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  1. Whew! This is embarrassing, too. I'm 44, male, look very healthy ... but ... before going gluten free last November 2010, my poop stunk like a dead animal or worse if you can imagine that. My relatives begged me to poop somewhere else. One time I went to a supermarket, to use their restroom. A bunch of teenagers walked in and cried, "Smell like poop here!" "What do you think people do here?" said one of the dudes. Anyway, I can't say it now smells like perfume, but my 16 year old daughter recently remarked, "Dad's poop smells normal now." I'm afraid to eat out at restaurants, not knowing what they might put in the food. When I accidentally eat something I'm not supposed to, I seem to get a rash. It's indeed a challenge but well worth it to go gluten free. I haven't been diagnosed but as long as undesirable symptoms disappear, it pays to avoid gluten.