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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello I'm using my daughters new account. I'm tring to read the labels on the foods in the panty. Since she has just been diagnosised. The information on the web can be confusing. Is Yeast extract Gluten Free. I know that my packages of natural yeast say gluten free. However some of the foods ie Old Elpaso Taco say yeast extract. Thanks for the help.
  2. thanks for your comment on my forum thingy! haha :)

  3. hey girlie dont worry i understand your frustration on trying to find food why not bring a little snack in your purse your their to have fun with your friends dont let silly ol food get in your way well i hope this helps (: lots of love lizzie bee
  4. I think this site is very helpful and encouraging. I know few people with this as well, but my husband is very supportive. I have found that sticking to meat, fruits, and veggies diet is easier than avoiding bread....

  5. dear irishEd i understand how frustrated you are im 13 and i was diagnosed in the begining of the year with my heartt condition which is a major struggle im on medication 3 times a day (and have to take it at school which can be a hassle) ive missed so much school for it and on top of that i was in and out of the emergency room and hospital with chronic stomach pains at the begining of the month i was in the hospital for a week because of the pain and how bad it was but the docters kept insisting it was only a virus even when the tests for all the viruses came back negative i was so confused and scared when my mom brought up exploratory surgery because of my families long list of health issues they only denied it i was so frustrated on day 7 i was finally released yet still in pain about 2 weeks later i was in the emergency room because i had the same pain but worse it was so bad it woke me up from my slumber in tears and on the verge of screaming because it was so bad i was taken to the emergency room they did the cat scan and my insides came back inflamed the docter came in and said my symptoms sound like celiac confused i asked what that was and after he explained it to me it made perfect sense that night for dinner i had a lovely bowl of pasta he told me we couldnt do the test there so we had to go to a special lab my stomach docter told me he thought it was just me still suffering the after math of a bad virus but said he would do the celiac test any ways a couple of days later my mom got a phone call from the docter telling us that the blood work came back positive extatic to know what i had, had a name and wasnt just in my head but i was heart broken to know what i had would be such a struggle on the 28th of february im going in for my endoscopy for further testing im very very nervous and dont know what to expect but im glad their are other people like me i was afraid that i was alone and sadly at home i am but people like us need to stick together
  6. i actually took a blood test because of being sick and that came back positive for celiac and i joined because i dont know ANYONE with celiac disease and i was feeling alittle confused and alone because this is all new to me and my family no one in my family has it and my family revolves around food thats how we communicate and right know im just looking for support (:

  7. Hey I just noticed that we both signed up on the same day. Were you diagnosed with celiac? What moved you to join?

  8. Hematite Bracelet

    hello whenever i sleep with my hematite anklets on i actually have a very very hard time falling asleep it is probably beacause when you were them you become grounded and connected to the earth and it makes you unable to dream and go to your "happy place"
  9. Why Mcdonalds Sucks

    im so dissapointed not that i eat mcdonalds ever day but occasionally their fries are a nice treat and i thought they were gluten free i thought i would still be able to enjoy them
  10. hi, im 13..... and ive always been in and out of the emergency room with chronic stomache pain.... everyone blew me off saying it was just a virus but i new something more was going on.... a little while ago i spent a week in the hospital all the blood work came back negative for a virus....but the docters insisted it was jus a virus.... the pain was so bad i was on a mix of morphene and toradol at the same time... after that a week later i was in the emergency room at one in the morning for the exact same thing.... finally the docter insisted on me get tested for celiac disease and the blood work came back positive i was extatic to know what i had wasnt just in my head but i was heart broken to find out what i had was going to be such a stuggle im going to the hospital for an endoscopy and im really scared.... i would love to have some advice on anything because i dont know anyone with celiac disease and right now i feel like a freak