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  1. Thanks for the reply - my mom is taking calcium and D and walking on a treadmill for exercise. Hope she improves as well.
  2. I recently helped diagnose my Mom with gluten intolerance - she visited and went gluten free at my house since my whole family is gluten free. Well, her stomach issues disappeared and the arthritis in her hands immediately began improving. That was really all the validation we needed. Since then my Mom has stayed gluten free and continued to feel better. She is 72 and has pretty bad osteoporosis. Her bone density scans are really bad and the docs want her to go on some really strong medicine -she was on boniva and they want to put her on forteo. The boniva didn't do anything and the forteo looks like the side effects are pretty severe. For now she is opting to skip the medication and just go gluten free to see if her bone density improves naturally. She is taking vitamins / supplements to aid in this. My question is, does anyone know of someone with osteoporosis going gluten free and their bone density improving without medication? I think what my concern is, at the age of 72 is this really reversible without medication? Just looking for some anecdotes where this occurred to make me more optimistic about this approach. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for info. Her stomach is slowly improving but still in pain. We'll try the Pepto and pineapple (after she forgives me for getting her to take the enzyme).
  4. Hi all. I'm new to the forums here. My wife was recently confirmed with gluten intolerance (based on results from Enterolab) and I have been researching what vitamins and supplements are beneficial for healing the gut / intestines (in addition to a gluten-free/CF diet). As a result, my wife began taking a digestive eznyme supplement (Digest Gold from Enzymedica - defintiely gluten-free) and about 2 days after starting the enzymes she began having severe abdominal pain. She temporarily stopped taking the enzyme as the pain was too extreme. Has anyone encountered this side effect when initially taking enzymes? I did some research and read that this may be short term and could be due to the body getting acclimated to the enzymes. Also read that the body may be going through a form of detox as toxins are being flushed out. Any experiences / information that anyone has related to this would be really helpful. Thanks.