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  1. Thanks for all the Welcomes
  2. I have the same problem, If I eat anything with wheat or gluten I wake up with night sweats, rapid heart beat and chest pains, my doctor said this is because of a massive allergic reaction to wheat. Since I have been on a gluten free diet the symptoms cleared up. I only eat chicken steak etc, veggies and fruit no processed foods.
  3. hello, I found this site looking for gluten problems. the doctor said I need to follow a gluten free diet. I am new to all this gluten free diet stuff for the past couple of years I have had severe gagging attacks, burning sensation on the left side of my upper stomach, and a rash on my feet the doctor said my vitamin D levels low. and that my liver is slightly swollen. after many many test he put me on a gluten free diet and the foot rash is clearing up and the gagging attacks have stoped, it's like I'm a whole new person. the doctor said he has never seen celiac and gluten symptoms of gagging. has anyone else suffered these symptoms with the gluten, the gluten free diet is a whole new life style. Thanks.