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  1. Ok ..So traditionally we always get a ham and have scalloped with ham for Easter dinner .So we decided not to change tradition and try to make it gluten free and IT WAS AWESOME ! The only thing I did was substitute Bobs Redmill all purpose flour instead of regular flour when I made my bechamel sauce and the rest was the same ! This was one of those meals that make you feel like you havent given everything up and makes you feel a little more normal that you might have felt while making other things like pizza or pasta . Ahhh ..I have to say today was a GOOOOOD DAY ! Sauce 1 cube of margarine or butter 1/2 cup Bobs red mill all purpose flour salt, pepper,garlic pepper to taste Milk Melt the butter and add seasoning and the with a wisk add in the flour ...It turns into kind of a paste in the pot ...Keep stiring it and moving it around until it breaks apart and is in small pieces in the bottom of the pan . After that you start adding milk ...I add about 4 cups to start and then as it thickens up I keep adding a cup at a time until it stays the consistency I like it .Then in a glass baking dish layer sliced potatoes and ham and alternate those until you the dish is full .Then slowly pour the sauce over the top until it fills all the spaces in the dish ...If you like the sauce really think you may have to use a knife to move the potatoes around to get the sauce all the way thru ...I personally make it a little soupier as when it cooks it will evaporate and thicken right up and it just pours so nicely into the dish and fills all the gaps! Then I put it in the microwave for 20-30 minutes and until the potatoes are fork tender and then throw them under the broiler to brown them up nicely ...If you prefer to oven cook them just preheat to 375 and cook for about an hour uncovering for the last 15 minutes to get them nice and brown ! ENJOY !!
  2. I have been on percocet and Oxycontin for years and have not had any problem with gluten ...I have always had the generic percocet and both name and generic oxi ...I checked with the pharmacist and the said it was gluten free but there is no way to guarantee CC ..I think you should call the Pharmaceutical company and file a complaint with the manager about the lack of compassion their customer service reps showed you ..That is just not acceptable ...I wish you the best and you will be fine ...How could you not be with your whole celiac family praying for you ?
  3. He did tell me that Celiacs cannot eat gluten ...But I had just had gastric bypass surgery and I was already so restricted so much I CHOSE to wait to get thru the first year of weight loss and now I am tackling my new gluten free life ! Taking on both would have just been setting myself up for disaster ...As the Dr told me ..I would actually be better off if I had more symptoms as it would have forced my hand in making the change but with the exception of my back I have no other symptoms ....
  4. Now that is a good man you have there ! I have to admit my wife is trying ...We are eating gluten free as a family at meals ...They still eat gluten stuff but in support of me we have started having a gluten free dinner ! It really does put some normalcy in your life when you can sit down to dinner and not feel left out as you are not eating the same stuff that everyone else is ! And it sure means a lot to me that she is willing to do this for me ... I
  5. OK So here is the long version ! In november of 2009 I was going thru the process of getting my insurance to approve gastric bypass surgery . Part of the process the surgeon sent me to a gastroenterologist for and upper endoscopy to see if my acid refulx had caused any damage which turns out was one of the best things that ever would have happened to me as when he did it he found my intestinal villi are all word down and did all the blood work and DNA testing that confirmed not only did I have celiacs but I got the gene from both my parents. OK ..Now part 2 of the story ..For the last 5 years or so I have been dealing with severe sciatica which of course was always blamed on my weight which did make sense as I was almost 400 lbs ... Well I have my surgery and was in some pain after wards and was just taking my normal meds for my back to deal with the surgery pain .....Well after gastric bypass surgery you are on a liquid diet for the first 6 weeks ....Which as we know for the most part liquids are gluten free ...Well 5 days after my surgery I noticed the strangest thing ..My insides still hurt some but if I was laying down I was fine ...But my back didnt hurt anymore ... How is this possible ? Well I did lose almost 30 pounds in the first week but That shouldnt cause such a drastic change .....So time goes on an I am still fairly pain free taking the occastional pain pill but we are talking over 4 months I only took the amount of pain medication I took in 1 ! HOLY CRAP BATMAN !Could the torture be over !Well it never occurred to me it could be the celiacs ...Thats is an intestinal problem ! This is my back .....Well at 16 weeks you can pretty much start eating most everything but just a good balanced diet. OK so now we fast forward 18 months and 130 pounds lost ! And my back hurts more than it did at almost 400 pounds ! ...So yes At 260 pounds my back was worse off than it was at 400 ! How can this be ? Did I really have 20k in surgery and actually am in more pain than I was ? So dawn breaks on Block head and I think back to that period when after my surgery and what was different than now ...Wait ..I was only drinking fluid and soft stuff like mashed potatoes and jello and stuff like that ...WAIT I WAS GLUTEN FREE ! So I make and appointment with my GP and I tell him you know i noticed that when I was gluten free that my back didnt hurt...And I remembered that the gastrointerologist said that Celiacs symptoms can cause arthritis type symptoms ....I say ..So what do you think ?? He says Nope cant be it ...You would not be in this much pain ..... Well I am 6 days gluten free and Yesterday I was up for 40 hours straight as I had to camp out to get my daughter registered for school and had to wait in line ....So you would think My immune system a my back would just be killing me due to fatigue ...I DID NOT TAKE ON PAIN PILL YESTERDAY ! And we are not talking I take a vicodine in the morning and 1 at night ... I take a 20mg OXYCONTIN in the morning and 1 at Night ....And 4 5mg percocet inbetween for break thru pain .....And I took nothing yesterday ..... Gee could it be a coincidence that the week I go gluten free that my pain is down to where I can actually tolerate it without meds and I feel like I could run a marathon ....And a a nice little bonus ! I have lost 8 pounds this week ! I am not going to go running to him just yet as I want to give it some time to see if it stays like this before I turn in my prescription bottle ! But things are looking up ! And no I will not smack him for this error in judgments he did care for me thru my pain and has been very dilegent about check with me about pain meds and caring about me ..He even very meekly asked me ...Dont be offended ..But I have to ask "Are you selling these meds or taking them just to get high? " While at first I was kind of offended ...But then I though..You know ..it couldnt have been easy to ask a guy my size questions like that and I could tell he really cared ! And as we know Dr do PRACTICE medicine ...Things are not all black and white ...There are literally I 100's of things that cause back pain and I was severely overweight ! I think the other reason he didn't give celiacs a second though is ...I have ZERO intestinal symptoms due to my celiacs ....I never would have found out if I had not had my surgery and had went in for that Upper endoscopy ...... I will make an appointment to see my Gastro DR ...not because I need to ...... But I want to shake his hand and thank him for giving me my life back!! Hello My Name is Bill and I am Gluten FREE and Proud of it !
  6. So What Is Your Weakness?

    I was thinking about it yesterday ...And there is one thing I would cheat for ...Just once and then I would let it go ...In 2001 I went to Europe for the first time .I was 25 on my first great adventure..We were in London and we went into this Pub ...It must have 30 beers on tap .Non of them any such rubbish as an american beer ! We are talking great English and European beers ...SO my cousin and I started at one end and began our quest to get to the other end ...You know ...25 can drink like a rock star ...Seriously up for the challenge ! Well about 6 or 7 in I pick up my pint glass and It was like I found the holy grail ! Liquid gold ! CAFFREYS CREME ALE! My quest was over there ...I stopped and drank that for the rest of the night and any where else in Europe they sold it ...Well I got home to the US and began my quest to find this heavenly brew only to find out they had stopped distributing it in the US ! I was devastated! Like finding your soul mate and then being told you can never see them again ! Well if I ever go to Europe again ..WHICH I WILL ! I will try this again just for the memory and then will walk away ...... That is the one and only thing I can think of that I would sell my gluten free soul for ...May have been the trip too ...But it is such a wonderful memory I have to relive it just 1 more time .... Let the nay Sayers say what they will but I will sacrifice to relive that just 1 more time .....
  7. Heres your new Mantra for him .... Glut on you lips ...No sugar from these lips ! or a little more racey one ..... Got Glut ..NO FRUIT !! Make its silly thing ....Before telling him make sure he is well aware of what gluten means to you and then one he has a grasp of it which it sounds like ..Just cutely tell him something like above ! If he is a nice guy he will laugh ...Then tell him ...you know I am serious right !
  8. So What Is Your Weakness?

    So is wine gluten free then ? Man This is going to be an interesting road !
  9. So What Is Your Weakness?

    Is there such a thing as a Gluten Free Beer ?? I hadnt even thought about beer ! Are there any alchols that are gluten free? Have to reseach that a bit ! Running on Vapors today ...Was up all night waiting in line to register my daughter for school and am running on ZERO sleep today and have to work all day ...This should be fun !
  10. So What Is Your Weakness?

    Well on the Pizza front ...I am lucky there ..I was a Pizza hut manager for 5 years and my mom for 15 ...so if I never see another pizza it will not hurt my feelings ! LOL .....Ohhh...But a nice crescent roll with butter is a wonderful thought !
  11. So what would you say is your weakness? What is the item that tests you and makes you want to cheat? For me ..I am a Carb junkie ...So pasta and bread are my weak spots ...Fortunately I dont mind the gluten-free pastas but I want to dive into the Baguette bin at the store every time I walk past the bakery! A nice crusty bread wrapped around some lovely cheese ....Oh man ...But I wont ...I am only a week in to this ..but its a week I am not giving back ! So what makes your knees weak??
  12. You know I read this and I was thinking about it from a male perspective of how you should explain to him how serious it is when he cross contaminates your food ...Tell him it would be the equivalent if he had a prostate condition and you kicked him where it counts ....Sometimes us guys need things put to them in a way that "Hits Home" to get thru our thick skulls ...And the lady's are correct ....The blatant disrespect he is showing towards your well being is Toxic and no man is worth your health ...I hope it all works out for the best for you ....Take care of your self ....
  13. Thank you so much for the kind welcome ! I am very excited to be here and learn alot from everyone and get to know all of the great people here!

  14. I tried my first Lara bar last night. It was the Coconut Creme pie one and all I can say is ..YUMMMMMMM!! Perfect ! At least I know I have a treat that is tasty to fall back on ! My wife has been so wonderful since I have started this this week.She has been testing recipes so the whole family can take part and support me ....Means alot she is taking part even though she doesnt have to eat this way. I am one lucky guy ....
  15. Hi, welcome to the board! I'm fairly new here too.