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  1. Heyo. I've been looking around these forums for the past few weeks, and have made a few posts. Well, today, after a negative celiac panel and a slight positive Crohns test (ASCA IGG antibodies) I had my endo/colonoscopy. The doc said my upper GI/small intestine was inflamed/irritated, but not too bad, but He took biopsies. They found another polyp in my colon, and said my colon looked to be a bit irritated too...I think. My mind was a bit fuzzy after waking up, so remembering everything he said is kinda difficult. But having testing done is good, and we'll see what the biopsies say. Now my question is, is crohns related to small intestine inflamation or would that be more likely something else? Knowing that ASCA isn't specific just to crohns, but to intestinal inflamation in general, I don't know what to think. I always assumed it was the large intestine that crohns affected. Anywho I'm kinda anxious to find out what the polyp turns out to be. Last time I had one it was a benign precancerous adenomatous polyp. Needless to say I reckon I'm going to give the diet a good trial run. Especially since they found inflamation and junk. Now, to learn how to cook... On a side note, this forum is one of the most helpful forums I've ever found. Thanks everyone for your genius answers, support, and insight.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I saw that when I googled it. Interesting. I hope like crazy it's not crohns or anything. I hear that it is a pain to manage.
  3. Not real sure? So here are my results, please help me understand them. TTG Antibody, IGA <3 - Negative Immunoglobulin A 164 81-463 mg/dL Gliadin Antibody (IGA) <3 - Negative no IGg antibodies tested I guess... Also they tested me for Saccharomyces Cerevisiae AB (ASCA) (IGG) 24.2 - Positive. What does that even mean? I've never heard of this test? Does this mean I'm negative for Celiac? or are IGA tests the ones that bring back a lot of false negatives? I have an appointement with the GI to get scoped next week, I'm just trying to figure out what all of this stuff is. Thanks for any advise!
  4. So here's an update. I've can get an appointment set up with an actual GI in the city(about hour and half away), but it would be on the same day I could get my endoscopy/colonoscopy done. Something just doest sit well with me going to a general surgeon. I've always liked going to specialists/people who actually study on what is being the problem. And the surgeon just seemed apprehensive and "snooty," and seemed to assume that I'm just a worry-wart looking for another dx. But at the same time I wanna get this over with. I'm so torn. And he's not offering a discount for doing both at same time.
  5. So I went to a general surgeon today to get an appointment set up for a colonoscopy that I'm due for, and I decided to ask him if he could do celiac testing. And he told me he could, but that he would do the biopsy first, and then if that was positive, do the blood test. Now maybe I've just been dislexic around these forums, but typically a doc would give cheap blood test first, and then do endoscopy if blood test was positive right? He told me it would actually cost more for a blood test than the biopsy would cost! Please give me some advice.
  6. Ok so I've got a delemma. There is a gen surgeon here in town that does endoscopies and such, and I can get in with him on Thursday. The closest GI is an hour 15 away and is booked up till next Tuesday, and I just wanna get this junk over with(I have a post in the prediagnosis forum if ya wanna see what I'm talkin about). do any of y'all have experience with general surgeons? And if so, how was it? I want to stay in town cuz of convenience, but I want a doc that understands his stuff. All thoughts are welcome.
  7. Ok I've got a dilemma. I could get into the general surgeon on thursday, here in town, or wait till next Tuesday and get into the GI in the city about an hour away. What would you guys recommend? I wanna get it over with, but I want a doc I can trust. Have any of you guys had experience with general surgeons that do endoscopies? And how were they?
  8. Thanks for the replies. I have an appointment scheduled for next week with a general sergeon in town about a colonoscopy I'm due for.(closest GI is hour and a half away) But he does testing and stuff, and colonoscopies and endoscopies. I'm gonna talk to him about getting tested, and see the timeframe.. I mean I have been eating regular ol' food since the end of January, so I'm definitely go for testing. I'm just ready to give this a whirl, cuz this gut pain is getting annoying. And getting worse. So we'll see.
  9. Alright, so here's my story. My name is Kyle, I'm 24, 5'3", shortest guy in my family by about 5" and I think I may have celiac disease/gluten sensitivity. (Not real sure of the difference) Anywho, here's what's up.(This may get a bit nasty, I do apologise) I have had these bouts with heart palpitations for years now, more recently, last couple of years, they've gotten worse. I can go months without having any, but then boom, I have over 5,000 in a day(literally, wore a holter monitor, doc said they were just Pvcs and pacs. Stinkin annoying though.) I've had prostate problems, colon problems, I've had polyps, hemmroids, blood in me stools, generally pretty fatigued, not severe or anything, but I just don't seem to have the energy of other people my age. Also I've had ADD since I was a child, used to have OCD, but has mostly cleared up. And here lately no matter what I eat I always just get to feeling sick, overly full, and just not good, like I used to. I mean I will enjoy the food, but I always feel drained and crappy afterwards, no matter what it is. not a pleasent experience for someone who likes food as much as I! Also I have... anal seepage problems. I've had it since I can remember. Never told anyone about it because it's so darn embarrasing, but nothing I do seems to make it better. Sorry about that. Also, when it comes to short term memory. I am the WORST in the world. I can't remember anything. I know that sounds random, but I've seen it before crop up as symptoms. ANYWHO. From january to febeuary, I went on this Daniel Fast thing with my church, which is where you pretty much just eat fruits and veggies, no processed food, and very minimal cooking. Needless to say I felt SO good during that time, more than I have in a LONG time, and ever since that time, it seems as though it's gotten worse when I do eat regular food. I've never had anemia, and my family thinks I'm a hypocondriac for "having" all this stuff at such a young age. Which I would TOTALLY agree with, other than the fact that I in fact have had all the stuff listed above. So I'm hesitant to get tested, when I don't have any "Severe, or classic" signs, because that would be one more thing to add to their list. What do you guys think?