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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Me too this forum has been a godsend, I am sure that is why I got diagnosed in the time frame I did That's a good theory on Vitamin D- hadn't thought of that but it makes sense
  2. Interesting...I never thought about splitting it into 15 to spread throughout the day. Thats a good thought I know the feeling of being tempted and cannot blame you...it's really hard knowing what all the symptons mean (am i on too much? is it too little?) it's such a bumpy ride to get it all figured out. Since you have a week, I would wait.... but is it possible for you to call BEFORE the appt? I've done that and they've upped my dose just based on what I told them... Graves and Hashi's at the same time would be tough, but it sounds like you are doing all the right things. Also keep tabs on your iron and vitamin D as they are crucial...I even take Zinc, B's and C...PLUS omega fatty acids...anything i can do that will help my body at this point, I'm doing! Sounds like you are doing the same thing...
  3. Can I ask you about when you time yours? I take my first does - 30 mg around 6 or 7 in the morning and haven't quite figured out when to take the next dose...I seem to crash around 1:30-3:30....I'm wondering if I need to take it as early as 11:30 am in order to prevent the crash...how soon does the next dose take to hit? Of course, this could be bc I am on too low of a dose, but still..man, the crashing is annoying! I would love to feel great all day!
  4. Oh this is interesting...thanks! Yes, she origionally wrote her recipes with the gum but then realized she was reacting badly to it and now says all her recipes react the same way without it.
  5. Good to know, Cass. I think you are right about the timing being critical. The doc said i would need to make that call but as you mentioned timing it around what sometimes is a late lunch made it tough on my second day I crashed b4 I had taken it so i'm still kinda sleepy. Next time I'll be more careful about when i grab lunch...
  6. Hi! I recently discovered I need to eliminate gluten and like many on here, used to pride myself on my baking skills. I am trying to look at the bright side and think that I can make this fun...hopefully I will eventually figure out how to convert my favorite recipe. I'm researching on here as much as I can before buying things as I understand they are all a bit pricey! A blog I read: Gluten Free Girl, mentioned she no longer uses xanthan gum and her recipes are just as good without it. It seems like most other recipes call for this ingredient however. Have any of you tried to not use it to see what happens? If its not really needed, it would be great to not have to buy such an expensive ingredient! Also - have you tried her recipes? Are they as good as they seem? Thank you!!
  7. Thanks Maile that is super helpful Just added in another dose of armour this afternoon. Is there anything I should look out for? What should hapeen vs. what shouldn't happen? I was on 30 mg and my doc told me to go ahead and add 30 more mg this afternoon.... I had not noticed much if any difference in the morning on 30 mg, but do notice that I "crash" in the afternoon. Hopefully the extra dose will help?
  8. I have gluten intolerance and hashis. Just started on armour and hoping it will help. I sincerely hope that I will live a normal healthy life with all this. There are so many horror stories floating around I have to realy focus on the positive ones. I am hoping that now that i understand what tests to run and what to watch for and what not to eat, I'll feel better. I am also feeling very isolated and upset lately. My best friends are being a bit judgemental bc they dont understand what is going on. Its hard for people to understand if they cant SEE what is wrong you know? But its hard when people you expect to support you during your lows, turn their backs a bit.
  9. Update - I've also stumbled upon another good board: low carb friends thyroid group (via google). Someone under the user name of nonstickpam something or other seems to be full of good advice. Worth browsing....
  10. Hi! CASS - lol no stress? I wish! yes, stress is an inevitable part of life. but the crash diet didnt apply to me is all i meant. My primary tried to put me on antidepressants as well but i knew that wasn't the cause so I declined. My new doc told me synthroid, since it's pure T4 and my T4 is "ok but not great" would have caused me more harm. T4 is the "pre-hormon"...he broke it down like this for me: T4 is what comes out of the gland, the prehormone, the "grenade" with a pin in it so to speak....it is then either converted to the active hormone known as T3 or RT3....T3 is good, RT3 is a prob.....mine is clearly turning into RT3 as my levels are abnormally high. That means, I have the grenade, but when my body pulls the pin to utilize it, nothing happens....I'm a grenade with no powder as he says. Armour has T4 and T3 ...he discussed the possibility of putting me on T3 (cytomel) with synthroid if the armour ratio isnt good for me so we are testing it out. i am VERY leary of synthroid so am going to push for straight T3 if it comes to that. i learned a lot from these threads, mary shannons about.com website, and "stop the thryoid madness" (havent gotten the book but read the website. I think one of those websites is how i found my doc. EAT MEAT - i am not an expert as this is all new to me as well, but from what I gather it IS possible for the goiter to go down. You have the antibodies for hashis, that means you should be treated before they cause further damage to you...untreated it can lead to cancer, or a dead thyroid not to mention that they could trigger other autoimmune responses. find a doc that will treat you and not wait for you to get "bad enough to treat". Dont trust a doc who is only going by TSH bc that shows only a very small part of the pic as far as autoimmune thyroid diseases go
  11. Cass - Ask for a FERRATIN test...not even really iron levels (although hey, why not check those too?) but i but i believe it is a better indicator (according to my doc)....vit D is also really important to have at a good level and should be included in that test as well. Basically/iron levels can prevent your thyroid from working effectively. I was borderline anemic and so am now popping iron and vit d (was super low there too) supplements to help support everything for good measure i am also taking an antioxidant supplement with selenium and taking vitamin C and B vitamins (some of these are combo pills so they aren't all seperate)
  12. Well I was able to speak to my doc who went over my lab results (thankfully via phone so I did not have to take another day off of work!) and he confirmed my suspicions that my thyroid is not working properly....he compared it to having a grenade but with no powder, ha! or he said it was like my foot was on the gas but i have the parking break on. He put me on armour immediately, I took my first dose today. Its a TINY dose just to see how I react - i hear it can be difficult to get the dosing right. hopefully between that and cutting out gluten i am on my way. he said my T4s are in the low end of good and if I were to be put on something like synthroid i would most likely feel WORSE. Cass - yes, from what I understand RT3 are linked to stress, crash diets are one stress but it can be anything else as well. my doc seems concerned with finding out what is causing my body to stress out so much (crash diets aren't the cause for me)...he is even investigating my "gut flora" to ensure everything is in balance, i'm going with it. He is happy i am going gluten free and said if i am "lucky" that will have been the "stress" on my body this whole time. again, amazing how hashi's and gluten are linked. Apparently there is a ratio to look for between your RT3 and FT3 (I dont know how to calculate it....they look for somewhere bt 8-10 and I am a 2...so i have a ways to go. The inflammation - yes! That gets to me. Some nights i can almost feel my thryoid swelling and i get a sore throat and when i ran one night it was VERY difficult to breathe. I am now avoiding some foods that can cause inflammation just in the meantime (like pb, thank god for almond butter). I found an antioxidant vitamin that has 200 mcg of selenium so i am hoping that helps as well.. i hope it works for you! On another note, my dizziness/lightheadedness/foggyness are definitely decreasing since going gluten free...i hope this continues...
  13. I had suspected my thryoid for over a year but all the docs told me it was fine, I had graves in the past so assumed it was that but finally begged that they test me for Hashis, came back positive and antibodies have gotten higher since. I'm now gluten-free (only a week) and just start Armour today. I finally found a doc that takes it seriously and wants to help. His #1 advice, whether celiac or not, is to cut out gluten as it seems to trigger antibodies for hashis. I agree with the others suggestions about the about.com website and stop the thyroid madness - good stuff!
  14. Hi! I just went gluten-free after doing the biopsy on this past wednesday. My symptoms had been getting worse while I was Glutening Up for the test and some newer ones appeared: tdizziness, fogginess, concentration probs with vision (eyes feel like they jump around a bit and have a hard time focusing), ringing in the ears happens more frequently...I also have hashi's which I am also trying to get treated so I'm unsure if this can all be blamed one thing or another.... How long do the symptons north of the neck last after going gluten-free? I guess I assumed that after going gluten-free I would feel an immediate difference (w/in 24 hours). Can someone tell me if this is normal? Thanks!
  15. Thanks MsCurious! I will definitely keep you posted. Please be sure to let us know how it goes for you. I am sure you are looking forward to the biopsy being over with. CassP seems really on top of the thyroid stuff so do be sure to post what you find out about that. I'm sure you have gathered as much by being on this board, but be sure to get your actual results so you can interpret them yourself as well as your doc. I am hopeful that they can do SOMETHING for me as far as thyroid. I wish my doc would get back to me soon, I would really like to know what all this means! Again, I'll let you know. All I know is I feel terrible - if going gluten-free can help even some, seems like a small price to pay!