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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have been gluten, dairy, soy and grain free for about 17 months now. 2 months ago I had my second endoscopy with celiac panel and the doctor says everything looked great and healed up.. The weird thing is I have actually taken this specific probiotic before, but never had any issues with it other than a little occasional gas... but then again, last time I took it, I was not particularly having belly issues to start out with other than the normal healing pains..I am starting to think that the pains I am feeling right now are the good bugs and bad bugs waging war.
  2. I have a question for all you probiotic experts.. In the month of June, I put on a good 15+ lbs while eating a whole foods diet and counting calories. During this time I also added a couple high calorie sweets everyday (Hail Merry Miracle tarts) for a calorie and fat boost...As July rolled in, my weight was the highest it had ever been in my entire life! I was on a roll and feeling great!.. Well I was on a roll up until 4th of July weekend... During this weekend I started to feel a bit gross in the gut and I knew something bad was coming... Sure enough, as the week progressed my bowel movements were getting more loose by the day, I was cramping, became very gassy and completely lost my appetite. I also developed what I think was a small case of thrush on my tongue... I figured that I probably was eating too much sugar and developed an overgrowth of baddie microbes. Well I started a strict No-Sugar Diet about 12 days ago and started taking Culturelle Digestive health Dairy free along with my usual supplements of Digest gold and cod liver oil... I am on my 13th day on the probiotics and I feel like the probiotics are actually making me worse!! I wake up every morning feeling fine and take the pill and I swear I can feel it going through my system and upsetting everything on the way down. By mid day I am hunched over in pain... My question is, Should I just buckle down and continue taking it until I feel better? Or should I stop and see if I feel better without it?? Also is 13 days long enough for a probiotic to go win the war with the bad bacteria?
  3. I have been strictly Gluten, Soy, Dairy free for 1 year and 3 months now and had been feeling much better... I had not been taking a probiotic for the last 5 months and started to feel bloated and developed a little "D" last month, so I decided to start taking another probiotic regiment.. Well 2 weeks after I started taking the probiotic daily, I started having a very slimy sensation in my mouth with the roof of my mouth feeling the slimiest...Also the tip of my tongue is giving me a wierd sensation, almost like I burned it a little bit. It feels a bit numb...I have been trying to scrub my mouth and tongue with my toothbrush at least 3 times a day and I can not seem to get rid of the slimy feeling. Could this be thrush/candida being caused by the probiotic?? The Probiotic I take is Culturelle Digestive health with Dairy Free Lactobacillus GG. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I was curious of anybody could tell me the difference between an "over the counter" digestive enzyme and one that requires a prescription. I have been taking a pretty strong OTC one but starting to think I may need something stronger. Would love to read some replies from people who have used both. Thanks!
  5. Thyroid Problem?

    I am getting a referral to see an endo as soon as I can. I can deal with the majority of these symptoms for now but the only thing that is really bothering me is the weightloss. I was underweight to begin with and I just seem to continue shedding pounds. It is really starting to scare me.
  6. Thyroid Problem?

    Well doctor called me and gave me the brush off i believe. They called me and left me a message saying my TSH came back normal and I had a clean bill of health... WTH?!?! I have palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, shaky hands, clamminess and I am eating more than I have been in the last 4 months and continuing to lose weight this last 2 weeks?!?! But there is nothing wrong??!! Hell, 2 months ago all I was eating was salads and veggies for a while and was still maintaining/gaining weight.. this doesnt make sense.. I asked him to run all the tests you specified and he said they would check but looking at my lab bill its looking like they just ran TSH and CBC... I am so frustrated right now!!!
  7. Thyroid Problem?

    Symptoms have drastically faded today. Was still a bit rough this morning but as the day progressed I felt better. I pretty much cut out any foods containing high amounts of iodine including iodized salt for the last 2 days and I seem to be getting much better. Even have some energy to clean the house a little today. So wierd how these symptoms can come and go like this. Hopefully I will have some answers on Tuesday when my results come in.
  8. Thyroid Problem?

    ughh this doesnt look good . Ill keep updating as things change. Thanks again for all the help everyone.
  9. Thyroid Problem?

    Well that's good. I hope all I need is meds to control it... I went to my doctor finally and got my blood test done and should be in on Monday. Whatever is happening to me, it sure is kicking my A**. I am up for like 20 hours+ then sleep for 12 hours and when I wake up I cannot walk 20 feet to the kitchen without my heart beating out of my chest and feeling like I just ran a mile. I also stopped taking my multivitamin a few days ago. I linked it to the panic attacks I was experiencing. Seems like clockwork but when I was taking my Multivitamin, About 2 to 3 hours later I felt like I was going crazy! My heart was beating out of my chest and my mind was racing so fast I thought I was gonna die. My friend who has graves said it was probably the potassium iodide in the vitamin making my thyroid go into overdrive. So I cut out high Iodine containing foods and seem to be doing a little better than I was a few days ago. Still really really tired all the time though. Had another question for you HYPERthyroids out there. Does really low cholesterol have anything to do with hyperthyroidism? I had blood tests done in July and the only thing they told me was my cholesterol was really low and I should change my diet accordingly..I didnt understand this because I adopted an extremely balanced diet since going gluten free and it just didnt make any sense to me.
  10. Thyroid Problem?

    Thanks for the advice everybody! I wrote down all the tests I should ask for and will tell my doctor I need them done asap. I setup a doctors appointment and will have to get a referral to an endocrinologist from what they told me over the phone. I seem to be doing a bit better today. Not so shaky and my pulse rate is down around 80 at resting. Still having some issues sleeping though. This whole thing is really scary to me because one of my best friends was just diagnosed with Graves and is undergoing radiated iodone therapy or something along those lines and he said it is beating the hell out of him. I do not want to have to go through that too =( As for supplements. I have been taking cal/mag+boron, daily multivitamin, Carlsons Cod liver oil (non flavored), and Solgar sublingual b12 daily since being diagnosed with celiac back in April. My house is also very strict gluten free. My wife and Dogs are all gluten free. We dont eat any processed foods. Just lots of Brown Rice, Veggies, fruit, nuts, and Meat or Fish (all organic from whole foods). So I dont think CC is a problem since I really have not had these symptoms since going gluten-free 6+ months ago. I think stress had alot to do with this bout of thyroid problems... Right before these symptoms started up 2 weeks ago, I was really stressed about getting back to work and not being so damn usless to my family. I have a very supportive wife and I started to feel as though I am just a big bane on her.
  11. About 2 weeks ago I started having what can only be explained as heart palpatations. Since experiencing these I have been noticing a HUGE drop in energy levels, shaky hands, pressure in my throat ( I can feel every single pulse beat in my throat), tired if I dont eat large meals, Insomnia (staying up 20+ hours), anxiety, Very itchy and dry scalp, random bouts of naseau, weight loss and a few other random symptoms.. I have done countless searching which has led me to believe something is going on with my thyroid. Since going gluten free in March (6 Months ago), most of my celiac symptoms have subsided. Night sweats, daily vomiting, constant naseau and dhiarea are all gone. I still have some bouts of bloating and side pain but I think that's the name of the game when it comes to healing, especially after being undiagnosed for 26 years. I even managed to put on some weight which has all be lost again this last 2 weeks =(. I read that underlying autoimmune diseases such as graves can go hand in hand with celiac and that many times the graves symptoms will only come out when your body is under stress or sick. About a month ago I had some depression sinking in and I think it possibly triggered this thyroid issue. I am going to make a doctors appointment this week and wanted to know if somebody with similar problems could give me some advice on what I should tell him and tests I should ask for. Any help would be appreciated. EDIT: Also forgot to mention my pulse rate is about 110+ beats per minute while resting.
  12. Pelvic Pain

    This is interesting... I too have been experiencing pelvis pain and what feels like colon spasms on my lower left side for the last 2 weeks. My appetite has also dropped off dramatically. Coconut never even crossed my mind! I introduced coconut oil into my diet around the same time the pain started up . Guess I will cut the oil out and see if my pain disappears.
  13. Methyl B12 Spray Makes Me Super Tired..

    Just wanted to add that today it turned into a full blown migraine..which I have not had for years!.. I was so sensitives to light that I had to block out my window in my Bedroom with a blanket to sleep.. I also had some crazy nightmares while I was sleeping and woke up in a deep sweat. I feel better now. Will not be taking the spray again.
  14. Friend Doesn't Get It

    I don't get it.. if I had a friend try to force feed me something that would make me sick.. I would kick them out of my house or call the police to have them removed lol.
  15. I started taking a Methyl b12 spray this last week and noticed that around 2-4 hours after taking my dose that I get really sleepy.. I usually take a couple hour long nap when this happens and wake up feeling super refreshed... I also noticed I get bad headaches and light sensitivity if I try to stay awake when the drowsiness kicks in..Well yesterday I decided to skip the b12 all together to see if it was for sure the b12 making me feel this way and sure enough I did not experience the headache/drowsiness at all. Does anyone take their b12 at night? Also, has anyone ever experienced drowsiness, headaches or light sensitivity with Methyl b12 sprays? The B12 brand is Pure Advantage B-12 500mcg spray Other Supplements I take are: NatureMade B Complex with Vit C (Contains no B12) Solgar Calcium/Magnesium + boron Carlson Cod liver oil