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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi all, I've just conducted a search on this and didn't find much; thanks in advance for your knowledge. After conducting a massive paper-shredding campaign last evening, I woke up with my typical "accidentally glutened" reaction this morning. I've reviewed everything I could have possibly ingested (at least intentionally) yesterday and it was all was gluten-free. My question: Does paper contain gluten -- and if so, could I have been contaminated from all the dust floating around (and/or from the dust on my hands)? I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter -- though if paper shredding is a potential hazard, I'll be sure to leave that job to someone else in the future! :-) Cheers, Jane
  2. Hi everyone - I'm wondering if anyone has had a bad experience with Pacific Natural Foods - specifically, their chicken broth? The broth is prominently labeled "gluten free," but we all know what that's worth. Still, I've wanted to trust it - but the last two times I've made something with the broth (homemade risotto; homemade beef stew), I've reacted almost immediately. My instinct was to blame something else first, but every ingredient I used EXCEPT the broth was fresh and whole. I just read the label and it lists "organic chicken flavor" and "natural chicken flavor," which I suspect may be the culprit(s). Then again, maybe I'm nuts. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks! Janerie
  3. I've been taking New Chapter Every Woman's One Daily for a few weeks, on an empty stomach, with no adverse effects. I think I ordered them from Amazon, but a health food store or co-op near you may even carry these (or something similar): http://www.healthfoodemporium.com/new-chapter/every-woman-one-daily.html I'm finishing up my generic-brand bottles of Vitamin D, B-12 and calcium now, and will replace all of those with whole-food alternatives as well, if they exist (I still need to research that). :-)
  4. Wow - so much to think about, but thanks for all the useful information! I really have tried to avoid most processed food since going gluten-free, but I certainly haven't eliminated 100% of them. And my household isn't gluten-free; my partner's good about eating gluten-free most of the time, but he still keeps his own bread, cereal, etc. in the house. We just finally started using separate butter, but I bet I've been getting CC'd from simple things like that. And we do eat out a lot. I know right away when I've been glutened at a high level - my borborygmi (sp?) kicks in within 10 minutes - but it makes a lot of sense that I could be reacting to even small amounts of CC. And while I always ask for the gluten-free menu, and/or ask wait staff to check with the kitchen before I order, I guess I really can't trust the options or the answers. BTW, my level when I was first tested was around 120. Six months after going gluten-free, it's 90. But, I guess practice makes perfect, right? :-) Thanks again for all the suggestions . . . I still have a lot of work to do!
  5. Hi CO_ol: I recently heard a dietician recommend a whole-food multivitamin (not in relation to celiac; it was during a marathon nutrition class) for the very reasons you mention: Many of the commercial brands include yucky things beyond gluten that cause negative reactions. I always used to take One-A-Day, and they always upset my stomach. I've now switched to a gluten-free whole-food vitamin, and can take it on an empty stomach with no side effects, :-)
  6. Hi all - This is my first forum post, though I've been reading almost every day since being diagnosed via biopsy 6 months ago. I can't tell you how invaluable your insights have been! At any rate, my question is this: I just recently had my 6-month follow-up. Since going gluten-free, I've felt SO much better . . . but my antibody levels still came back really high. In fact, they're almost as high as they were before I was scoped. Has this happened to anyone else? Still being new to this, I'm sure I'm tripping up on some ingredients and getting accidentally glutened, but I'm really surprised by those results, especially considering how much better I feel. Could it be possible this is a cosmetic/shampoo/personal product issue? Man, what pain . . .