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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm Pregnant

    Hi, so we've been married 6 months, 3 months ago I went off gluten, to see if my iron levels, ME related symptoms and a few other niggles would get sorted out. The first two months were hellish, but this last month I've felt amazing! My iron levels are up and I'm generally pain free. We have not been trying to fall pregnant, and have been using condoms, and I honestly did not expect my body to be fertile and the celiac, owing to years on the pill (until about 5 months ago), but as things have it, I am pregnant. It was weird how it worked, as my nutrionist had subscribed Adreset (for adrenal fatigue) along with other pills,but the Adreset, said do not take if you are pregnant. And for some reason, I just felt that I shouldn't take it. Three days later, when I still didn't feel like I should take it, I thought I'd better do a pregnancy test, as this feeling is weird and could be nothing. Guess it wasn't nothing, but a little something growing in me, that I wanted to protect. Any advise from other celiac pregnant ladies?
  2. Gluten Withdrawal?

    Hi Molly, my worst withdrawal symptoms seemed to last 6 weeks, and now I'm doing loads better. A turning point for me was that I took some time off work two weeks ago, as I really wasn't coping. Got a book called Wheat Free, Worry Free, The Art of Happy, Healthy, Gluten Free Living that I read through. I visited some health shops and just spent some time 'loving' myself. Watching movies, working in my garden and just thinking and praying. It really helped me come to grips with the lifestyle change and what was going on in my body. I think what happens with most of us, is that we find out we have to cut out gluten for whatever reason, and sort of have to make an overnight change, as life doesn't stop to allow us to catch up. And a few weeks later, you start wondering; "what just happened, why am I gluten free?" And it is a big adjustment,and we are allowed to mourn, get angry and upset about it, but not for too long. I found that even though there were some real symptoms I was battling with, I was also allowing a lot of self pity, which I needed to deal with. My pain level and exhaustion was also quite bad, which didn't help the moods. So after my leave, I realized I need to take things easier, and cut down on my busy schedule. That helped a lot to for not only my exhaustion, but my state of mind. So Molly, you will be okay, it is going to take a few months for our brains to rewire themselves and be happy with the gluten free life and for your body to heal, but it will all be worth it. If you are really struggling, ask your doctor/nutritionist or health shop for something herbal and gluten free that will help ease you through this process. For me it was anti-inflammatories and herbal pills to help me sleep. All the best!
  3. Gluten Withdrawal?

    Hi, I've been gluten free for 2 months, and what you are describing is something that affected me for about 5 weeks. I was told its peripheral neuropathy. Some days my body would feel bruised, and it'd hurt when my husband touched me, or if I put my legs together while lying on my side. I only got really bad a few times, while typing it would feel like I was actually hitting my fingers against a hard surface or at times like I was touching a hot plate, when the surface was in actual fact fine. The good news is that it has gotten a lot better! And the great news is that as your body heals, and you start absorbing nutrients these strange aches and pains will start going away as well. The bad news is, that you will probably experience a few gluten withdrawal symptoms over the next couple of weeks. Depression, anger, irritability, insomnia and general aches and pains. So don't feel like there is something wrong with you while it is happening. Think of it, like if an alcoholic stopped drinking alcohol, they go through withdrawals, now gluten is toxin to your body, but it does still make your brain happy, like drugs or cigarettes would, so now when you cut it off, you're brain is going to freak out and your body is going to go through a healing process. Try rest alot in the time ahead. Be vigilant regarding your diet, that you aren't getting gluten in, which will make the process longer and leave you feeling sick. And like suggested by another member, make sure you are getting the right supplements in. All the best to you! This journey is going to definitely be worth it!
  4. Thank you for all the advise. Yes, the supplements are for pro-biotics, omega 3 and a bunch of other stuff. It's been really hard to even find some who knows how to treat Celiac disease were we live (small town outside Cape Town, South Africa). We have been given a bread machine, which will help, as a loaf of gluten free bread is 8 times more expensive than ordinary bread. We also have a fantastic organic vegetable garden which feeds us a lot, and next year will hopefully produce some fruit as well. The beans is a great idea. I've not got much experience in cooking vegetarian dishes, but have started experimenting. My mom in law is a vegetarian and her dishes are amazing, so have asked her for some of her favourite recipes. The chat with my husband didn't go to badly, he basically said we'll make it work, that I'm worth it. Lovely man!! Thanks again to all for all the advise and support! xxx
  5. I was about to post a topic on how the cost of this is overwhelming me, when I saw this post. I've just come back from the Nutritionist. One stool test later at the cost of more than a tenth of our combined salaries, as well as the high price of the consultations. I'm now been told to go on all sorts of gut healing medication and supplements. This after a day out shopping for gluten free products to stock our cupboards with. We honestly can't afford it, we are just making it every month, we don't have spare money for medical bills, we can't even afford to go watch movies or buy new clothes. I don't know what to do! I'm too scared and sad to tell my husband what this is going to cost us for the next few months as they want to put me on progressive treatment. This feels really unfair! And my poor husband, 5 months into marriage, he finds out his wife is going to either cost him a whole lot of money or be sickly forever.
  6. Does Celiac Cause Lack Of Sleep?

    Ha ha. I read your post outloud to my husband, we had good laugh, as that was my pattern to. Although along with the apathy I've had a bit of denial as well. Am sleeping loads better thankfully and have found some great resources: reading Wheat-Free, Worry Free, a book about living a gluten free life, and its been super helpful and have also found a health shop that is run by a woman with Celiac Disease. Yay for these wonderful small mercies!
  7. I Can't Do This

    Hi Newbie, sorry to hear about your frustrations and desire to live like this isn't happening to you. I have not read all the other replies, so it's quite likely this has been mentioned to you, but the health risks in not cutting out gluten are intense and unnecessary. Besides some of the smaller aches and pains that will come from a compromised immune system, there are some biggies like: gastrointestinal lymphoma (cancer). It's at least 40 times more common in untreated celiacs than in the general population. Research shows that the mortality rate for celiacs who continue to eaten gluten is twice that of the general population. I urge you to reconsider whether you want to sit with osteoporosis, dementia, anemia, headaches, miscarriage and canker sores to mention just a few for the rest of your life. Yes the diet is hard to grasp and be excited about in the beginning. Trust me, I've had my share of ups and downs these last 6 weeks about it, honestly they've been more downs. But I want to give my husband a healthy wife, I want to be able to raise healthy children one day and I don't want to have some of the conditions I currently have. You are going to need to sacrifice, to change your life and to educate those around you, but it will be worth it! Don't let this overwhelm you to the point where you choose to live oblivious of it. You can do this, and you can do it well!
  8. Hi, I just want to know if anybody is aware of their being any health risks involved with somebody who is not gluten intolerant or who doesn not have celiac, choosing to go gluten free? My husband has in the last year cut down on his wheat, sugar, caffeine and alcohol intake in an attempt to be super healthy before we have a baby, so he's health and nutrition is rather good, but since I've been gluten free, he wants to make things easier for me, and go gluten free as well. Would there be any risks involved with him going gluten free? Would he go through the same withdrawal symptoms and have the same negative affects if he was to eat gluten after being free from it?
  9. I never thought about it, till yesterday, when my husband was eating pasta and I reached in for kiss, and he said, no wait, till I've wiped my lips clear. He has thankfully this morning, when I was in huge tears about all this, declared that we need to chuck away everything in the house that contains gluten. I love the man!! And I've found a health shop that only stocks gluten free food (the woman who owns it is Celiac), so we are slowly going to restock our pantries, and then won't need to be careful when or how we kiss, as my husband won't often be getting gluten in!
  10. Friends & Food

    Hi all, Thanks for your support and advise! So what I've just done took a lot of guts, but I emailed a bunch of my friends and people I work with and explained word for word what was going on with me and what Celiac Disease meant. I hope it makes things easier into the future. I don't expect understanding from strangers or new friends, but from old friends and family, I really need support and understanding. So hoping the email makes sense to them. I also had to write it, as I'm struggling to want to be around people at the moment, and am wanting to 'run and hide' to a place where this isn't happening to me. So now that I've been honest with my friends, maybe I will be calmer about managing and coping around them in social gatherings. So here's hoping for easier times!
  11. Friends & Food

    he he - yeah exactly! Thankfully my husband understands, so I'm not 'in this' alone and he was really cool about it all last night. That helped.
  12. We were invited for supper last night, to a friend who has been very aware of my last 6 week journey with gluten, so I thought she'd be fine with regards to what to cook, as she went dairy and wheat free while breastfeeding her baby. I arrive to see that she's made spaghetti bolognese, a beautiful looking loaf of bread, small green salad and cake for dessert. Then you just feel silly. Saying sorry I can't eat that. People honestly think it's just a phase, or a picky diet. Sad & frustrating!
  13. Not Feeling Well Today...

    Hi Hon, I've been really scarse on here... mainly because I don't feel like I have any advise at the moment. I'm in a "I don't care" kind of phase at the moment, not about being gluten free, just about life! So even going online is hard work. Shocking hey?! Sorry you aren't doing well. I'm not doing much better myself, although I am excited, I've found a nutritionalist who works in conjunction with a homeopathic doctor, and I'm going to their practice on the 4th of April. I've started filling in her very long and extensive form. It's been rather helpful actually and interesting to get my file from my gp. I've realized though, the more that I've gotten into my gluten free diet, that I'm actually still getting quite a bit of gluten in, in things I haven't been checking. So getting some professional advise on my diet is going to be super helpful. We have an 18 year old whose been living on the street since coming out of the orphanage (6 months ago) staying with us for a couple of months. So I've had to really get creative with my cooking. Yesterday I made myself gluten free pizza bases and them ordinary, but didn't think of changing the sheets that I baked them on. And the other day I made spaghetti bolognese, made myself rice noodles and them ordinary pasta, but checked the pasta the way I normally do, by biting into it to check if it's cooked. So much still to change. It'll be easier when it's just my husband and I, cause he'll eat the same as me, but it's a bit expensive buying gluten free products for three people, and this boy has enough to now get used to, without his diet being 'weird'. We normally eat very healthily, lots of vegetarian, raw food and fish, but have had to 'relax' a bit with a youngster around. Anyway, I'm carrying on with not much point. Basically, just keep at it. Keep learning, keep changing what needs to change, keep trying... it's going to get easier and easier. And eventually it'll be normal for you (and for me). Enjoy the massage! Trusting your work schedule and money matters sort themselves out soon, so that you can priorities rest and your personal well being. xxx