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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Just tried the Grainless Baker Baguette bread and also a King Aurthur Mix. Both are just perfect! I want to order more of the Grainless Bakers products. Can get them at www.grainlessbaker.com or from the Gluten Free Mall. Also excited about all the recipes I am finding. This is a great way to eat and although the taste is a bit different it is fresh and clean and you will soon feel better all over.
  2. Oxygen Levels And Dapsone And Dh

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Strange you should mention the nuts. Sometimes our bodies just know what they need. He used to eat unalted peanuts all the time as his Tv snack each night. But then with the runs we thought maybe to much fiber. Didn't know about the Celiac he had then so didn't connect the runs to that. So back to the grocery store for Mangos and nuts. He said the last Mango he can remember eating was in Hawaii back in the Vietnam days. Say do you know if there is any connection between Celiac and DH and Agent Orange? The VA is asking about all his ailments and we don't know about any connection on this. He has had the flu for the past week so he has not eaten and today is the first day. So it was rather a natural detox for him and we start all over today with the proper diet and all the wealth of wisdom I have gained thus far. He really respects you and all who are dealing with the DH and trusts what you say. If you can go without the Dapsone he say's then you must have the right path as it is an absolute horror and so painful the sores he got without this drug and knowledge how to stay sore free. To another great day of learning and today I am checking into the recipes section of this web site to make menu plans. At first when I started talking with you guys I felt overwhelmed and really guilty about my failings in the past to get him off the gluten. When we go to the VA next we are asking for all sorts of dermatologist appointment and neuro docs too. We think this needs to be checked out more in depth. If you ask you receive and if you seek you shall be find. So again thanks for all your help. I will let you know about the nuts and mangos for sure.
  3. Oxygen Levels And Dapsone And Dh

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have been busy learning and researching . Amazed all the places I was missing the gluten in my hsbands diet. Copied off the foodlist you posted and today I was able to find some of the products that are safe. Went to the bottled Cokes for him for now due to the cans and the iodine problem. Got special hot dogs but wow those were 6 dogs for 5.00. Won't be doing that much ! Okay so here is my outreach from the organic oils you recommended and Brians Peskin's protocol for oxygenating all the cells of the body. Picked up the oils at our Herb store and also saw a book about Oil Pulling Therapy. Have you ever tried that ? Also we own a Bed and Beakfast and a guest we had the past 2 nights suggested I look into www.drugfreehelp.com because they use this man for their health and MSG issues and they use the Coconut oil as well as baking soda water. I also picked up some Cellfood essential silica formula today as the Herb shop recommended it for the neuropathy. Have you ever tried the magnetic foot pads ? I wondered if they work or not. Keep it coming ~I am learning and absorbing all you guys tell me like a sponge . THANKS !!!
  4. Oxygen Levels And Dapsone And Dh

    Thank you very much ! I did replace the pans at the start of this and am careful not to cross contaminate. We have a special bread machine for just his bread. Since it is just the two of us it is not a problem really but I didn't want to use the old one due to the bread I used to make.I don't wear makeup but do use face creams. What ingredients should I look for if their are not listed as gluten? I do eat gluten things so will be sure to brush my teeth as you said. Gee I would never have thought of this. I just recently got gluten free soap and shampoo for him .Should I also use it? What about clothes detergent? Should I watch this too? We used to use potassium in our water softener. Don't do this anymore. But would this also be a problem? Knowing about the Prednisone is also excellent because it can give us the courage to let the Dapsone go. He has been so afraid he can't make it without the stuff. He is miserable when it flares. He gets the blisters now a bit on the every other day dose but we are hoping that when we get this totally right he can go longer and eventually be off it. So much to learn and I am so grateful for all you and this web site !
  5. Oxygen Levels And Dapsone And Dh

    Thanks ~ I would never have known about the iodine. We use sea salt . Is this okay? This makes sense because he has always said that when he eats seafood he feels sick and his stomach is upset. I never knew why? I got the lists I needed and found some areas that were slipping by us. He likes ice cream and I wondered which one you recommend. He also likes hot dogs and I always look for those that say they have no MSG. But on the lists they say " No hot dogs at all". We eat gluten free tortilla chips that have sea salt on them ~ again is sea salt okay? We will try cutting the Dapsone by half and ask the VA when we are there next time. I know he should get off the Dapsone and we are working hard on being super careful about the gluten. Again thanks for your help!
  6. My husband is on Dapsone for his skin condition. I have done the gluten free diet becasue he is Celiac for 5 years( helps his digestion greatly) and because the diet is supposed to clear up the DH. He has low oxygen levels which are effecting the nerves in his feet and legs and the doctor tells him to cut back on the Dapsone as this is taking his oxygen level down. But when he goes from one pill a day to every other day the DH comes back. Am I missing gluten someplace? Where can I get a list that tells me all the hiding places for Gluten? I read the labels but some of the stuff is unknown to me and I am not sure if it too is a gluten carrier. He really needs to cut back on the Dapsone and I need to get this diet right so his feet and leg pain decrease and his oxygen levels increase. Help me please.