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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Recovery From Surgery

    I had a procedure in September for a female issue. It doesn't seem to have done the trick. It took a lot longer to recover from it than expected. I may now be facing a hysterectomy. Tell me about your recovery from surgeries. Has it taken longer than expected? I am really worried about this. However, I can't continue with this situation. Any guidance and encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Gerd Vs. Celiac

    It could be non-celiac gluten intolerance. Wheat can give you heartburn. I agree with others. Try it, gluten-free that is. You just might like what it does for you.
  3. Is This Neuropathy?

    I believe that soy has cause a lot of my neuropathy issues. I am not officially diagnosed with neurotpathy, but had and still occasionally have tingling/burning pain. I am almost certain that soy is the culprit. If you search this site you will fidn many others who have the same opinion and experience with soy. I hope that helps. Of course, soy is in everything. Sorry.
  4. I had a "minor" surgical procedure 3 weeks ago. It is unrelated to celiac. (I thought.) It was an endometrial ablation. Since then I have had a run through of all of the symptoms that disappeared in January when I went gluten-free. Has anyone experienced something similar. I am almost positive I haven't been glutened. Could it just be my body reacting to the stress of the anesthesia and procedure? Thanks.
  5. Very Angry

    I was going to post a comment, but I couldn't find where to do so. Frustrating. I think she is confusing healing or improving the symptoms or results with healing celiac. Yes, her misinformation goes beyond this, but this is what stood out to me at first. If you can tell me how to post a response I will happily do so.
  6. Flustered With Inability To Lose Weight

    I completely understand how frustrating this is. Have you started replacing what you used to eat with gluten-free replacements? I knwo when I first went gluten free, I would just say to myself, well it is gluten-free I am eating it. Regardless of what is was. I learned I can't do that. I eat mostly whole foods: meat, veggies, fruit, and nuts. I am eating as little processed food as possible. I have a lot to lose, but this is how I am trying. 13-15 pounds so far. Don't beat your self up.
  7. Hashimotos, Celiac And Now Muscle Pain!

    I definitely vote for eliminating the nightshades. This made a really big difference for me. Potatoes, formerly one of most favotrite foods, is the biggest culprit. I really do not miss them. Feeling better is so much better than something that tastes good. I too am eliminating soy and go very, very easy on the corn. Best of luck to you.
  8. Everytime we have a party I spend a lot of time on my feet preparing. My ankles always hurt for days. I think I may have just fgiured something out. I haven't had much corn, hardly any at all since January. Well, the tostitos are gluten-free so I indulged with my delicious gluten free spinach and artichoke dip on Sunday, and leftovers on Monday and Tuesday. My ankles have been hurting since Sunday. They are not swollen or anythng, but does anyone get joint pain form corn? Like I said, I really haven't had it since my elimination diet in January except a couple of times. I can't remember any distinct reaction then though. What do you think? Thanks.
  9. B12 Deficiency Anemia?

    So what should your B12 be? I don't have my report right in from of me, but I know mine was well at the low end of a very wide range. I know there is a reference range which I did fall into, but what about optimal??
  10. Neuropathy?

    COuld there be soy in these big dinners you eat?? I am realizing that soy leads to neuropathy for me. If you finish a nice meal with chocolate, that could be the culprit. Most chocolate has soy. I made gluten-free brownies for my daughter yesterday. I hadn't eaten any soy in a week with the hopes that was the problem. No tingling for a week. I popped one of the yummy gluten-free brownies in my mouth and today I have a tinge of tingle. Just a thought.
  11. I wish I could give you a great big hug. It is a difficult transition, but once you are recovered from the liquid diet and start eating gluten free, you will begin to feel better. Red Bridge beer is gluten-free. I went to the liquor store and asked for help. The other posters are full of wisdom and ideas. I just wanted to chime in to tell you that you are not alone and this is a great place to post victories and celebrations as well as rant and have a pity party. You are among supportive friends. Tinkyada is really good pasta. We like it best the first day, not in left overs. Just thinking about the lasagne. I hope you are feeling better soon.
  12. What is the reference range for the ttg?
  13. Feeling Victorious

    That is great that your doc is on board. I am sorry about the glutening, but you will be feeling great soon.
  14. Those helpful arrows which show if there have been more posts to a topic since I last read the thread are always lit up even if I just read the thread. Does any one know how to reactivate those. Thanks bunches.
  15. Love Daughter's New Doc

    Dr. Karnsakul. He listened, he taught, he didn't jump to endoscopy. Very likeable. I would higly recommend him.