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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Forgot to mention meds like Imodium do not help although my dr told me to just use it multiple time a day. Potatoes dont bother me
  2. Hi all. I'm looking for some advice. I have been diagnosed with celiac for over a year now. Going gluten free has helped my constipation and nausea but now I have issues with diarrhea, urgency. I am very strict about gluten although I once had it unknowingly and my only symptom was the constipation which was a welcome change. It seems now if I eat fruit or vegetables I get the 'D' the next day and worse urgency. Recently I had a colonoscopy to rule out crohns/colitis which runs in my family but I haven't heard anything so I am assuming that was normal. I'm stuck being told it ibs but I'm wondering if it could be fructose malabsorption? Anyone have this after celiac diagnoses? On the other hand it seems to occur with all fruits not just high fructose ones so I'm confused.
  3. Have you looked into other food intolerances such as dairy? Corn? Etc.
  4. I realize this thread is old but I was wondering if you found out what was wrong with your child? My 2 year old has the same symptoms and high igg
  5. Hi all Just wanted to let everyone know there has been an alert put out against Healthy Times brand Brown Rice Cereal for Baby. It has unclaimed gluten in it!!! Here is the link if you are curious http://www.inspection.gc.ca/english/corpaffr/recarapp/2011/20110712e.shtml
  6. Thanks for the fast replies!! I've been trying to figure out if maybe there are other intolerances but have now gotten to the point were everytime I eat solid food I get nauseous, abdo pains. It doesn't seem to matter what it is, even plain white rice!! I've only been having liquids today but still have symptoms plus a headache from hunger. I called my gi yesterday who still hasn't got back to me. I doubt he will be much help considering he still maintains my biggest problem is ibs and that I need to eat fiber, (even though I already told him fiber/residue foods make me worse). As for the contamination, I'm still in a highly glutened environment but have given up the battle and just make sure I wash my hands often and make my own food.
  7. I've been gluten free for almost 3 months but am still sicker than ever. After previously posting on here, I got many responses saying I was probably being contaminated by gluten. This seemed very likely given my situation but I just found out my ttg levels have dropped to normal range. They are 14 and <20 is normal. Can you have normal ttg with contamination???
  8. Haha. It's worth a try!! Ive talked to him everyday about this issue and even still he stood in the kitchen eating a sandwich spilling crumbs on the counter and floor. Then didn't wash his hands and opened the fridge, the bottle of pop and the baby gate. Then today he made a pizza and the leftovers have been sitting on the counter for 3 hrs with crumbs in the oven, stove top, counter. I'm too tired of it to keep cleaning up after him. I really feel like I have lost this battle. I might just have to give up because it's ruining our marriage. I nag, he gets mad at me nagging, I say I wouldn't have to nag if he would learn, we both get so frustrated. Then he gets mad because im too sick to go out anywhere. Sorry, just venting I guess. It really upsets me, I remember 2 months ago when I was diagnosed he said he would go gluten free with me. I'm seriously getting to a point where I want to give up this diet. I have been very cautious what I eat and am sicker than ever. My house is completely contaminated anyway.
  9. I'm in the same situation. I don't have any advice but wanted to offer you support. I feel the same as you do and will post if I figure anything out. The people on here are so supportive, so post your questions and feel safe to vent!! A few things I have learned from here are 1) cross contamination is a huge issue and should be the first thing considered 2) give your body time to heal, some people feel better in a matter days, others months, others it takes a year or two 3) figure out if you have Other food intolerances, (corn, dairy, eggs, msg, aspartame, cane sugar, food coloring, etc) 4) advocate for yourself and don't worry what the dr thinks of you 5) ibs is nOt a real diagnoses but what the dr tells you when they can't figure out what's wrong
  10. Oh wow. Taking dairy away will be hard if she can't have cheese or yogurt. That's all she really eats. Are there any yogurts substitutes? I've seen tofu cheese I could try for her, ( used it as a treat for my dog who is allergic to dairy, all grains and common proteins sources) Is their casein in human milk?
  11. What Can I Use In Place Of Beano?

    Hi, I have no advice but want to let you know I'm in a similar situation..... I'm 32 and just diagnosed with celiac. I also have ibs, hypoglycemia.....along with other things. I really wonder if they are all related too!! They must be. I also really question the ibs diagnoses. The drs are missing something.
  12. I have actually just started limiting both of our dairy a bit to see if it helps both of us. she still eats yogurt and cheddar which i here should be okay, and lactose free milk on cereal. And since she has to go for allergy testing for penicillin, (got hives last week), I convinced the dr to do food allergies too!!! YEAH!! SMALL VICTORY!! Im happy to hear things worked out for you!! I agree, how could i not be anxious watching my little girl suffering everyday I think part of her sleep problem may be personality too but there is definitely a pain aspect. Im sorry you are going through this too..... my daughter tries to hold it in too which only makes it so much worse. she has started hating baths, (previously her favorite), because it makes her go. My sweetie has a hard time with many things too. loud noises, clothes, brushing hair, etc...all makes her upset. I have considered something called Sensory Integration Disorder for all that but maybe its a common sympton of celiac in children????? I dont know..Please let me know how the biopsy goes. Best Wishes! Drs can be so rude, ( I know first hand as I am a nurse), They told me for 18 years my problem was in my head and turned out to be celiac so Im going to get to the bottom of her issues no matter what they call me!!
  13. My daughter is now 30 months but has been having difficulty since birth. She was born with a distended abdomen and it's never gone away. She had very loose stools for the first 6 months and "colic". Then she switched to constipation and now has to take laxatives everyday. Her constipation gets so bad she bleeds when she goes and has completely stopped using the potty from the trauma. She also has great difficulty sleeping,( waking every hour, crying in her sleep,etc.) Complains of a sore abdomen and feet?, holds her head, (?headache) is hyperactive, very sensitive/fussy, and still doesn't ear much. For 2 yrs the family dr focused on the sleeping and eating issues, telling me I had to force her, let her cry it out, and that she was manipulating me. Lol!!! I don't believe any of these things!!! Finally last month she referred us to a pediatrician. ( in the referral she even wrote that "mom has anxious" and won't do behavior modification. Basically belittling my instincts!! Anyway, when he found out I had celiac. He agreed to screen her. Her antigliadin Iga and ttg were negative but her igg was extremely high. I'm confused what to make of that. I've read Iga and ttg aren't accurate for her age group and that igg is not very specific???? I'm waiting to hear about her iron, b12,hgb results at our next appt. Next week. Is there Anyone here that knows about pediatric cases? Or going through the same thing? Any thoughts or advice? I should mention she is long and lean but with a pot belly. She is 37.5" and 28lbs. She is still breastfed a few times a day which I know protects her intestines from being damaged,(reason for normal ttg?)
  14. He seems to understand celiac disease in theory and why I can't be contaminated but when it comes to real life he doesn't think when he does things. I only cook gluten free meals because I'm refuse to make 2. sometimes I will make my daughter gluten food and I do buy things my hubby can quickly heat up like pizza pocket,etc because he tends to eat frequently. I am slowly finding alternatives for them without gluten like the gluten free ice cream cones, rice instead of pasta. It may be to soon but I think I am one of the super sensitive ones so my goal is no gluten in the house. And yes, he would leave meat contamination everywhere if I weren't nagging at him not too!! I'm a nurse so I am very cautious about food poisoning but he thinks nothing of touching raw meat and not washing his hands or counter!! He is getting better with it but I have to nag. I hate being a nag !!!!! Im going to talk to him about setting some rules up as you all have mentioned,( like cleaning up any gluten mess, washing hands/ teeth before coming in contact with me) I'm afraid he will either say yes to stop my "nagging" and notput them into practice. Thanks for the link to more information. I will be checking it out and forward it to him.
  15. I can try the rice recipe, ill try anything at this point. I even tried a cereal that looks just like cheerios but she just wouldnt eat it. Im not on any supplements, i was told I wouldnt absorb them until I was healed. I am going to go and get some though because even if i only absorb a small amount its better than nothing. Despite eating lots of broccoli, meat and beans my iron is still dropping. Gotta push to get other levels tested. OH YA!!! I couldnt believe it!! I feel so defeated in this battle. He just laughed like it was funny as he apologized!!! so disrespectful. I do all the shopping and most of the cooking so I told him I wouldnt buy any more bread until he learned to clean up after himself. And I did groceries today and didnt buy it just like I said. I know it seems mean but I dont know what else to do.