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  1. Sorry I did not see your post sooner! I agree it is a condition and you do have to be strict with yourself. Since I have been here I am noticing Philippines does not have strict laws about listing gluten in foods here so it is some trial and error for me. Bk
  2. Thanks. I wonder if there is anyone else here in Philippines. B
  3. Hi Brenda, Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I live in the Philippines but since Celiac disease is not very well known here, eating gluten free is tough. Stick to rice of course, vegetables. Restaurants in the Philippines are usually not aware of gluten issues. The only thing I try is the french fries in fast food places which are not usually a problem, unless they have some kind of coating. One can never be sure with those however if the oil has also been used to fry chicken. Most soy sauce here has gluten so avoid that. I've yet to find gluten free soy sauce here. B
  4. I live in Philippines now and have celiac. Is your site active? I'm noticing some problematic links there. B
  5. Well, better late than never. I have celiac and live in Philippines. B