMPOTOMS especially, why not go gluten free and avoid worse!! I guess maybe it is easy for the GI to say no you don't have it if their gold standard is a positive biopsy. But I think that is silly. Jess
  11. New To Gf Diet

    I am in emporia. Small world, huh? Dh interviewed for a job in Salina last year but we decided against it. We could have been neighbors, lol. Two of the parents in our support group are familiar with childrens mercy, and neither had good things to say about the doctors either. Mainly bedside manner. We are sending back our enterolab test samples today, so hopefully we will get a result soon! Do you think any ped GI is easy to work with there? Jess
  12. Thanks Jessica. That gives me something else to think about in this process. I hope maybe the test will come back positive enough that they will not get hung up with a negitive blood test. That is my big worry with her young age, that a blood test will be a false negitive. I do read silly yaks, I promise to get back on soon! Sorry that you can't make the meetings. There were very few members last week, but it was still a good resource. Jess
  13. Jessica, I don't know if you remember me, I am in your town and was on silly yaks until I forgot my password, lol. I have a 2 year old dd, and made it to the support meeting last week!! Since you are familiar with our school district (I assume, you said something about being a teacher) What will I need when my dd goes to school? We have chosen to go thru Enterolab first, since we are on a long wait at the PED GI anyway. And after talking to some of the other parents in the support group, I think I would rather stick to our enterolab result should it be positive. Will my dd be able to get a 504 should she need it? Would it depend on if my doc will "accept" the results from enterolab? Thanks Jess
  14. Wow, thanks! That makes me feel better. I guess it seems like the medical community in general is so behind the times in detecting celiac and related issues. I am really surprised to read that most people "diagnose" themselves and bring it to their Dr, not the other way around. I hope that you are getting some relief from the colitis, I don't know anything about it but it sounds pretty bad. Jess
  15. I am just wondering if anyone has any thoughts/facts. I have the Enterolab kit here, waiting for dd's stool sample. All I have found in my searches are positive things, mainly coming from enterolab themselves. So far they seem legit and everything, but my question is, if this way of testing is more accurate, why isn't the medical community using it? I have read that Drs won't accept results from Enterolab. For our case I felt like it was worth it to go this route, I was getting too much run around from the DRs. If my dd's tests come back positive from Enterolab, what can I expect from my dr? any other advice? Jess