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  1. Both me and my husband were recently diagnosed Celiac and have both been gluten free for about a month now. My husband developed neuropathy in his feet about 20 years ago. He was a landscaper and on his feet 10-12 hours a day and had chronic burning in his feet. In 2000, he developed an ulcer on his big toe and 2nd toe which would not heal. In 2008, when infection set in and doctors recommended amputation of both toes. Recently, he developed an ulcer on his big toe and 2nd toe on his other foot and it looks like possible amputation of those 2 toes as well. At least he has a sense of humor and refers to himself as Keith "8-toes" and even said he may have to change his name to "6-toes". And he can walk just fine without the missing toes and is not terribly upset and having the other toes removed. He has had several test for diabetes and glucose tolerance test, all test are negative for diabetes. My question is this: Have any celiacs had similar issues with their feet(i have read that neuropathy can be a side affect of celiac)?? Could the ulcers on his feet be a side effect of years of undiagnosed celiac?? Could celiac have contributed to his feet ulcers developing or not healing??
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    Thank you mushroom.
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    I need to add somethings to previous post. I have also been having some on and off again symptoms of IBS these last few weeks as well. I'm thinking maybe I should do the basics of meat, veggies and fruits only and learn to live with that. I do take probiotics, a multi-vitamin mineral and calcium+magnesium supplements (all gluten-free). I also had many more aliments than previously stated such as tingling/numbness in extremities, slight vertigo, memory issues, the infamous 'fibro-fog',shooting pains in various places throughout my body including my face and ears. My ankles had been swollen the better part of two years prior to going gluten-free. No one, including this wonderful treasure trove of info. called the internet ever linked it to Celiac's until now. Right before discovering what it REALLY was that was wrong with me, I was to the point of being nauseated/nauseous for three or more weeks then I began vomiting each time I ate. This led to more tears and more praying out to God. Also, I'd like to add, never have had issues with depression, etc., which some thought I did due to my CFS, however, these last few weeks I've been very weepy and I do not know why, not normal for me!! But then again it seems I'm going through a growing process in all of this with my Spirituality... being very aware of how judgmental I can be, where before I thought(mistakenly) I was not. Being very aware of how irritable I've been these last few weeks, not feeling guilty but getting weepy over it as it is not normal for me to be like this on a regualar basis and not knowing what to do about it! I came across a song another user posted called "Courage Is"...it is a most beautiful song, moved me to tears as it reverberated things I've had in my mind for many years and tried to live by-I've lost my way somewhat, I think, as a result of my my body being so very sickly, my mental attitude has changed or had, but hearing this song and looking up the lyrics has helped me to put some things back into perspective today, ty Kurzemiete. Here are the lyrics: Take all my vicious words And turn them into something good Take all my preconceptions And let the truth be understood Take all my prized possessions Leave only what I need Take all my pieces of doubt And let me be what's underneath Courage is when you're afraid, But you keep on moving anyway Courage is when you're in pain, But you keep on living anyway We all have excuses why Living in fear something in us dies Like a bird with broken wings It's not how high he flies, But the song he sings Courage is when you're afraid, But you keep on moving anyway Courage is when you're in pain, But you keep on living anyway You keep on living anyway It's not how many times you've been knocked down It's how many times you get back up Courage is when you've lost your way, But you find your strength anyway Courage is when you're afraid Courage is when it all seems grey Courage is when you make a change, And you keep on living anyway You keep on moving anyway You keep on giving anyway You keep on loving anyway. PS..Forgive me my husband for you have been the recipient of some of what I've written today. The words in this song that I've put in bold are for you Keith.
  4. Hi All, I've been gluten-free since Feb.13 of this year. I've 'had' a variety of illnesses until then, everything from IBS(irritable bowel syndrome), OBS(overactive bladder syndrome),CFS(chronic fatigue syndrome),acid reflux (to the point of very little enamel being left on most of my front teeth, headaches(severe)for over 30 yrs., fibromyalgia(most painful), swollen ankles. Nothing except being gluten-free has taken all of this away..with the exception of CFS and headaches. The headaches I am hoping will subside overtime being gluten-free and most days I can handle them as I've grow accustomed to them-mind you I do take up to 6-9 excedrin's a day. Up until almost two weeks ago, I was pretty much symptom free of anything except the headaches-I lay here typing with fairly severe chronic fatigue. I wake as was in the past yawning, sluggish, usually within 5 mins. of waking I'm finding myself back in bed. Not able to get myself out of the door for work. I just remembered something, I do have shoulder aching., something I had from time to time with the fibro.(more severe then though), most days I have it now.. down in the joints. Anyway, I could ramble on forever as I am sure most of us could, ...I am looking for anyone with similar stories, mostly successful ones I would like as my husband has noted I am irritable now as before I guess I was not? lol..dont know. I do know I am having a hard time staying positive, before going gluten-free I could see the 'light' so to speak but now........idk, maybe I'm expecting too much too soon out of my body. I am having to nap throughout the day in order to function as well as 'push' myself into doing most things on most days-something that had stopped completly until 2 weeks back. Also, I cannot seem to fall asleep until 2-3ish most nights despite laying head on pillows, eyes fluttering in want of sleep and seemingly feeling head-exhaustion. IF I try to push through the day and not nap I am absolutely NO good for doing anything, I must nap in order to function!... !HELP! I am aware it can take a yr. to 2 for healing and that gluten-free IS for life! PS...side-note, my mother has gone gluten-free as well and swelling (severe fluid retention) she had in her ankles has completely subsided. She says she has energy she has not had in decades, she is 67. As a newborn she was sensitive to everything except 'soy'...she almost died as an infant as a result of these sensitivities. PSS..TY honey for insisting I 'blog-in'!! *kiss*
  5. To this my love....we've come a long, long way together, our love continues to flourish....from our 'kindred spirits' to our 'celiac spirits' we will be. I love u!