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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. hi i hope everyone reads this there is hope if you have symptoms of anxiety, diarrhea, and other stomach pains. i felt just like u extreme anxiety but i also got pain and nothing worked. i went to an herbalist and she gave me intestinal soothe and builde it has all natural herbal supplements in it where it soothes the intestines and your stomach. it has helped me out so much i feel normal again. no diarrhea, anxiety, or stomach pains. please try it and i also find it helpful if i accidently eat gluten too.
  2. Stomach And Intestinal Spasms

    hi there thats great u found out it was cross contamination. i suffer from really bad intestinal cramps almost like someone is twisting them and the pain can last for hours. one thing that has literally kept me out of the hospital is natures sunshine intestinal soothe and build. please people if u suffer from diarrhea, pain and any other symptoms, try this. i accidently ate gluten one time and was in the hospital they wanted to take out my appendix because of the symptoms they were so similiar. but it was a gluten attack. nothing they gave me worked until i took a few of those pills and surely the next day i was fine.
  3. Thank you all for taking the time to reply it makes me feel better with a lot of support. I have good news..my stomach pain has went away ever since I started taking metumucil. It helps with my stools too! I'm much happier now. I noticed I have an extreme appetite now and craving for cheese..anyone else have this?
  4. hey there i never got tested i went to an herbalist and she told me i had it. U dont have to go through that terrible fasting test to find out. u can just get a meter and randomly test when you feel shaky and if its below 70 then you are hypo. thats how i know i am. trust me i used to get anxiety real bad and they tried to put me on antidepressants. im glad i found out what was causing it. dont give up just eat when u feel anxious and youll be fine=)
  5. 3 hours? thats awesome you are very blessed! that is my goal to go 3 hours without eating maybe in time...
  6. Hi there ur post makes a lot of sense, So since I eat rice as my carb and meat, what should I add for my fat? I try to add avacados but they get expensive. Since I have rice chex for breakfast should I add coconut milk as well? I also make fried rice but cant have eggs what should I add for fats?
  7. thank you ravenwoodglass, yes I eat a carb and protein at each meal but still find I have to eat every 1.5 hrs it sucks.
  8. hi Jud3 yes I find I cant exercise either I get real shakey around the 70s. Im surprised you can let it drop that low I get real anxious If I did. Do you carry a meter? Glucose tabs are good but I think you need to eat a carb and protein afterwards. I do eat the rice chex thats pretty good for the morning it gets me by for an hour and a half. I talked to my dr today and she said with gluten we all have malabsorption and because of that it makes our blood sugar worse. She said once we heal, we will have better blood sugar control! that was awesome news to hear very promising what do you think?
  9. Totally hard Im glad I found someone who can relate! Yes its hard for me too in the morning I have no appetite and have to force myself to eat. I also eat the rice chex, I get tired of eating plain rice and potatoes as my carb source how about u? Do you have to eat every 2 hours also?
  10. yes im trying to be patient i realize its still too soon but whats funny is it seems to be getting worse than better,I mean I never had the stomach pain until after I started the diet. And whats weird is I only have to go to the bathroom early in the morning like 3 times and the pain will start after I go, and Im in pain for 2 hours and then it goes away. I just hope theres nothing else going on. Did you lose weight after going gluten free?
  11. Id like to find out if there are other members who are hypoglycemic and gluten free as well? im finding it a struggle to eat every 1.5 hours and finding foods to eat while im limited. what snacks or foods do you eat? can you share meal plans? are there members who eat rice and potatoes or doing low carb? i feel overwhelmed and tired all the time any help i would appreciate!
  12. hi there thank you for your reply, I only eat rice and meat, or beans and meat. I pretty much cut everything out and I dont go out to eat anymore. I cut out all dairy,soy, and corn too! whats worse is I have hypoglycemia so I have to eat more often than others. How much longer before you think the pain will subside? Does pepto help the runs? I will try the peppermint tea that sounds good just something to take the pain away...
  13. Ive been gluten free for a month now and nothing has improved, I still have diarrhea and bad stomach cramps. It feels like my intestines are really inflamed. Please tell me is this normal? Did anyone else suffer from cramps and d? What can I do to soothe my stomach? I am open to all suggestions this is killing me...
  14. im just eating rice and meat like chicken or pork or beef. real plain foods. i do eat sweet potatoes and regular potatoes but those are my own two carb choices at the moment. im also going to cut out eggs i think i may be allergic. what supplements would u recommend to stop diarrhea?
  15. Hi everyone i have been on a gluten free diet for 2 weeks and havent noticed an improvement. Im tired of eating rice but am trying to be patient. In the meantime I have been going to the ER once a week due to dehydration. my heart rate is 150-170 and they give me fluids and send me home. I do drink 2 liters of gatarade every morning and some water but still end up in the hospital. I cant take immodium because I am allergic. I do drink soy milk and am planning on stopping it today. Can someone please help me on what I should take for the diahhrea? I was thinking metamucil but the dr says it will make it worse. I am desperate please help I want my life back. I am tired of the pain and weakness. I go out about 4 times early in the morning. Please help.