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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you all so much for your replies. I checked out the enterolab am definately considering that..or possibly the ob/gyn route??? My primary/internist wouldnt run the blood work and sent me to the GI who of course also wouldnt My DS can not use milk based or soybased formula so I am his healthiest and reallyonly choice in eating so I do need to be his sole food supply:)We are concerned in using the hydrolzed milk formulas as we dont want him to be in tummy distress. I've had a complete thyroid work up as in 2003 I had half my thyroid removed due to a nodule that was possibly cancerous Thank goodness it wasnt cancer and the 1 side left is still working great without meds. I have to have it checked every 6mths so we can catch any issues ASAP. (Which btw I was breastfeeding my 2nd son then and they only had me pump and dump for not quite 12hrs back in 2003 for regular anesthia...) I didn't really even know that you could be dx'd with just blood work everything I have (or just about everything) has said once thats positive (blood) the 'gold standard' is a positive biopsy--thank you so much for telling me that too. I am trying know to find whatever I can to take to whoever I can find if I dont just do the enterolab..... Thank you all so much all your great replies have really taken a load off my mind......now on tofinding out......
  2. I went in on friday to have an endoscopy. They knew I was breastfeeding ahead of time. I got conflicting advice on not needing to pump and dump 2 needing to wait 24hrs. When I went in I had pumped enough 2 give me about 6hrs after the procedure (sedation) before my 5mth old would need to nurse. They gave me option to reschedule (with conflicting times_when I pump enough for 24hrs, pump enough for 3 days and last to reschedule once I wean him) or to do endoscopy without sedation. I said I would try to do without sedation as I have been feeling horrible and wanted to just get it done and over with. Well once they started I couldnt handle it and it didnt get done. Rewind a bit....10yrs ago diagnosed with IBS then self diagnosed with Dr. approving milk intolerance beginning of this month. Sent to gastroenterologist. He wont give me bloodwork until I have and endoscopy..... Isnt there a way to diagnose celiac without endoscopy or if I have gluten intolerance?? Here are my symptoms constipation mainly with occasional diarrhea bloating gas nausea acid reflux aching joints and muscles ketosis polaris indigestion more hairloss then usual (after pregnancy) depression/anxiety insomnia fatigue low potassium with possible low magnesium Occasional numbness in fingers and toes (nothing found) And the gastro just sent me home and told me 2 come back when I can get an endoscopy and to take pepcid or something like it and I should be fine. Thank you and so sorry it is so long..... borderline anemia