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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. oops, it has been a while since I posted Both my daughter and I have been on a gluten-free diet for over 2 years now and feel so much better. Maybe those jack @$$&$ should actually talk to someone with the "over reactions" and get facts from the right sources. I know some docs are great, mine is ignorant as well as these people. Sorry to rant, but I am so tired of people thinking that I am over reacting. I am sure they would all over react if something they ate made their toilet water bloody! Christi
  2. My sister in law (to be) came across this article and I thought you all would like to take a peek! Care 11 TVhttp://www.kare11.com/health/health_article.aspx?storyid=105897 Hope I did this right Christi
  3. Brown Sugar

    I just put it in a tupperware type container and it should last at least 6 months. I use the better kind, not the disposable. but tupperware, rubbermade and the like should do fine. I live in MN and we are a humidity haven. its either hot and humid or blow 20! Ha Ha Christi
  4. I know this is not cereal but what about hard boiled eggs (peel em for the kids) and yogurt. I know the stuff in the packets (like go gurt) works great even in the car. I am a cereal fanatic and I cant stand all the sugar in pebbles so I alternate or do a small bowl and an egg. also, gluten-free ready to eat bacon takes like 10 seconds in the microwave. also fruit pieces already cut for the kids, you can keep apples and stuff that browns in a little water with lemon juice. Think outside the box, baby carrots can be breakfast food too, some how we all started thinking that there are speciffic breakfast foods (most all carbohydrate foods) and that they must be eaten in the AM and that lunch and dinner foods are to be eaten in the PM HOpe this helps! Christi
  5. Hi all, I am new to using gluten-free flours and have been expermenting with mostly rice flour. I have a corn sensitivity too and am having some weird results when I try to bake. I have been using this recipe for flour: 5 C. rice flour 1 c. potato starch 1/2 c. tapioca starch 1 C. Millet flour 2 T . xantham gum I have made pizza crust and rhubarb bars with this and is good. The problem I am having is when I make something like muffins or cookies with this I have this gritty taste that just ruins it for me. Also muffins and cakes are really crumbly. otherwise I get good results like good color and fluffy muffins. I am new to gluten-free baking (was going without and feeling sorry for myself) and wondering what I can do to improve the texture of baked goods. Seems like if it is crust(not the main flavor of the item) it seems find and I don't notice the gritty. I do purchase the first three ingredients at an Asian market to cut down the costs, (also is there a differance between sweet rice flour and glutenous rice flour, I always stay away from anything that says gluten on it cuz gluten scares me ). I like to add the millet flour to make it heartier and improve the color of the finished product. I would like to try quinoa flour but am having a hard time finding flour, only whole grain. also, which bean flours are better tasting and what is yam flour good for? I am sorry for so many questions but I am trying to figure all these things out. My family is tired of going without because of me. Thanks for any help you can give! Christi
  6. oh and Laura, If you are like me and think you need an official diagnosis to prove you are not insane and this is all in your head, here is your official diagnosis. positive celiac disease!!!! ok, so it may be your favorite music celiac disease, celiac's disease, or Christi's dementia, You decide Christi
  7. I, like you, have a nin-com-poop for a doctor. YOU and only YOU know your body and what you need for it. If you can shop for another doctor do it, if you can't, go to your appointment and leave knowing you know more than someone who spent way too much money on their college education! If it makes you feel better, treat yourself as if you a celiac, diagnosis or not (thats what I do ). I am finally starting to feel better now that I don't live and breathe what the doc says. That doc does not have to live with your body, you do, so you do what you need to to be healthy! Christi
  8. Questions For Corn Allergic

    I have not been feeling right for a while and thought it was corn syrup or corn oil that has done it. I was taking a vitamin last night and looked at the label and it said gluten as the last ingredient. I can't believe I missed it and am now thinking that it must have been the vitamins. I am going to play it safe for a little while and not eat anything that may offend my for the next week or so and then try it again. I did read a Hershey's wrapper today and thank God, No corn syrup! Thanks for your help Christi P.S. Kate, I am sorry about the no corn syrup, that is tough because I think everything in my cupboards contain it. Do you just eat plain fruits and veggies and meats then? Do you eat out at all? I am fairly new to this and seems like every day that there is something else that I can't eat and it is terribly overwhelming. It's just so great to know I am not the only person who can't eat something unless I prepare it. This is such a great place. Thanks for your help
  9. Asian Markets

    THank you all for replying. I was leary but bought anyway. I found a rice vermicelli there and ate it for the first time last night, I could not tell the differance from regular spaghetti once i rinsed it (I found you have to rinse rice noodles). The potato starch I got was 79cents for 10oz. And it is right next to where my kids go to Tae Kwon Do so I am near it 4 times a week! Thanks again Christi
  10. Must be the differances in state compliances. Icould not imagine washing all the dishes a restraunt generates by hand!!!! I have only worked in Minnesota and North Dakota restraunts, the laws were the same in both states. That is interesting, I have always wondered which way of doing dishes is best. I will stick with my dishwasher, easier! It does help having worked in a few rest. in the area because I know lots of the management and they are more willing to help out someone they know as far as special preparations. This will probably change down the road but for now, while I am learning, it is good!
  11. Cheating...interested How Many Of You Do

    I cheated once and regretted it for 2 weeks after. In fact a couple of months later I still have some undesireable side affects. I will NEVER cheat again, not even out of curiosity. I have definately learned my lesson, I did vote no because have not since and will Never again, I am tired of feeling like poo! Christi
  12. I have found potato starch, rice flour and tapioca starch at a local asian market. The price of the flours and starches are like pennies on the dollar compared to the health food stores and even the health food section of my grocery stores. Are these foods safe for the celiac. I only buy items that are written in english and are single ingredient. Would appreciate any comments you may have. Thanks Christi
  13. I think I may also be corn sensitive because eating sweet corn and corn tortillas make the perculator belly in me. I have been staying away from corn starch when labeled as this but is modified food starch corn? also just about anything has corn syrup in it so I am wondering if this is should also be removed from my diet. I am finding less and less "normal" things to eat and is very frustrating. I appriciate any help in finding things like BBQ sauce and condiment and CANDY that is safe for me to eat. I stay away from all gluten and corn now and not sure about soy. Thanks for your help Christi
  14. I have worked in many restaraunts and they all had automatic dishwashers that they changed the water in after 20 or so loads. they work differantly than your standard home dishwasher but they work on pretty much the same principles. As for washing by hand, we were not allowed to because the temperature of the water had to be hot enough to kill bacteria and you could not touch the water at those temps. The FDA would not allow hand washing. Everything had to be dishwasher safe. As for my dishwasher, it has a garbage disposal in it and chops the food material super fine. When my dishes are extra dirty I get grit on my dishes and have to wash them again. This is my question, wouldn't some of that grit be gluten since my household is not gluten-free, only me. and since there is some grit that is visible there of course would be residue that is not visible but from what I have read could still be potentially hazadouz to the celiac. OR am I just obsessing way too much and just live my life without over analizing everything, just being careful (anyone ever notice that analizing has the word anal in it ) I'm sorry for being so weird, just trying to figure how to feel better and not getting all the way there yet. I am also a little overwhelmed and still "grieving" my favorite gluten laden things. Christi