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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Is There An App For That?

    Thank you so much for the responses!!! I was just thinking how cool it would be to just be able to scan the upc to see if it was gluten free...... Maybe someday in the near future.....
  2. I was in Safeway today grocery shopping and noticed they have color coded a lot of items that are gluten free!!! I was so excited, because I was actually able to buy items that I didn't realize were gluten free!! But it made me wonder...... since there APPS out there for the smart phones for almost everything..... Does anyone know if there is an APP out there to assist with selecting gluten free foods?
  3. Help Me, Please

    Hi~~~~~ I am so sorry you are not feeling well...me too My Dr put me on Lomotil which is a stronger prescription dose of Imodium for the D and Phenergran pills for the nausea. They really help. You may want to request RX for these meds. Hope you feel better soon!!
  4. Bleeding And Abdominal Pain

    Thank you for your responses!!!
  5. Hi all~~~~ I was diagnosed a few weeks ago with ulcerated colitis and celiac disease. I have been gluten free for 9 days. They started me on Asacol 3 days ago and I have been having abdominal and intestinal pain since I started the gluten free diet. I started bleeding yesterday. Has anyone else had these symptoms from starting gluten free or starting Asacol?
  6. Is the price of Asacol utilizing insurance? I think I need to get a second job just to afford my meds and gluten free foods!!! lol Are there any foods you need to stay away from due to the UC?
  7. Since my surgeries, I have 8-10 bouts of D on a good day... bed and bathroom ridden on bad days
  8. Thank you for your post..... They wanted to put me on steroids but said it would put more weight on. I have already ballooned with all of this so they decide to try the Asacol and see if it will do the job
  9. Thank you so much for posting!!!! It helps to know someone else has gone through this and that there is an end to tunnel!!!
  10. Does This Annoy You?

    I went to Outback tonight and asked for the Gluten free menu, ordered from it and was in the bathroom within 15 minutes after eating and in severe pain now (4 hrs later) I don't know if there was cross contamination or what but I am very hesitant to go back.
  11. Just diagnosed with Ulcerated Colitis and Celiac, Diverticulitis and IBS. I was using extra strength tylenol during the am and darvocet at night or when the pain was really bad. They recently pulled Darvocet off of the market so am using extra strength tylenol as much as possible and Dr. gave me Ultram today. What has worked best with others for pain? Thanks in advance!!!
  12. Just got back from John Hopkins and received the formal diagnosis of Celiac and Ulcerated Colitis, diverticulitis, IBS and severe infection in stomach and intestines. They stated that they need to address the Ulcerated Colitis first with Asacol...... has anyone else been on this? They have me taking 800 mg 3 times a day for 4 months. They suggested the gluten free diet and stated that once the ulcerated colitis is under control, then they will deal with the infections. I am really bummed and really could use some support. Good news was the DR. is going to write a letter to my insurance company(Blue Cross Blue Shield) to insist that they cover the cost of me seeing a dietician since it isn't just one diagnosis. So hopefully they can help me figure out what I can and can not eat. I guess I am just feeling very overwhelmed right now and need assurance that it will get better. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired!!
  13. My pic is my 27 year old daughter, my 71 year old mom and myself on my 50th Birthday last month

  14. Hi all~~~~~~ I am newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease (I actually go back to John Hopkin's next Wednesday to start new antibiotics, RX's and attain info on celiac disease) One of my many current dilemas is that I am a Social Worker working with Foster Children, which means I am on the road constantly and work extremely long hours.... (14 hour days at work are not unusual) Does anyone have a list of restaurants that offer gluten free menus? Or suggestions on how to go gluten free while on the road? Thanks in advance!!! Any and all advice is welcome and extremely appreciated!! WitchyWoman
  15. y Thank you so much for the response!! It has been very frustrating over the years. It actually all started with my ovaries cystizing and rupturing in 1997...... They did emergency surgery and while I was in the local hospital I attained MRSA (what a gift!! LOL) and it set into my gut. The MRSA basically ate my intestines up form the outside in, causing the severe diverticulits. After months of IV antibiotics and numerous pain meds and three subsequent abdominal surgeries removing the sigmoid, transverse and transending colon (total of 5 abdominal surgeries from the breast bone down over a three year period..... ) The Dr's basically said you are going to just have to live with this... "D" ten times a day on a good day, bedridden on bad days, severe abdominal pain and too many RX to mention. I took myself off of a lot of the meds and stopped eating raw vegtables, corn, popcorn, seeds, anything fried or hard to digest.... ect out of my diet and it helped...... but not enough, so I finally requested to see a big city hospital doctor LOL at John Hopkins. I only have a few inches of intestines left and I know, if I don't get whatever is going on under control, I will end up on a bag and I am willing to do anything to avoid that. I go back up to John Hopkins on March 10th and they are supposed to start me on antibiotics and new RX's. With removing the above foods and then the gluten foods.... LOL it sounds like it leaves me with meats and expensive gluten free foods. I am hoping the Dr. will write a letter to my insurance company (I thought Blue Cross Blue Shield was a good insurance company LOL... they only cover seeing a dietician if you are diabetic)) to request a special exemption so that I can see a dietician, which would allieviate a lot of my concerns. So fingers crossed that the insurance company realizes that it is much cheaper $2000 to send me to a dietician that the $100,000's it will cost if I have to undergo surgery again. Thank you so much for your advice!! I am open to any suggestions... I am just feeling a little overwhelmed at this point and I know it sounds strange but I am glad to finally have the Celiac diagnosis so that I can really fight back and my Dr's finally realize it was real pain.... Thanks again!!!