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  1. Eating Too Well

    Sorry for my slow response, I've been M.I.A. I make miga's for breakfast (scrambled eggs with tortilla strips, hash browns, cheddar cheese and salsa) YUMMMMM Cinnamon flavored Chex cereal gluten-free blueberry waffles Tuna on toasted gluten-free bread (piled high!) Pepperoni, black olive gluten-free pizza (a local chain makes an AWESOME one) Sliced apples baked in the oven with gluten-free fake butter and cinnamon gluten-free Chocolate bars gluten-free popcorn Marina sauce with potato/basil gnocchi Jason's Deli Fire Roasted Chicken Soup Crunchy beef or chicken tacos Fried potatoes Baked potatoes with Hormel chili and cheese and sometimes I add barbecued chicken pieces to it too YUMMMY GL Double Chocolate cookies Lot's of fresh fruits and veggies Ice Cream with chocolate topping If you need brand names on anything I listed, just let me know! These are all of my "comfort foods" that I've been able to duplicate in a gluten-free version. I'm still missing flour tortillas horribly. If I could just find a way to have burritos, wraps and soft tacos, I'd be a 100% happy camper!
  2. Glutened At Chili's?

    Wow! Thank you for your story Trish Trish! Why would someone go gluten free if they didn't need to? A FAD?!? Wow. I'm wondering if that is what happened to my food now. Hmmmm... I haven't been glutoned since but then again, the only take out I've had is Jason's and only once.
  3. LOL, we're in synch. I hope you enjoyed your pizza and that you're not feeling too bad today. I have a headache myself today and of course the cramping and the Big D. I just hope it only lasts for a day or two this time.
  4. I resisted the cookies.. lol I ended up snacking on some of my gluten-free cookies last night. It made me laugh to remember this post.
  5. Well, I ate the pizza and NO stomach pain (and yes, it was very tasty but I liked the gluten-free pizza from our local chain just as much) . Of course my other issue has returned this morning but I expected that. The most important aspect is that I have no "appendix" pain. I knew I'd had the pain on empty stomach's before and the pain didn't go away with a bm so somewhere inside me, I knew that part couldn't be intestinal but I had to try. Gastro it ain't.... Ba-bye to the female plumbing! Well Ravenwoodglass, that was darn wise advice and I should've followed it (and probably would have if I'd seen it before eating)! If I'm to have the surgery, I'd like to have it while school is still in though so I only have 1 child at home during the day while I recover. Waiting too long would incur more E.R. visits and they cost me about $200.00 out of pocket each. My ob didn't recommend going back in again to just repair it, she said we'd just have to keep doing this and since I'm done having kids (and no way to change my mind), I might as well do the hysterectomy. I just wanted to be as sure as I could be.
  6. OOOOHhhhhhh CAKE!! COOOKIES!! I hadn't thought of THAT! LOL Yes! I know I'll be sick tomorrow.... and I know I'll have MAJOR Big D but if I don't have stomach pain, then I have my answer. I am only doing this ONCE. I never want to put gluten anything in my mouth ever again!
  7. I went to the OB today about my stomach pains, she was the last step in Dr's interested in if their specialty could be the cause. She's scheduling me for a hysterectomy in 3 weeks. Last time I had a laporoscopy done (for endometriosis), she'd noted that I had a lot of scar tissue adhering my uterus to my abdominal wall. This "may" account for the stomach pains that haven't yet been helped with gluten-free. I'm definitely keeping gluten-free forever more as it has helped TREMENDOUSLY with the Big "D" which is almost now non-existent. BUT, a hysterectomy is a big step. A HUGE step and I want to be SURE that food isn't what is causing my stomach pain. I just recently have recovered from my latest stomach pain and I never get them continuous or back to back. So tonight is the night. I figure I'm going to do it right and will be having GLUTEN, GREASY, Yummy Dominoes Pizza. If I get the stomach pain (appendix like pain) then I know it's food. If I don't get it (I know I'll get the Big D), then I know something else must be causing this and I'll go ahead with my hysterectomy. Not like I need those parts anymore anyway but I also don't want to have unnecessary major surgery. So I'm going to bite the bullet (or in this case the pizza) and go for it. It's perfect timing, I don't need to go anywhere tomorrow (so Big D won't be that Big of a Deal), I've just recently had my stomach pain and I NEED to KNOW before I agree to the hysterectomy.. Either way, this will be my ONLY purposeful gluten meal. We've been trying to think all day of what the worst food I could have is and decided pizza was it.
  8. This product is a gluten free lip balm And a gluten-free Shampoo I think a lot of their products are gluten-free
  9. HUGS! I know what you mean about just jumping in and trying it though. We have to listen to our bodies, if our bodies are getting sick due to food, then we owe it to ourselves to track down which foods and to never bother our bodies with it again! I hope you get great gluten-free results like I did. It's SO nice not to be a prisoner in my home every first half of the day due to Big "D". Your Doc reminds me of my GI doc. She was helpful until I wanted to try to help myself and then she became snooty like I wasn't going to blindly trust the "M.D." after her name. She wasn't the one getting no help with daily diarrhea and severe stomach pains! Sometimes you've gotta do, what'ca gotta do.
  10. HOLY MOLY! I could have written this! Except no ADHD. I've had every procedure done that could be thought of for my daily headaches and migraines. I finally had radio frequency ablation done which burned the nerves leading to my headache trigger and have had no headaches for about a year now but the nerve is growing back and I can tell they're coming again. But the sensitivity to smells REALLY shocked me. I smell things that no one else can smell AND the heat intolerance is terrible. I'm also a chronic insomniac, dry skin, stiff neck and shoulders (although I've had bones fused there), anxiety, mood swings, anemia (which they did a uterine ablation for), etc. Those things I hadn't even attributed to gluten. The other things I wonder about is I'm a kidney stone factory and have too high of calcium levels. I am untested (well no biopsy and a negative C-panel) but the reason I'm gluten-free is I had diarrhea every day for 2 years. Stomach bloating and stomach pain that caused me to double over and made me think I was having an appendicitis attack. I also have joint pains, fatigue and "brain fog" and the inability to concentrate. I used to be really smart! And it seems like my intelligence is slipping away.
  11. Making "fried" chicken using potato flakes... I hope this works!

    1. MsCurious


      Did it work? :) How are you doing? Haven't heard from you for a while.

    2. NancyL


      The fried chicken in potato flakes is REALLY yummy. The whole family likes it. I've been a mess.. not gluten-wise but I had to have a hysterectomy and appendectomy in April. then in May I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Had a double mastectomy done in June. Things are finally getting a little better. Sorry that I've been absent. Is all ok with you?

  12. I still don't always know. I've surrounded myself with snacks and staples that I'm sure of and then everything else, I have to look up as I go. This board is SO Full of VALUABLE information, check out the recipes section, I find LOTS of help in there. My snacks and staples are things like gluten-free bread, Chunks of cheese (not shredded), eggs, gluten-free cookies, crackers and pretzels and I found some gluten-free peanut butter yesterday!
  13. Hey Ms.Curious! I've been MIA because my 3 yo had pneumonia (AGAIN! 2 times since Jan 30th!) and my oldest son got suspended from school AND my mom has a possible breast cancer recurrence scare so I've been going to her dr.s appts. It's been VERY challenging over here. But yes, I've stayed gluten free and don't really miss it! I hope you're seeing some good results now? I'll try to find some of your posts so I can catch back up.
  14. OH, I'm DEFINETLY staying gluten-free! First time of no Big D in 2 years! That reason enough not to eat gluten ever, ever again! Cross Contamination is possible. I know for their kids meals, they serve battered chicken tenders and they serve burgers on buns, etc... As for endometriosis, I have it and have had it since I was a teen. In order to have my babies, I had to get my uterus (sorry guys!) scraped. I've now had ablation done (as well as tubes tied) a couple of years back to reduce my monthly bleeding down to almost nothing (but it's picking up speed again). When she did the ablation she mentioned that I did have uterine adhesion's (both my sons had to be emergency c-section)and I called her after my last E.R. trip, she mentioned these adhesions and wondered if they were twisting my intestines or causing an obstruction. btw... ALL of you Rock! Thank you SO much for all of the support you give! edited to fix all of my typos!
  15. I'm VERY new to gluten-free, but I've discovered many things that I already loved and was buying that were gluten free. For instance Smart Balance for butter, Soy Creamer for my coffee, etc. I just take a jar/can/box whatever that I would like to eat and type it's name into Google with "gluten free" after it and usually easily find the answer to whether it is or isn't. Some of the more seasoned people here will most likely advise you to drop dairy at first too (and soy) until your body recovers but once you're back, you'll find that most cheeses (if not already shredded) are gluten-free, there are yummy gluten-free cereals (such as Cinnamon Rice Chex and Honey Rice Chex) and the gluten-free bread is actually quite good. Fresh fruits and veggies (be careful of salad dressings and seasonings though), meats you cook yourself and there is substitute pasta and just about anything you can think of. Good luck! I hope it works for you and you feel better asap.