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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Speaking of vitamins.. I just emailed the Nature Made company and received the following reply in yesterdays e-mail. QUOTE [We recently received your e-mail regarding Nature Made products. We appreciate your question concerning the gluten content of our products. We are aware that many consumers are concerned about gluten in their diets. Therefore, we are happy to inform you that currently all our products are gluten free. We thank you for contacting us and hope that you will continue to use and enjoy Nature Made products with complete confidence. Sincerely, Catherine Meier Consumer Affairs Representative Pharmavite, LLC CM:82676-04 QUOTE] This is about all I feel I can do at this time.. I explained to them the need for no gluten.. You can find Nature Made products in alot of health food stores or online..Hope this helps someone.. Kathy
  2. Jules.. no you are not alone.. I lost weight before I was finally diagnosed which was back in 1996 but had no trouble putting it back on.. My doctor thought I was a cancer patient for awhile because I became so weak & hardly walk.. then I was finally diagnosed and starting eating the correct foods and fight the weight battle every day.. So I guess you can go from one extreme to another from what I have learned in life.. I am on WW plan right now and seems to be helping be the best .. As far as shopping for good healthy food for the gluten free diet, the Gluten Free Mall has been a god send for me... I have a bread maker so I can order the mixes that I want from them and then just pop it into the bread machine and it is ready in no time... I tried working with all of the various flours etc at first, but cooking primarly for myself just doesn't fit into purchasing all of the products necessary.. In time you will find products and there are getting more and more every day that we can eat in the super markets.. just have to read the labels carefully.. I used to read for fat and calorie counts.. now I just check for ingredients.. It is slow at first but get's easier in time.. Good luck with your busy schedule.. Just be patient with yourself and you will feel so much better... Maybe we can help each other lose some of the pounds also...Hugs to you...
  3. Thank you Thank you so much for all of the infomation.. You went well above anything I expected.. I will copy this information and take to my doctor since I had the liver transplant, I don't take anything without checking with the transplant team first.. This is all very interesting to me.. I have scleroderma along with the celiac disorder so along with all the meds I take (about 24 per day) my immune system is screwed up alot.. But following the diet we need to follow helps alot.. Maybe some of these additions will help make it alittle easier.. Thanks again for all of the info.. I am so glad that I finally got into this site.. Been using the Gluten Free Mall for a long time, but didn't know about this site.. See you around the site later.. Thanks again.. Kathy
  4. Ok.. that helps alot, but one more question... Where do you get these products, I eat quite a bit of yogurt, but is this something you can take in a vitamin type form? I have had a liver transplant that is contributed alot to my gluten problems and do suffer alot of bloating at times... Is this a product that would help with that I would be so happy.. So I guess where do I get these products .. are they something I am doing wrong on my diet or is this another vitamin or supplement that I can add to the numerous pills I take every day? Thanks for any further information anyone can supply.. Hugs to all.. Kathy
  5. Irish I am with you.. I have never heard of them either.. Hope someone can helps us with this.. need all the help we can to make our lives better..
  6. I Give Up!

    Hello everyone.. I am new to this site, but not new to celiac problems.. I was diagnosed back in 1994 and have been struggling with the diet issue all along.. I have found enough substitues to have pretty much everything I want.. But having to cook for two makes it difficult when only one has to be on the celiac portion of the food scale.. Actually my sweet man was having alot of problems himself with serious nose bleeds etc.. he was working around the mayo clinic at the time, had a bad attack with the nose bleeding and went to mayo clinic.. they discoverd that he wasn't getting the proper food that he needed such as the pastas, wheat bread etc.. apparently his chemistry needs these things, while mine doesn't.. So slow but sure we are getting our program together... It isn't easy for any of us.. but in the long run it is the only thing to keep us healthy and happy .. So Stick with your program for a few more weeks, check in with you doctor and keep the faith..As far as the corn bread, I agree it is one of the best, but I use the mix from Gluten Free Mall.. it just makes life so much easier to be able to whip it up real quick .. I find it to difficult to store all the flours like I did at first.. I get the bread machines mixes also ... it just makes my life simplier.. Who wants to complicate it any more then necessary... Wow for the first posting I guess I have really rambled.. Just so happy to find this chat area.. have belong to the Gluten Free Mall for a few years .. didn't even know any of this existed.. Have a great day everyone....