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  1. I am not too sure if this is the right forum topic to post this under but I am at a loss as to what to do regarding a food/bowling establishment not allowing any outside food in their facility but can't accommodate my son's gluten free diet. He is having a "7th Birthday Pirate Bowling Party" and when I was told I could not bring in his birthday cupcakes for his party I was kind of surprised. The establishment can provide you with a cake however it is not gluten free. I told the woman that my son has Celiac Disease and is unable to consume a gluten cake could I bring him a cake or cupcakes, the answer I was given was, no. I pushed and said "I thought there was an Idaho Law against discriminating against individuals with disabilities or diseases." She responded, "Oh I am not discriminating but our insurance won't allow any outside food because there are too many sue happy people". In the end... I convinced the woman to check with her cake maker to see if they could make a gluten-free cake but they would have to guarantee it as gluten-free. She is calling me back tomorrow to let me know what they can or can't do. She offered to let me sneak in one cup cake and she would provide a gluten cake for the kids in attendance. But when I ran that idea by my son he was very sad. Frankly I think that is totally unfair for my son considering it's his birthday. If it were someone else's party I would be ok with it. I am wondering if there is a law protecting those with restrictive diets and if so how can I convince this woman to allow my son his b-day cupcakes. Am I fighting a losing battle? Thanks in advance.