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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. For me it's about 1/2 hour to an hour for the stabbing pain in the duodenum to start. Then it's all downhill from there...
  2. My vitamin D levels are very low again, in the single digits. I am on the 50,000 IU weekly treatment regimen. Does anyone else have trouble keeping their Vit D in the normal range?
  3. Abdominal Pain

    In the past for injury-related inflammation I've found that large doses of fish oil capsules worked amazingly well. I'd take around 12-16 a day (reasoning that fish oil is food) and the efficacy was superior to ibuprofen for me. Usually I just use naproxen sodium for inflammation but if the max dose isn't doing the trick I add some fish oil and it helps. After my recent glutening which resulted in awful stomach distension followed by days of ab pain I found drinking a lot of natural ginger ale (i.e. sugar, water, ginger) helped. Or at least was a good placebo. I haven't yet tried the fish oil treatment for ab pain since it resolved after a few days so I can't say for sure it would help.
  4. Agh. I got glutened last Friday by a restaurant. I had thought I was doing better, but I think I slipped up at work and re-glutened myself by accidental cross contamination of my lunch in the company microwave. The timing for this afternoon's new round of reflux and stomach pain would fit that scenario. Now my stomach is swollen and blah I feel like crap. Except for the ravenous hunger pangs that have set in. The bloating, gas, and massive appetite had vanished once I went gluten free about a year ago. I think I had forgotten how miserable I felt back then!
  5. Three Month Bicycle Trip

    Obsessive phase over some idea? You must be related to me! Cycling is a passion of mine. I don't do any long distance touring but am planning on trying some randonneuring rides in 2012. If you're putting in 3500 miles to cross the US consider doing it in comfort. Have you considered doing one of the group tours run by a group like Pactour? Also if you like to mix your long distance cycling with insanity there's the Race Across America held every summer.
  6. Neuro Signs

    I eat lunch somewhat late to avoid a crowded lunchroom. I have sort of a ritual that involves wiping down the microwave, my spot at a table, and the chair with a towel with some cleaning spray. I use my own utensils and never eat anything people have brought in, except fruit which I'll re-wash. Also, anything with gluten is banned from my office and if a co-worker shows up with a donut I'll ask them to come back later after they wash their hands while pointing to my "Gluten is the Enemy" coffee mug. This is all somewhat of a pain in the neck but it works for me - small company though, I don't how I'd manage in a big place with a giant cafeteria.
  7. Social Situations

    I have a coffee mug that says "Gluten is the Enemy" that I use at work. It gets the point across, but I've been here a few years and they're used to me and my sense of humor. Some humor goes a long way, in my experience, in making others feel more comfortable about my issues.
  8. Sarcasm About Celiac

    I haven't encountered any such attitudes (yet!). Do men get less crap, snarkiness, and hostility from co-workers, friends, and acquaintances about the gluten-free diet?
  9. Here's a question: does the way that the gluten is cooked make a difference? If that gluten cake was cooked for a long time perhaps enough of the gliadin proteins were denatured, reacted with something in the cooking process, or something along those lines so you didn't get a severe reaction. This isn't unheard of, there was a paper published a few years ago on sourdough breads not causing an autoimmune reaction: http://www.celiac.com/articles/752/1/Study-Finds-Wheat-based-Sourdough-Bread-Started-with-Selected-Lactobacilli-is-Tolerated-by-Celiac-Disease-Patients/Page1.html
  10. Acid Reflux Is This A Symptom

    I had 7 years of acid reflux that responded poorly to Prilosec. It got absolutely unbearable in the months before getting my somewhat murky celiac diagnosis. Resolved after 2 days on the gluten free diet. Now, reflux is my 'early warning sign' that I've had a low-level exposure to gluten.
  11. Magnesium

    For some reason if I take a magnesium tablet (Mg oxide, I think it is) at night I sleep very deeply.
  12. I don't really know why, it's not something I ever ate with any frequency. Nonetheless, I am having a real craving for biscotti today.
  13. Brain Fog

    Has anyone tried treating brain fog? It's very similar to fibro fog found in fibromyalgia, and those patients are sometimes treated with drugs like Concerta (ADHD med) or Provigil (often used for narcolepsy) which clears the fog.
  14. Non-celiac gluten intolerance is considered to be about 30 years behind celiac disease in terms of research, quoting a researcher from memory. You can find papers published in the last few months that are establishing non-celiac gluten intolerance as a separate disease category. There's always the possibility that you're sick with something else entirely - candida, bacterial overgrowth, other food intolerances or allergies, etc., or that the less-than-perfect gluten-free diet isn't good enough anymore.
  15. Here in the USA health care is expensive and the wait times are also horrendous. My wife once spent 10 hours in an ER waiting room with a kidney stone, dry heaving in a bucket. My pleas to get her re-triaged fell on deaf ears, I nearly called an ambulance to pick her up from the waiting room to take her back to the same ER.