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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hey, I did a search on the forum as well as google searching, and Brothers ciders website, and I can't find out if their Cider is gluten free! I e-mailed them months ago and no response. Very frustrating as it was my favourite drink, but didn't want to risk it. A lot of ciders are ok.. but they have a few flavoured ones, which I assume is probably just sugar but has anyone actually found out if it is okay?
  2. Hmm my doctor told me to get off gluten, and i waited 6 weeks for a GI appointment, and when I got there they told me that the only way to get a positive result (aside from blood tests, which came back negative) was having a endoscopy, but that I'd need to be back on gluten for atleast 4-6 weeks. Speaking with people on here, many have said you need to be on gluten 3-6months to get a more accurate (though still can have a negative result) .. i hope your GI specialist doesn't mess you around like they did with me, but they may unfortunately tell you to go back onto gluten until the endoscopy.
  3. Glad i found this thread, because I've been gluten free for 3 months now and everytime i get a period it feels like my early periods all over again, where it's the worst pains, that i'm exhausted, headaches all day, major bloating! It's bad because it really is affecting my daily life, unfortunately i had severe pains all day yesterday, and all i wanted to do was stay in bed, but had to entertain family for 12 hours. Was actually horrible Maybe it is like someone else said, it feels like all the gluten symptoms again, but because they've gone almost completely from getting off gluten, it seems extra noticeable at the moment? Please tell me it calms down??
  4. Exhaustion

    When i went gluten free i was really anaemic as well. So my doctor told me that was why i felt completely tired out. Id have two naps a day usually a few hours and still feel exhausted. Its like a detox on your system, and all the bad stuffs getting cleaned out, so you wont feel great initially but you will get better! Just give your body the rest it needs! Also i noticed cutting out caffeine also helped, i actually felt more tired whenever i had tea!
  5. I get this even worse after drinking alcohol, i feel fairly sober until i go to sleep and then i have continued conversations with people in my dreams. so i wake up feeling muddled, drunk and confused about what happened!
  6. Since going gluten free, i find it really hard to wake up! Not so much because i'm tired, but i get into such a deep sleep, i often dont hear my alarm go off, and i can easily fall back into a long sleep! Also i can remember my dreams very clearly the next day, and they seem more vivid then they used too. Often things that have occurred from the day before get into my dreams. i remember having long conversations in my dreams that muddle me when i wake up, as to what happened in the dream and real life!
  7. Yeah i can understand what Love2travel is saying! But because i was extremely ill, i understand the importance of keeping off gluten. As much as i crave sandwiches and meals out are torture, i have pretty great willpower! I think it helps that i was brought up a veggie and went vegan 7 years ago, so i'm used to avoiding things and even as a vegan i would be tempted by foods but never cave in
  8. If they'd just kept me on gluten to begin with it would make sense to be getting this biopsy in a months time. I just don't want to ruin more of this year with this! Thanks for the answers, i wasn't sure if other people had been in a similar situation and what they would do. Seems daft to go through it all again!
  9. Thanks for the responses! My heads in a muddle. The only reasons I'd consider going back on gluten was so i can get this biopsy test and hopefully get a positive test. Also living in the UK once i get diagnosed i can get prescribed special foods. But if this test isnt always accurate either.. i'd feel even more upset if i go through all this and get no conclusive answers. Literally two days before going to see the specialist and eating something which caused me intense agony all night and vomiting, i can't understand how they didnt ask me more on this. They barely even acknowledged what i said, whereas when i'd gone to see a consultant before they asked me very thorough questions. I feel i know in my gut what the problem is, and i was so upset after the appointment feeling like they've wasted my time. I really dont want to go back to feeling that ill, my intenstines felt like they were about to rupture whenever i ate, completely affecting my day to day life that i was mostly in bed, i just dont want to go through that all again! I guess the good thing is i can decide just to stick to the diet, as much as i crave sandwiches, i am extremely unwilling to get ill!!
  10. So I'd gone to the drs a few times about my stomach problems and they just put it down to IBS. But the pains were getting really intense and i was basically living off soup, that they got me to have blood tests. Which showed i was very anaemic, (they were still waiting on the coeliac test results) but they sent me to hospital. After a long talk with a consultant they said that all my symptoms and anaemia matched up with coeliac disease. And to get off gluten immediately and i would start to feel better, as well as going on iron tablets. They said they'd urgently referred me to a specialist who could properly diagnose me and that i probably wouldnt even need the biopsy. So I've been on the gluten free diet for two months, the results came back for coeliac on my blood test as normal, but was told to wait for the specialist appointment and stay on the diet. It's taken a while but i've started to feel dramatically better in the past few weeks on the diet. It was only the other day when i was at a restaurant that i was caught out and they must have put something gluten in my food, that i felt really ill again. Horrible cramps, sick in the night, my body crying to get rid of something inside. Today I finally got my appointment with the specialist. And they barely asked me any questions, and said that because of my blood test being normal, i would need the endoscopy biopsy to get the proper diagnosis. But i would need to go back on gluten for 4-6 weeks first, because my body has healed itself. And they asked are you happy with this? Well ofcourse i'm not! And i am so upset and angry, why didn't they book me for a biopsy to begin with, instead of making me wait 2 months to recover, only to see a specialist to tell me to go back onto gluten when it's going to cause me 4-6 weeks of intense pains plus recovery after again. Its taken me two months to recover, so it'll mean another 3 months before i'm back to feeling how i am now. I am very frustrated as i feel like they've wasted my time, and half a year if i do go back on gluten. I really don't want to go back onto gluten knowing from the other day how ill i felt from eating a little. Should i ask for a second opinion? There isnt really any other way to get diagnosed is there? Or to go private? Or just give up with these doctors messing me about and stay off gluten??
  11. Festivals?

    Hello, Most years I attend an outdoor festival in the UK, and only this year been diagnosed with being coeliac. I was wondering what experiences others had at outdoor/camping festivals? Did any of the food vans cater for a gluten free diet? I've always found it a little trickier going to festivals anyway being a vegan, but they usually have atleast one veggie van but mostly they were burgers (in bread buns) and now i'm wondering if this is even possible, even if i brought my own food whether i could bring enough that would last 5 days without a fridge!