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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Has anyone tried the Marie Morin Authentic Crème Brulee from Costco? Even though it doesn't contain any gluten containing ingredients, the company did state it is produced on equipment which also produces gluten containing products, but they stressed that they take measures to prevent cross contamination. Just wondering if anyone has tried it, and if so, did you have any reactions? Thanks
  2. I was diagnosed last Jan. with Celiac. Did really well with the diet until late Aug., and with the help of this forum, and a few wonderful people from here, found out I had salicylate sensitivity. Someone gave me a link to the site and I tried to follow the food guide for awhile, that is until Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm now trying to get back on track, but I need help! I still find myself with stomach cramping quit a bit after eating. Because of the restricted diet, I need a fiber supplement. I've been taking Metamucil because I know it's gluten-free, but is it salicylate free? If not, what is good to take? What about gluten-free bread? Is Rudy's multi-grain ok? If not, what gluten-free bread is ok? How about decaf coffee and tea (just plain, no sugar, etc.)? If not, what is ok to drink besides water? What do those of you who have Celiac and salicylate sensitivity eat for breakfast? Thank you all for your patience and willingness to help. It is greatly appreciated!
  3. Tmj?

    I hadn't thought of it before. I have both. Diagnosed with TMJ around 15 yrs. ago. Diagnosed in January with Celiac.
  4. I just found this thread. Thanks so much for the recipes. Can't wait to try some of them. I do have one question-What is montina flour? What flours, if any, can I use as a substitute? Thanks again!
  5. Distressing Poops.

    Or maybe the soy.
  6. Please Help!

    The Dr. seemed to know a lot about Celiac's and stated that many of his patients were on these supps. Assured me that they were gluten-free. I checked the ingredients list and didn't see anything that was suspect until just now. One of the supps. is Cape Aloe leaf (from South Africa), which after researching found that it is related to the American Aloe Vera plant. Unfortunately for me, I've already taken my a.m. dose. I'll just make sure to stay away from other moderate to high containg salicylate foods for the remainder of the day and see what happens. Again, I can't thank each one of you enough. Here I thought that I was finally getting the hang of this gluten-free thing, when yet another problem arises!
  7. Please Help!

    If this turns out to be my problem, is it most likely due to Leaky Gut? If so, will I be able to go back to eating these foods once my gut is healed? How long does that usually take? The Dr. has put me on supplements to help with the healing. Can I have gluten-free (Udi's or Rudi's) bread? I had been eating the new Udi's Millet and Chia bread, but looked at the ingredients, so assume that is out for awhile. Thanks for all the help.+
  8. Please Help!

    Thank you all. I will check into it.
  9. Please Help!

    No. The D didn't happen until yesterday afternoon. Went to the Dr. on Tues. I know it's not food poisoning or I would be continuously sick and have severe stomach pains. No stomach pains since early Sat. morning, and the D is sporadic so I know it's something I'm eating that's not agreeing with me. I just have to figure out what it is. Thanks.
  10. I really need help understanding what's going on. I've been gluten-free for about 8 months now. My DH disappeared and so did my stomach problems, except I've noticed that I can get a stomach ache when I eat too many tomatoe products, onions, or spicy foods-That is until early Saturday morning. I had horrible stomach pains and finally vomitted. The night before I had made stew beef with gluten-free progresso French onion soup. Also, I made a batch of gluten-free chocolate chip cookies from the BabyCakes recipe book. These cookies had a lot of coconut oil. What might have caused this reaction? Saw a new Dr. on Tues. who said that he thought I had Leaky Gut, and possibly mold or lymes disease. Bld. drawn for both of theses tests. Thank God for this sight because I had no idea what Leaky Gut was, and I'm still trying to learn. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Stomach had been ok until yesterday. Had D several times yesterday afternoon. The Dr. had told me to start taking a fiber supp., so I took one apple pectin tab. that morning. Also had half a cantaloupe with a few strawberries and blueberries. Fruit has never bothered me before. Could it be possible that I'm developing new food intolerance? If so, what else should I watch out for? Then this afternoon had D again (twice so far) after eating some pistachios (about 20 min. before D)and immediately while still drinking part of a Grapefruit Izzy, which is basically fruit juice and water. Which one would you think is likely to be the culprit? Please help. I'm feeling very discouraged. I've had to cut out so many foods, esp. since I'm also Insulin Resistant. The Dr. said to cut out all carbs. except high fiber ones (hard to do on a gluten-free diet) and sugar (bye bye chocolate), and increase protein. Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on these issues. It is greatly appreciated.
  11. I just purchased both cookbooks by "Babycakes". The ones I've tried so far are really good; however ingredients are expensive but worth it!
  12. I switched to Bare Escentuals. It was just easier than trying to figure out which brands/products were gluten-free. Most of their make-up is gluten free, and it works best for my skin. If you go to their website and look under FAQ's you can find a list of their gluten free products. Hope this helps.
  13. To begin with, foundation and powder is applied near the mouth, therefore, I use gluten free make-up. Also, all these products have a high probability of getting on our hands and fingers and as such we can easily transfer the gluten containing make-up into our mouths accidentally. On top of all that, many of us have the rash (DH) caused by gluten (which includes topically). Even after I went gluten-free with my diet, I still had this horrible, extremely itchy rash. As soon as I changed to gluten-free make-up, lotions, shampoo,soap, etc., the itchy rash went away. Now I make sure that everything I use (even externally) is gluten-free. Hope this helps.
  14. I used to be a Registered Nurse and I have only had the flu once- as a child. Due to my jobs, I had built up immunities, so never got sick as an adult (I'm now 50). Several years ago (pre-Celiac diagnosis) I went to work at a Health Department, which required that I get the flu vaccine. I didn't want it, but had no choice. I had always been taught that you could not get sick from a flu vaccine, but I did, and I know many others who have as well. I had a mild case of the flu for several days. The only way I would ever get one again is if my immunity system became compromised. But that's just me. If I were prone to getting the flu I would feel differently! I think it's a personal decision. If you are prone to these types of illnesses or have a compromised immunity system, I would highly consider getting one. If not, weigh the pros and cons.
  15. Mcalisters Deli

    You can find their gluten free options at: http://www.mcalistersdeli.com/pdf/Gluten_free_2011.pdf