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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Co Worker

    That is very rude! I am rather appalled. Though I agree with the people here I have gotten agressive about people taking my food. I made a point to show my very "thrifty" husband how much my food costs so he leaves it alone and is a strong advocate when people go after my food nothing like a cheap person having a spouse with an expensive disorder =D
  2. Advice, Questions, And Coping

    Yes I realize I was Dx With a blood test and a Biopsy I have it I've had it for a year. and nothing in any of the cereals I eat have any trigger ingredients. I've had to play the watch my food game since I was 14.
  3. I have been reading about how people are leary of oats or not to eat oats like quaker etc. Is this a popular thing? I eat Quaker oats with no problems I have never encountered an intolerance to oats My mother who also has Celiac's chasties me for eating things like fruity/ Coco Pebbles, Lucky Charms, And a few other main stream cereals that are not "Gluten free" But have no wheat products in them and are not processed in a plant that has wheat. I look on labels and I figure if I get sick that is a lesson learned and I never eat that again. I have not been posting long but I can offer advice to the several newly Dx'ed people, read your labels yea yeah all natural, organic might be better but lets be real here we do not all have the $ to pay 4 bucks for a itty bitty box of cereal. Gluten free bread is a treat because of it's 6 bucks a loaf price same with donuts or muffins I like them but I tend to go without rather than pay the prices. Also New people beware the processed Glutne Free food also have lots of sugar and more fat to make up for the lack of wheat. When I first went gluten-free I ate like a racehorse. Snickers and peanut butter filled me up along with milk and other thicker protiens it did go away but it was frustrating while it was happening. If you have multiple problems or allergies it can be tough as well I have ABSOLUTELY no natural metobolism becasue of my 2 other issues so it is a battle so hang in there =) it gets kinda better =)
  4. What's It Gonna Hurt?

    is it worth it? Not to me I am tempted daily by my evil sweet tooth and pizza loving tummy but then I remember the 3 days of sleeping next to the toilet ( I have since bought a bucket) the brain fog and the fear of eating. I just order the burger with no bun it is not the same but it scratches the itch
  5. Overwhelmed

    I have to disagree here you have to stop gluten intake all at once it is better for you. now accepting and understanding is a new game. I have been Dx for a year and I still have issues I work with someone who has had it for 8-9 years and she was telling me she still has issues. Living the life and mentally handling it are 2 different things it is tough but it becomes a lifestyle. the cravings do not wane but you will find ways to scratch that itch. Best of luck and please for your own health do not wean just drop gluten totally it sucks I know but you will feel SO much better
  6. What Are Your "glutened" Symptoms?

    I am super neurotic about avoiding wheat because of the one times i was "glutened" I had only been gluten free for a month or so and I accidentally got into some Worcester Sauce and since I am diabetic the stress on my innards spike my blood sugar So I get the fatigue, frequent urination, irritability, over heated, brain fog on top of the Cramps, Brain fog and fun intestinal things that are with the Celiac's So I do not even go in an area where wheat as been in the air I am that paranoid. My friends think it is a hoot. But I say better safe then sorry.
  7. Almost Cried At Work!

    I am not bothered by people who eat normally either I have T1 Diabetes so eating wheat for me makes it so I cannot eat for 2-4 days after it sucks... a lot... I do mind like most of the posts I have seen when someone has a brownie or a hot piece of pizza coming up to me and offering it to me. I decline and that's when the questions start. Generally, I can buffer them away with the basic I'm allergic to save the 30 mins of explanation that is Celiac's. Don't get me wrong I am tolerant and am willing to explain my disease but not when you have something I REALLY want to eat. I also enjoy the being skinny by default. I do miss the naughty foods but I also like the 30lbs I lost by not eating them it is a double edged sword. But overall coping is tough it gets easier with time as I learned with the diabetes but the urges do not really go away.
  8. Almost Cried At Work!

    I too have this issue with co-workers, I work in a hotel and frequently they have pizza etc. Now in the year I have been Dx the cravings for wheat containing things has not curbed at all, Gluten free stuff is good and all but lets face it it is not the same. I often hear the "I'm sorry" or " I forgot" but it is something we all have to cope with. I would challenge your co-workers to try your diet for a couple days just to see what it is like, I know that mine after a few hours were not at all pleased and had a new understanding of how hard it really is. But I agree with all the other posters that just get your own or make a batch for the office and all can enjoy.