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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Constant "ribcage" Pain

    I would go see an osteopathic doctor as they are the same as an MD one, but have extra training to fix stuff like that!
  2. I was wondering if anyone knows if the food lion brand yogurt (the sugar free, non-fat, and light) yogurts are gluten free. By looking at the food label it seems like they are.
  3. Anyone know of any that are good? Not with much sugar and not a ton of calories?
  4. Are the 100 calorie packs gluten free?
  5. http://www.nooodle.com/index.cfm/act/What-is-NoOodle I have not tried it yet.....but looks good
  6. What do you think about these? I know they have stated that they cannot say they are gluten free, but they said they do not add gluten ingrediants? I have silent celiac disease and have no symptoms when consuming gluten.....
  7. I guess I am just wondering if anyone considered themeselves to have the disease with that being positive. The biopsy came back negative...but I know that can happen sometimes. I have not symptoms at all of the disease, but I keep developing other autoimmiune diseases and have read that if you continue to eat gluten and have celiac disease that happens sometimes.
  8. I was wonering how accurate the Gliadin Ab, IgA test is
  9. Does anyone know if any of the blue diamond almomnds are gluten-free? Including the flavored ones? I know the almond milk is, but not sure on the nuts.
  10. Anyone know of peanuts and almonds that are ok to eat....how about any of the flavored ones?
  11. Well I don't have symptoms, but tested positive 3 times with the blood test, but the biopsy was negative.....so I guess I was wondering if eating those products would cause other problems in the body
  12. I was wondering if any of you consume products that have all gluten free ingrediants, but then may contain traces of wheat, etc because of the equipment used?
  13. I was wondering if there is anything gluten free and soy free. If you know of a specific brand that would be great. Also gluten-free cereal or other food that has added fiber like fiber one
  14. My blood test said that I have celiac, but my biopsy said I did not. I was tested because I have Hashimotos and I guess a lot of time you get both if you have one of the diseases? But I have kept eating gluten for like 2 years since that test. I have never been able to sleep through the night..never. If I sleep 3 hrs in a row I am amazed and so I was just wondering if gluten could be a factor
  15. Because the biopsy said I was negative