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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. You know, thinking more about your comment also lets me know that going gluten free doesn't just heal the gallbladder. Mine is (or was) at 23%. If you were already gluten free for a year and problems started and then they are getting work...looks like gluten free doesn't just heal the already damaged gallbladder. Obviously both can be going on and celiac can cause the gallbladder to fail...but doesn't mean it is reversible. It would be awesome if it was, but it just doesn't seem to be.
  2. Yes, I definitely could have both going on. I have been feeling the worst ever since last night. Indescribable Nausea, off and on stomach cramping and aching gallbladder with little stabs of pain here and there. About to go back to bed but just ate a little applesauce and can't lay back down after eating or I am sure I will feel worse. I am still trying this gluten free thing (which in some ways has been easier since I have absolutely no appetite). I am wondering if it is a coincidence that I am feeling so much work and maybe my gallbladder is just failing quickly. I really can't feel like this much longer though...Have my surgery consult tomorrow and I will have to see how it goes...but knowing how I feel now I am going to have a hard time putting it off to far in advance. It's hard because if you told me this would fix things, that would be different. But again, I have no evidence that eating gluten free will fix an already failing gallbladder.
  3. Thanks...I feel awful today (much worse than any day in the last couple weeks). Although last time I tried the gluten free I felt pretty sick to my stomach the first couple days too. Isn't that odd to feel worse?? So this morning I ate 2 small gluten free waffles. For lunch (still wasn't hungry then) ate leftovers of a frittata I had made and a small salad. That's it today and I feel so much nausea and stomach sickness. I took a nap for a bit and just to up and trying to drink an organic tea that has some stomach benefits (ginger, mint, chamomile, etc.). I have been going lite on the dairy lately and am going to try to avoid too many of the gluten free foods and more just regular fruits and veggies that are gluten free. Ugh.
  4. So....I started the gluten free thing again today just to see. Not sure if it will work out because of how much time it will take to tell and I am having a surgeon consult on Monday. If my pain isn't worse I may put it off for a bit and see. Maybe schedule the surgery for the middle or end of May to give me some time to tell. Of course I worry about the pain getting worse and then having to get out out through emergency surgery. I wish there were easy answers. Yes the gas is annoying...belping and the other. My pain isn't all that bad since the esophagus stuff is much better with the meds. Very sore through which I assume is the acid reflux...but the esophagus isn't having spasms much at all any more. Still constant pressure under my ribs but not really painful. So I guess we will see what happens. Last time I went 5 days gluten free and didn't feel any better so I imagine if it works it will take a little while. Anyhow, thanks for the thoughts on this. I really don't want to have to get it out and go gluten free...so I guess if this helps I will assume that if I had it out I would have had to go gluten free later on anyhow, right? And if it doesn't help then I will know it is just the gallbladder. Can't really hurt to try it.
  5. Ms. Curious - Hope your upcoming trip goes well and you find some good gluten free food and that you are feeling some relief soon. Let us know when you get the other results from the doctor and what they say. Mushroom and Zimmer - I agree that if I had to have my gallbladder taken out and go gluten free after anyhow that would be awful. Of course if I could go gluten free now for the rest of my life and save my gallbladder that would be okay, but still not my favorite option. My favorite option would be to just have it taken it out and feel much better and not have to go gluten free. The hard part is not knowing what would actually happen. I guess I see your point that there isn't a point in trying. If I go gluten free and am still having the gallbladder pain and it's not getting better....I will just have it taken out. I do have a consult with the surgeon on Monday...but not sure if the surgery is scheduled after that or what. The other reason I am not sure about what to do is that I work in schools and am getting laid off at the end of the school year...meaning I lose health insurance and we go on my husbands insurance which is not at all as good of a plan and involves a bit of a deductible. So if I am going to have to get it out...I kind of want to get this all done soon in some ways. Lots to think about ....maybe I will start going gluten free tomorrow. We will see. I have all the stuff since I went shopping before. I was planning on going gluten free for a while but when my symptoms got worse I didn't think I would make it without surgery. But honestly these last few days things have been a lot better (I also started taking something for the acid reflux type pain that was causing my esophagus to have painful spasms after swallowing). Thankfully those symptoms are going away. Also having a consult with my 3yo daughters doctor next week about her stomach pains and chronic constipation. If she is celiac that will make it a lot easier to have a gluten free household. I did mostly gluten free meals for the rest of the family last time I had my 5 gluten free days. It can be done and I cook a lot so am up for it if I need to be. But there are a lot more pans and dishes when some are gluten free and some are not Thanks for your thoughts again.
  6. I know I know. If I was single or didn't have kids It would be so much easier to just start that diet. I also wish it would clear up quickly and my stomach would feel better quickly after starting that kind of diet so I wouldn't have to wait forever to see if it is working. Oddly enough in those 5 days my stomach felt a little worse then it feels now even though I wasn't constipated. Maybe that was just the start and it would feel better later. It's just so hard because I have still have no research saying the diet heals gallbladders that are failing. I just kind of think I need it out and then may need to start the diet in the future. But I am quite conflicted on the whole thing.
  7. Well I am sure you are glad that is over with! So glad you will be getting some answers soon. I can't imagine a dr. suggesting you go gluten free unless the saw something indicating it would be necessitated or beneficial. That really stinks about the dairy part too. My dr. seems to feel like it's all the gallbladder. Although he did tell me that some of his patients with IBS feel better after gluten free and they seem to have gluten sensitivity. But he still suggests getting the gallbladder out first and then seeing if I still feel sick at all before trying a diet that may not be necessary. I know on the 5 days I went gluten free before he gave me the results it completely fixed the constipation I was having and got significantly worse the day I went back on gluten. There are a ton of good gluten free recipes out there on-line. Just search around. I am sure others have some suggestions as well. I noticed a lot of good gluten free products on Amazon too..which is nice because it showed you ratings as well. I am sure others have a lot more advice on this subject though. Good luck to you and hope you are feeling better soon!!
  8. That's just it...I haven't had celiac diagnosed at all. I just have strong genes for it and symptoms. Of course the symptoms could be related to the gallbladder. Or, the trauma of gallbladder surgery could cause celiac to start. Sometimes I wonder if that is why it happens in that order. gluten causes the gallbladder to fail...and then celiac starts later. Just a theory. Apparently the hormone that causes the gallbladder to contract comes from the intestine...so if it's not working right or inflamed or whatever...that could definitely cause the gallbladder to not contract right. But again, it's strange because maybe my symptoms are from my gallbladder. Too many questions and not enough answers. : )
  9. Thanks so much for your input and thoughts. I too am a more conservative person and not a fan of surgery. My gallbladder doesn't have any stones, just not functioning right (functioning at 23%). I am guessing it is inflamed as they guy told me how it was a very big gallbladder. (or maybe it's just big and not inflamed, who knows). Please let me know if you know of any stories about it...I did search for a while and just found nothing. I don't know, I am thinking a lot more about it and will hopefully get another appointment to talk with my doctor about it as he referred me to surgeon but we never discussed the results.
  10. Oh, and I probably should add that I am 33, eat a lowfat low meat diet already...with lots of fruits and veggies. I was vegetarian for 13 years of my life and eat quite healthy as it is. I am avg weight (maybe a little under) and in pretty good shape...although with the pain I have stopped running and working out. So...I don't see how much a dietary change would help. Like I said, maybe gluten free could help but the doctor does not seem to think it would heal my gallbladder at this point.
  11. I really am just not sure what to do. The one doctor said that at the low functioning level it is at no dietary changes would help heal it. And honestly, I have been searching all over the internet to hear a story about someone who had a gallbladder functioning at that level with pain that was somehow healed on a diet and have yet to find one. If you see one, please let me know. I am not eager to get it out, but eager to end the pain. I have constant stomach pain and feel like something is constantly poking under my ribs and have bouts of nausea and pain when I change positions (and had frequent painful esophagus spasms for days which thankfully I have only had one or two today which is good). So I guess at this point, I just haven't heard of a diet changing this. I would like to think it could.
  12. Canker Sores

    I swear for most of my life (especially in the last 10 years or so) I have constantly had at least one canker sore in my mouth. Usually more than one. On avg each one takes several weeks to heal.
  13. Absolutely. I plan on doing it after the I get my gallbladder out if I still have these same symptoms (or if any of my symptoms don't clear up). And getting my daughter tested too with all her symptoms. Is there any way from my results to see if they came from both or just one parent? I want my mom to get tested too. She has a bunch or symptoms. We have a history of colon cancer in our family as well as very early arthritis and osteoporosis. Lots of other cancers too...but more of the intestinal kinds overall. She has all sorts of stomach issues. Will have to check it out.
  14. On my results near the bottom it says that 85% of Celiacs have DQ2 and 5% have DQ8...of course the combo makes the risk go up higher.