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  1. Hi, Right now I'm having an awful outbreak of canker sores, probably 20 -30 under my tongue My husband is a dentist and he wrote me a prescription for Lidex/orabase cream 0.5. It works wonders. First it numbs the area and makes the outbreaks bearable and it helps to heal them a little faster. Talk to your dentist or doctor and have them write you a prescription to keep on hand for those miserable outbreaks. PS I think my outbreak started because I was using Advil?! GOOD LUCK!
  2. I'm a newly diagnosed celiac and am in the process of checking all of my medications. I have been on Juice Plus vitamins and called the manufacturer because the label lists "Juice powder and pulp from...barley bran, oat bran... The comapny told me that there vitamins are Gluten free. Can they really be if they have the ingredients listed? SO CONFUSED!!!!
  3. Hi, I have been recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease by blood test only. I am in the process of trying to find a good gastrointerologist who specializes in celiacs disease for further diagnosis. I live in the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California. Can anyone help? THANK YOU!!! Dottie