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  1. Loads Better!

    Amazing. I am headed in that direction too but i was really sick and it is taking a while. =)
  2. Hey guys, I have been off gluten for almost 6 months. Things are going good and i am getting healthier. I am having a few ups and downs still so i figured i would throw out a few questions. 1. Did anybody else deal with fat malabsorption? And does that cause night blindness? Maybe there is another reason for it to do with vitamins or something but i swear i don't like driving at night because my vision is not what it should be without the light. 2. Does anybody that eats raw nuts/seeds have luck with trader joes brand? I eat their sunflower seeds and walnuts regularly but the brazil nuts and others say they are produced in a facility that handles wheat? 3. Finally, how did those that have fructose malabsorption deal with those issues? What were your symptoms? -Joe
  3. I know its hard, but you may want to look into some mental/emotional issues as well. Are you getting anything out of being ill? It's not an easy path but there are a lot of good books out there. I had gluten issues and H. pylori as well, but i also found out that i had a lot of mental/emotional issues to deal with. These are common with food allergies and include perfectionism, sensitivity to criticism, guilt, shame, taking yourself too seriously, stuff like that. Really dig deep and be honest with yourself if any of that rings true for you
  4. Thanks guys, No its not soy or cross contamination because everything is whole foods usually. I am not currently eating any grains either. I think it has something to do with my digestive capacity right now. What do you guys think about this whole "don't eat protein and starches together" thing? I ate a big meal last night for dinner but instead of eating it all in one sitting i split it up into two portions and ate it with about 45 minutes in between and the symptoms didn't come up. It's like my body can only handle so much food in any one sitting. And i think dinner is the meal it usually happens because my system has been working hard all day digesting the rest of my food.
  5. Quick question guys, I have been off gluten for about 5 months now. I have been pretty low carb for these past few months. I have slowly added back in a little more carbs in the past month. Ironically, i have had more energy than the past 5 months. However, i have noticed that when i eat a heavy dinner, usually with heavy carbs/meats/fats and overeat a bit sometimes my left foot starts to get some neuropathy. I am not sure what this means. It could also happen in my hand. But it always deals with overeating near dinnertime.
  6. Ah no, i have only been off of gluten for 5 months. I was sick for 3 years before i found out about it. =)
  7. I have the same problem Greenling. I have had issues for the past 3 years with adrenal stuff. One thing i have learned is that you will overdo it sometimes. I have two things that i have learned. 1. Listen to your body and don't try to force it 2. When in doubt, always do a little less rather than a little more.
  8. I'm talking about people who are already gluten intolerant. Their bread wheat itself is different. And no, you cant isolate one thing from the other because it is a combined effect. All of those things you are mentioning are stresses on the body. Lack of exercise, nutrition, sun, processed food, all stress.
  9. Yea Goof, that is basically what i'm saying. There is a big relationship to anxiety/fear/stress and digestive disorders. One theory i have that implements both sides of this is that it's almost a negative feedback loop. The gluten in part causes a lot of the anxiety/stress/neurological symptoms that most of us missed for years. This in turn, leads to a screwy digestive system. I don't think it was any one way for everybody. We are all unique. I haven't done much research but i know that in a lot of countries celiac/gluten intolerance is WAY less common. Bottom line, I think that gluten intolerance is genetic but that the way we live in America, the lifestyle, the stress, the high expectations is bringing it out more and more. I have also heard that most of the wheat we eat here is genetically modified and not anywhere near how regular wheat is supposed to be. I have heard of "gluten-intolerance" people who go to Europe and can eat their bread relatively symptom free. We are stress-freaks in America
  10. ok, you guys are right. There is no such thing as "false beliefs." However, certain beliefs can be very damaging to our systems. Just to clarify, this was not a thread to call anybody out or to argue i was just curious about which people had identified these kind of issues in themselves. I just think that with all these posts on how to heal physically, there is almost no talk about the emotional side or mental side of all this.
  11. Hey all, I'm glad this turned into an interesting topic. I will clarify a few things. I am definitely not saying that everyone on here has these sort of tendencies/false beliefs that cause gluten intolerance. I think there is a ton of factors at play and everyone is different. I do think though, there is an emotional side to everything. Have you guys heard of a book called "Deadly Emotions"? When people have false beliefs or unrealistically high expectations of themselves and feel like they need approval and be accepted by everyone this puts an ENORMOUS strain on the adrenals/immune system. We can all agree on that right? So in my case for instance, I have had those beliefs since childhood but i also drank heavily for 5 years, overtrained in the gym, picked up an H. pylori infection, etc. So for me, all of these things played a role. Obviously people with the genetics for gluten-intolerance need to be off of gluten. Period. But for me, there is a big emotional component too that needed to be addressed. Korwyn, i definitely appreciate that it does go both ways. If i am having a good day and eat things that agree with me i will generally be a lot more with it and less anxious. However, that doesn't change my beliefs it just makes the rest of my body stronger. I am saying if some of us can get rid of these false beliefs, work on not having to be perfect, living our OWN life, etc, that the social anxiety and other stuff like that will not be as bad, and thus, take stress off of our systems. A lot of people have repressed or stuffed emotions that can be damaging as well. If we don't express what we feel than those feelings sit in there. I wonder how many people on here have a hard time expressing themselves. If anybody knows anything about chakras the throat chakra deals with expression and speaking your own truth and it deals with the thyroid. I am kind of ranting at this point, but in my case, i feel like i have taken care of the physical side of things. My body is healing from the gluten damage but in order to facilitate healing and really speed things up I am going to look into this mind/body connection. It is more powerful than a lot of us give it credit. -Joe
  12. Has anybody ever wondered why there seems to be more women on this forum than men? I have been doing a lot of mental/emotional work lately and one of the big causes of food intolerances are a sensitivity to criticism. I am not saying that gluten intolerance is not a genetic thing because i believe that it is. But i am also willing to bet that most people on here have had issues with stress in their lives including anxiety and a need to be perfect in other peoples eyes as well as their own. By having these beliefs you cause a lot of fear and stress in the system which exacerbates these types of intolerances. By working on these issues we can take a lot of stress off of the immune system. I would be curious who on the board would be willing to admit to having perfectionistic tendencies and a need for approval and/or low self-esteem? Just figured i would change up the pace a bit. -Joe
  13. Raw veggies can be hard on the system man. And that is a lot of fruit which can potentially feed some bacterial overgrowth if you have it. I would recommend some testing to check out your G.I health. There are GI pathogen screens that use stool testing and also test the immune system in your gut. I ran a test and found an h. pylori infection i had to deal with.
  14. I know a lot of people are carbohydrate intolerant when they come off gluten. This is probably due to a faulty digestive mechanism. I was wondering if anybody here had these same issues not being able to handle many carbs that eventually got better as they healed. -Joe
  15. T.H. thats really inspiring. How sick were you before you cut out gluten and how long did it take you for your symptoms to resolve? -Joe