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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Vertigo After Going Gluten Free?

    It's likely Benign Positional Vertigo. An ENT specialist can confirm it for you. Mine went away after going gluten-free. When you are experiencing it, sitting at the side of your bed and flipping yourself back and forth sideways will induce it, but will also cause your ear to settle down and it will diminish. I also find it is important to keep your ears dry. Make sure you dry them well after showering. Also, in regards to the later post about dizziness with standing up. Usually that is due to dehydration and therefore your B/P drops a bit when you stand up. Getting drinking some hydrating fluids. Good luck sorting out the dizziness. Monica
  2. Hi My son has Celiac and is anaphylactic to soy. We met with an Immune specialist prior to meeting the GI specialist. The Immune specialist insisted on doing the skin prick testing. My son completedly tested negative. Despite having an anaphylactic reaction to soy 1 week before and again 2 weeks after the testing, the dr. was not able to figure out what he was reacting to. I had to figure it out by elimination after the bouts of anaphylaxis, and continued hives post eating minute amounts of soy. After we learned from my son's GI specialist that the skin prick allergy testing is useless for food ingested allergies. Skin testing is only useful for environmental allergies. He also had an episode of DH once. It was confined to his scalp and was slightly itchy and irritated. It did not feel like it burned. Our GI Specialist has also pointed out that those sensitive or allergic to soy are usually sensitive to dairy as well. We have not attempted a retesting of dairy. hth, Monica
  3. I doubt the skin prick test will give you any clear results. My son had the testing done after his first anaphylaxis and all was negative. He continued to have a second anaphylaxis 3 weeks later. Then when we saw the GI specialist, he informed us that the skin prick test is waste of time for food ingested allergies/reactions. The skin test is more for airborn allergies. Hope this helps, Monica
  4. Hi all, We homeschool as well. We have noticed a few that were gluten-free, but I did not pay much attention to it until my son started to have gut symptoms. I diagnosed him myself, after all different types of milk trial, dairy free and then severe illness with diagnosis of Kawasaki Disease, followed a few months later with anaphylaxis. Then at the same time of his second anaphylaxis episode he basically stopped eating due to continuing painful stomach cramps and diarrhea. During our visit in emerg. (due to anaphylaxis) we finally had a Dr. listen to my questioning the root cause of all his recent illnesses combined. My son was already seeing immunology, cardiology and our family Dr. The emerg. Dr. was the only one who told me that likely I would not find out the root cause in the conventional medical world. However, she did book us to a new Immunolgist and a G. I. specialist (for the first time). But the GI appointment was not until 2 1/2 months later. This caused me to continue searching... I found out that in Canada one can buy a finger poke Celiac Test Kit. I bought and tested both my son and myself. We were negative. However, then we immediately went on a 20 ppm. gluten free diet, with some slight "C.C.ing" as I was still learning. My son was substantually better within 3 days. When we finally met the GI. and he heard my son's history, he immediately agreed that he has Celiac and lectured him to never eat gluten again. You could not force my son to eat a bagel or anything else with gluten. He knows the pain it causes. I think because we are in the homeschool world... I was able to closely watch my son's symptoms and take the time to meticulously prepare foods for him. We have made our household gluten-free (as well as food colour, pesticide, preservative, dairy and soy free), which has made the whole family feel a lot better. I'm so glad I've had the ability to figure this out. I, as a child, grew up with horrific headaches/migranes that would send me to bed for two days, and then a diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis at age 17, caused me to lose my colon a few years later. I believe now, that I had Celiac all along, but never once did anyone in the medical world or other, mention the possiblity of a need to remove any foods from my diet. I believe I experienced everything I did, in order to cause me to watch my son more closely. I told him from very young to be aware of how his body felt and to tell us if he developed stomach cramps etc., which he did. Monica
  5. Need Advice

    Hi Jack, Flour in the air take 2 days to settle. I think you are getting cross contaminated, at the school cafeteria and home. Perhaps you could speak to your mom about setting up the kitchen, so one area is completely gluten-free and she could limit her meals to non-complete gluten ones. There are so many pizza restarants. Perhaps she could go out and have pizza while out of the house. Tinkiyada and Gogo Quinoa make delicious pastas the whole family can eat. Living without has wonderful recipes that could help your mom make gluten-free pizza instead. I really believe that getting CC'ed with gluten can change your mood and make you feel ill. I hope you can work out a happy medium with your mom. Take care, Monica
  6. Endoscopy

    Something that will allow you a restfull sleep and clear mind in the morning is 5 HTP. Find it at your natural health store. Hope all goes well, Monica
  7. I find Genestra has been the best for us. We take them separately, not a multi. My son needs to avoid soy as well. Also, we use Natren for probiotics and Carlson for fish oils. Monica
  8. Endoscopy

    I'm not sure why you would need a biopsy, if you already know he is positive from the bloodwork? You do have the right to refuse it, unless you need the positive biopsy for insurance purposes? About the potential IV and/or further bloodwork. In Canada, one can by a cream over the counter that helps numb the skin before needle sticks. It is called Emla. I'm sure there are similar products in the US. My son had a hospitalization that required lots of IV's. He has become fearful of needles, so we use Emla to numb the skin and ensure he drinks lots of fluids before the tests. If your child is NPO they won't allow the fluids, but the Emla would take the edge off greatly. You will just need to consult with the person inserting the needle about location for applying the cream. Good luck, Monica
  9. A product tested at 20 ppm does have traces of gluten. The Elisa testing can determine 10 ppm or less and 5 ppm or less. 5 ppm is the highest (lowest) rating at present, so these products can actually be zero to 5 ppm.
  10. That's disappointing. I use Spectrum olive oil exclusively. Everytime we fry foods we feel all bloated. That must be it. Have you figured out an olive oil that is gluten-free yet? Monica
  11. Hi I have a son who has had KD one and 1/2 years ago. He was 10. Very typical with all the signs and symptoms. It took 3 pediatricians and one GP to diagnose. The final Pediatrician was the most suspicious and spent more time organizing bloodwork and considering what the symptoms were. We were rushed to emerg on day 10 finally. Treated with IVIG and HD aspirin. No heart changes, thank goodness. But symptoms of Celiac were there all along. During the hospitalization, we spoke to the Dr. of what we suspected were food allergies. Post hospitalization for KD, was a trying time. My son was exhausted and weak. He experienced joint pain constantly, also wheezing and hives, which then became anaphylaxis X 2. The second time we met an amazing Dr. who believed us about the food allergies and pointed out to me that we may not receive diagnosis from the conventional medical system. However, she finally booked him to a GI specialist, which is turn was booked for 3 months later. In the meantime, my son had such bad abdomenal pain, that he stopped eating. I was desperate... so we tried gluten-free. He was feeling better within 3 days. In 3 months, we kept notes and presented them to the GI specialist. He agreed that I had diagnosed my son and that he indeed has Celiac Disease. Since then, we have remained dairy and gluten-free, but recently we went soy free. The hives and wheezing have stopped completely. Please post again if you are still on this forum...to let us know how your children are years later after a diagnosis of KD following with Celiac. Monica
  12. Hi Marlie and all, I find your daughter's history very interesting. My son was finally diagnosed with Celiac last year. He is now 12. He has had 3 fractures... femur at age 2, tibia/fibula at age 5, and toe last summer. Calcium is a huge requirement for Celiac's esp. children that have not completed growing their bones. Also, vit D. We see a Naturopath for vitamin supplements and direction, but my son's GI specialist told me that I could not give him too much calcium. My son was also wheezy... I avoided him being diagnosed for asthma as I did not want him to take puffers and steroids. Instead he was taking some homeopathy and using Respiractin as needed. But, a few months ago we realized that he was getting his hives from trace amounts of soy in Almond Breeze. We stopped all sources of soy in his diet.... and not only did all the hives stop, but he completely stopped wheezing. He has been wheezing for the last two years. Its amazing. No Doctor or even our Naturopath told us to stop soy. We had to figure it out ourselves. Take care, Monica
  13. Hi Alex, I hope your little girl is feeling better, but if not I think you need to ensure she sees a Pediatric Gastroenterologist. Bleeding could be indicative of something other than Celiac. She could have Ulcerative Colitis or something else (the root cause could be Celiac however). If it is Ulcerative Colitis it needs to be brought under control. I agree with others that have written to ensure she is gluten, dairy and possibily soy free for awhile. Good luck, Monica
  14. Searching For Gluten-Free Dried Beans

    Thanks guys... I'll see if I can order them up to Canada. Or maybe I'll have to take a trip to California. :-) We have been using Eden and washing them. I think we are be CC'ed still. Take care, Monica