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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The 100% Positive Thread

    I love this thread!! Two years after my diagnosis: I no longer pass out when I simply try to stand up. I am free from my migraines, neuropathy and heart palpatations. I have become an even better cook and eat healthier than I ever did before. My recent biopsy shows I now have a normal small intestine when my original showed Marsh 4 destruction!!
  2. Hi there, There is a really good cookbook that I've found which is all gluten and dairy free, called Cooking for Isaiah, by Silvana Nardone. It was written for her son who has dairy and gluten intolerance. I've tried tons of her recipes and they are yummy! Best Chocolate chip cookie recipe I've found so far also the best doughnuts I've had gluten free. Also, she has a blog if you do not want to buy the book, In Silvana's Kitchen.
  3. Gerd, Migraines And Daytime Drowsiness.

    I have used Apple Cider Vinegar for Gerd and it does work in a short period of time, but oh is it nasty going down!
  4. Severe Chronic Constipation

    Have you had all of your vitamin levels checked? Many vitamin deficiencies can cause constipation. I was severely constipated for several months when I had never had any issues before...in fact I always had the opposite issue. After checking my levels it turned out I was B12 deficient. Since starting treatment I am back to normal. Hope you find something that works. Constipation is miserable.
  5. Possible Hyperthyroid?

    Also, just saw in your post about your anxiety which can also be a symptom of low B12. I found myself panicking and having insomnia and had no clue of why. I had never been an anxious person before the low B12.
  6. Possible Hyperthyroid?

    Hi there! Has anyone checked your B12 level yet? Chest pain, palpatations,tachycardia, and peripheral neuropathy can all be symptoms of low B12. I was diagnosed with celiac disease two years ago and could not figure out why I was having all of these strange symptoms still. My endocrinologist was the first Dr to check B12 and sure enough that was the cause. Hope you find your answer soon!
  7. Restaurant Japan Town San Francisco?

    You might want to check out DOSA if you like Indian food. I ate there and they were very aware of gluten-free and CC. By the way, so jealous you are going to Pica Pica. I still have dreams of their maizewich!!
  8. Feeling Low

    Hi there, Sorry you are feeling low. One thing I wanted to mention is you may want to have your Dr. check all of your vitamin levels if you have not already. I was diagnosed two years ago and was doing great is at first then felt miserable again on and off for the past year. I had thought maybe I was getting accidently glutened or even worse maybe this was what my life was going to be like going forward. I finally went to my endocrinologist and had her run a full blood panel and we uncovered that I have a B12 deficiency. I am now being treated for that and most all of my symptoms are better. My symptoms were stomach pain, extreme fatigue, neuropathy, strange rashes on my legs, and tachycardia. I was also feeling anxious and depressed which was really unusual for me. So while it takes time for sure to heal and deal with everything with this diagnosis make sure you are not overlooking something else that may be causing some of your symptoms. Hope you start to feel better soon!
  9. Hi All, I am having to switch birth control as my current pill is too strong and has started to cause me to have tachycardia and insomnia. Since I am getting older my Dr. recommended I use a low dose pill and gave me some samples of Lo Loestrin Fe which he said most people do not have any side effects from. I spoke to the manufacturer and they told me that the product contains no gluten, however it is not certified gluten-free and they could not verify if there was any possiblity of cc. Is there anyone else taking this pill with success? Thanks for your help!! Hilary
  10. Gluten Free In The Bahamas

    Hi there! My husband and I went to the Bahamas last year and had a great trip. We stayed at Sandals and not Atlantis, however I have stayed at Atlantis before my diagnosis and we did actually visit Atlantis last year during our trip. I did eat at the sports bar while we were visiting and when I told them I had Celiac disease they sent the kitchen manager out. They definitely said they are very well trained on food intolerances and cc. I had a good experience just at their sports bar. We were actually planning on eating at Bobbie Flay's restaurant there, but it was not open at the time we were visiting. So that would be another option for you. I think if you call ahead and talk to the concierge they should be able to help you with coordinating everything so you are safe during your trip. I hope you have a great time! Atlantis is a really great resort to visit!
  11. Panicking About Cruise

    Wheww!!! Thanks so much for the response Michelle!
  12. Panicking About Cruise

    Oh wow, I am going on a overseas cruise myself in the fall and had no idea they would not allow you to bring your gluten-free snacks on the excursions. I understand not bringing fruit and things like that off the ship, but how dangerous is a packaged protein bar??
  13. Frustration To The Max

    Based on you feeling flu-like, other pains within your body and a positive ANA it sounds like my friend's symptoms with Lupus. I know it is more unusual for men to have it, but you may want to get a second opinion from another rheumatologist especially since your ANA test was positive.
  14. Frustration To The Max

    I have to say your post really speaks to where I am at myself right now. I was diagnosed almost two years ago and seemed to be improving gradually, but in the past few months my health has been in a downward spiral. It seems like I continually have an endless abyss of issues cropping up and I have no answers as to why. I understand how frustrating it is...especially since it sounds like you are like me and have tried to make sure you are in no way getting any possible trace of gluten. I do want to tell you please do not give up on finding an answer to your issues. I was reminded of this tonight after a long talk with my husband. To give you a little background, I was diagnosed with another condition back in 2005 that affected my autonomic nervous system and was very debilitating. The Dr's bascially compare the quality of life of living with this condition to someone with congestive heart failure. I remember how I felt that year...trying to get answers, being in and out of the hospital and being more exhausted than I thought was humanly possible. When I was handed the diagnosis I thought well at least that answers some of my questions, but I still knew something else was wrong. I didn't listen to my inner voice and instead just took what my Dr's said and tried to make the best of my new existance. Well, fast forward to 2010 and I get diagnosed with Celiac Disease which the Dr that diagnosed me said based on the almost non-existent villi I had been sick for many years. I still think if only ONE of the Dr's had thought to test me back in 2005 would my health be better now? My Dr's now think that my untreated Celiac disease is what caused the other condition. I know how easy it is to get frustrated and give up on finding answers...especially when you are not feeling well every day. As much as I hoped to not be in this position again I am back searching for more answers to my puzzle, but I know I don't have a choice. The alternative is not acceptable to me. It is your life and you deserve to not be in pain. I hope you find your answer soon!
  15. I had mine out in 2009..a year before I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. My GB issues were also due to low function (13%). I definitely think there is a connection between Celiac disease and GB issues. There are so many of us that have had issues with low functioning GB's. When I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease the damage they saw was Marsh score stage 4 so I am sure that having the disease untreated for so long had caused the littony of health issues I was having. Everything from the GB issues to Dysautonomia. Hope you get to feel better soon!!