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  1. Ennis_TX, ha ha yes children with cookies are terrifying! So messy😜Keep pushing through with your gluten free baking endevours! I'm sure something will work out! At the very least you are blessing those who eat your creations as decent gluten-free products are rare...especially homemade at that!
  2. I'm going through the same thing! It's quite a challenge and pretty discouraging. Perhaps you'll find a bit of comfort knowing you're not the only one 😊 Best of luck to you! Stay strong.
  3. I'm so glad to have seen this! Going to the grocery store has become a huge issue for me. I always leave with a swollen belly and tight chest/lungs. I always end up going when they have freshly baked bread all around grrrr. Whenever I am near others who are eating anything with gluten I get extremely nervous. I've had to step away from a culinary career simply because being near the stuff makes me sick. Best of luck to you! I understand 🙂
  4. I found a probiotic about a year ago that has been such a lifesaver as nothing else was working for me. You can get it on amazon if you are interested (prescript assist is the name). Lots of water and stress management (think yoga or meditation). Hope you start feeling better!
  5. I am also low in vitamin d...after researching it a bit more I realized not only how important it truly is, but also how having an autoimmune condition can impact how you absorb it. I have been taking liquid vitamin d drops under my tongue. Purchased on amazon if you are interested. I also read how tanning beds are a great way to get in your daily fill. I don't have the time/finances to go to a salon that often but it's something to keep in mind...after all it's the closest thing to the real deal ...though nothing can beat sunshine. I haven't tried this either but read that vitamin d should always be taken with magesium...apparently it helps you absorb it more easily...? Good luck to you. Be well!
  6. Ennis_TX, I'm sorry you're battling crazy allergies as well! I've never thought about the bags at the grocery store...yikes! Corn is also one of my 60+ allergens ha ha. I will certainly let you know if I find some sort of solution. My doctor said to move to the moon...umm not very helpful. If I can ever afford to live off the grid and grow my own food I will be one happy gal!
  7. Thank you 😊I'm at a total loss. Such a weird yet debilitating issue. My last hope is to trust and pray all of this away. Why not right?!
  8. Ok guys...I have Celiac. I can deal with that...and know how now. Now I have a new issue....ALLERGIES. I'm allergic to all of the major food allergens, and avoid them like the plague. I eat paleo which has remedied that problem...though it's not always convenient. Now I'm also allergic to everything else you can possibly have a reaction to...dust, mold, trees, pets, on and on and on. I met with an allergist thinking I developed an additional autoimmune condition...come to find out I am literally allergic to everything. My responses to these allergens consist of fatigue, inflammation, weight gain, difficulty breathing, headaches, digestion problems etc. He has me getting allergy shots two times a week. I feel worse than before and am at a loss. Now I'm on three antihistamine meds and they don't do squat! Has anyone else dealt with this issue? If so what did you do? Do allergy shots work for you? I'm contemplating acupuncture and the gaps diet again...also scaling back at work and school just to get my health back on track. Any thoughts are so appreciated. I'm tired of feeling terrible all of the time. Being told by my doc that I'm allergic to Colorado is disheartening...and being told I need allergy shots for three years is freaking me out. 😭 XO
  9. Thanks Gemini! its good to know that I may be on the right track! Thank you for your advice and kind words. I've lived in a Colorado forever...so that could play a part in all of if this. I still can't get over how badly I responded, but hopefully this means I'm on the right track. I'be tried researching the subject in regards to Celiac as well, but haven't had much luck. Starting injections next week and will keep everyone updated if I find success...though I know it will be a process. Thank you again!
  10. I have Celiac, and am also allergic to wheat. Before I knew this my throat did close up and it was very dangerous. I have an epi pen now, but am still very careful. It's important to go see your doc juts in case
  11. Ok guys I need some advice! I have Celiac and have avoided gluten like the plague. It's been years and I still feel terrible all of the time. I decided to see an immunologist and had extensive testing done. I was just certain they would have found something...but never did...thyroid is good and apparently I have no other illnesses, but I was really hoping to have a more official name for what I'm going through. They did a skin prick allergy test on my back for 60 allergens from foods, to mold, to pollen, pet hair, to grass...and the list goes on and on. I'm terribly allergic to every one! In fact they said I'm basically allergic to Colorado and should live in a bubble but can't. My doc seems to think this is why my gut is a mess, I keep gaining weight, and feel like crap everyday. Can this be? I avoid the foods that came up anyways, and don't struggle with any type of seasonal allergy. I'm so confused. I'm supposed to start getting injections two times a week, and was told over time this will make my immune system stronger and healthier. However, after all of this testing I blew up like a ballon and had to stay home from work today. I can't go through this each week ... Not sure if this is allowed but I have a picture of how my back reacted and it shows what I'm dealing with here. Oh...and should add I am prescribed to take antihistamines heavily each day. Not sure if that's a good thing for my body or not... Thank you!
  12. Thank you Christina and kareng! I actually teach yoga which is awesome, but I have so many classes to teach each week at two different locations. I'm so glad to know it's not just me! Seriously considering dropping the job I like the least, and focusing on decreasing my stress. Being overly busy is stressful enough, but adding other dynamics makes it almost too much right now. I can't keep living with feeling like this everyday. Thanks so much!💜
  13. Oh I haven't been checked for antibodies for years...I've been gluten free for a long time. Even my hairspray is gluten free! I'm sooo careful but feel like crap still. I finally found an immunologist who actually understands autoimmunity and I'm confident he'll be able to figure some things out. I have an appointment with him next week. Pretty sure he is checking antibodies as well...he took 24 vials of blood. I'm in an intensive one year massage therapy program...so I can't scale back on that unfortunately. I just have constant stomach aches, sore throats, fatigue, body aches, etc. my gut is literally telling me to slow it down... People don't understand when I tell them what's going on ugh. Thank you so much for listening and your kind advice!
  14. Hello Friends, Hoping to get some advice from people who understand what I'm dealing with. I have Celiac, and am also in the process of getting tested to see if there is anything else going on autoimmune wise. I'm back in school, and have two part time jobs on the side. I'm tired and stressed, and feel like the busier I get the worse I feel. I want to step away from one of my jobs, but feel like people don't understand or think I'm lazy. Have you ever had to adjust your schedule/slow things down due to your disease? Is there anything you can recommended to help me through this crazy busy time? And finally, what would you do if you were me?? Thank you! 😊
  15. Hi guys. Thanks for responding. Quick update that may help others...I've been taking holy basil supplements and getting regular acupuncture. It's helped quite a bit actually. I'm still anxious but at least this has helped some of my scary symptoms...such as chest pain/tight lungs