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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. You could see where some had been and where I had scratched myself to a bloody mess. I got them right where the lit says--buttocks, knees and elbow areas. She cut next to where I showed her --there was the purple look to it. Another doc, a GP had given me some cream which turned my skin to funky leather but it had healed some. I had found a similar looking rash online so she had a good idea of what they looked like. I can't say I had no rash at all but I had no fresh new blisters.
  2. The day I went to the dermatologist I almost cancelled because the rash seemed to be getting better. I had no inkling what I had but I had had lots of rashes all my life. Anyway, she said it did not matter and asked where my most recent ones were--I thought perhaps my left knee so that is where she took her sample. When the results came back she seemed as surprised and concerned as I was.
  3. Descriptions of DH "Types"

    This book looks to be more than 50 years old--scroll back to the first part and there is a stamp that says 1955.
  4. There is an outfit in Phoenix AZ that has been shipping bread to me. Their Seeded Multigrain Bread is truly delicious. They ship it frozen with dry ice. They charge something just over $6 shipping no matter how much you buy but you must buy $30 worth which is a minor pain. I have also been eating their hamburger buns. I tried the donuts and did not care for them. It seems to last almost forever in the freezer. Anyway, if this interests you http://www.glutenfreecreations.com/index.php?page=11
  5. I don't know about your sinus headaches but it is definitely possible to have both skin and innards troubles, I do. mary
  6. What's Your Job

    I guess I have had gluten problems all my life but I was not diagnosed until last year at the age of 64. For 35 years I ran our family small grocery store on the Navajo Reservation. Among many other symptoms about 10 years ago I developed a neuropathy that finally put a stop to my working. I could not stay on my feet any length of time. I ran from doctor to doctor and they ran every test known to man (except gluten) and declared I was in great health. $20,000 dollars later I decided it must not be serious and I just walked in pain. I have hiked Grand Canyon many times where every step was misery. I told myself that my nerves were just lying to me and to some degree I learned to ignore my feet. A year ago January I had a bad rash--I ignored it because I have had many bad rashes since I was a child. This one got out of hand and was ruining my sleep so in August I went to a dermatologist and she took a hunk of my knee and sent it off to wherever you send those things and called me a week later to tell me about the gluten. I still get messed up way too often--I live with messy cooks and I get stressed just going in the kitchen sometimes. I did a really stupid to myself last week and ate a big bite of a candy bar without reading the label--it had malt and I am still recovering. Mary
  7. Funny Story

    Makes me smile too-- mp
  8. I had a panic attack night before last--I had eaten gluten somewhere sometime before this. I did not recognize the panic as being a product of having consumed gluten but since it was irrational I guess it was.