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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I read the posts and am so glad for all of the information I have found. Now, I need your help. I had multiple back surgeries a few years ago and once i recovered, I never quite felt right. After a lot of research and self diagnosis, I have found that I have the following: dairy intolerance(2009), gluten, soy, tuna fish intolerance(2010), nuts, eggs, beans intolerance,(2011). Along with this, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia in 1989, so no sugar and my carbs are supposed to be below 120 a day. Since going gluten free, my major symptoms have pretty much passed, so I shouldn't complain, but I still don't feel quite right. I am going to see a GI next week, but in the mean time, I know my carbs are too high and I am having the hardest time "filling up" without eating too many. This could be one of my problems...I used to eat a lot of lean meats, egg whites and nuts. Now, I feel like I am living on apples, bananas, potatoes, rice, lettuce,other veggies and chicken/salmon. I'm not even supposed to eat bananas, potatoes, carrots, etc because of the carb/sugar content, and I have to cook chicken or salmon to get protein and honestly am so sick of them, I could cry. I have experimented baking with different flours, but again, the calorie and carb contents are high. Does anyone have an alternative? Low carb flours or another protein source that fits with all my intolerances?? I used to be really lean, in the last 6 months my body fat has gone up 5%, I am sick all the time and feel lethargic half the time. I am really at a loss. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. La Pedes