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  1. I have some of your same symptoms...night sweats, hair loss, low Vit D, low iron. I also sweat easily just walking around the rooms I'm in at work or home and I have some aches and pains that come and go, in my back, neck, knees, ankles shoulders. I went to a Natropath and had an blood test done - found out I had a lot of other food intolerances besides dairy and gluten. She also wanted some additional blood tests done and those showed some odd thyroid numbers in addition to a couple of other too high interesting things. I started googling everything on my blood test that was abnormal and starting reading and reading, putting it down for a while and reading again. After I felt let down by my regular general practice doctor, I got lucky and found the doctor I am now going to. He lists his specialities as endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism. I think after many doctors I may have found a good one. On my last blood test, at the bottom, it said more tests are needed but pseudo-cushing's is suspected. i've read that Cushing's Syndrome is also another disease that Celiacs can get. I've been changing my diet hoping the next test will show some good change. (it's in two weeks.) I'm at the point where right now (well I've felt this for a while), if I don't start eating only organic, raw, vegan, fruits, seeds, nuts, mostly leafy greens in a (e-bay cheap) Vitamix blender, in addition to cultured or sometimes eating lightly steamed or baked, veggies, with no-sugar, no-grains, and some additional supplements like sublingual B12... if I don't change my eating, I will in essence, be torturing myself into a shorter lifespan. Luckily I know a woman who cured her ovarian cancer by eating raw healthy fruits, veggies, plus supplements. I also saw a movie called "May I be Frank" about a guy who was cured of his hepatitis (don't know which kind) by eating raw fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts. She has a web site where she lists the 100 things she did to get healthy. I totally applaud her for changing her diet so drastically in 2 weeks, and keeping herself healthy. Glad she lives near me and I met her, and took some classes on culturing and dehydrated food. She has a website with lots of links, she makes nothing off any of her advice, Jane Van Benthusen. Good luck on your quest to get better and feel healthy...I'm right there with you. Karen
  2. My Dr. Says I'm Not Cd

    Whew! I feel better this morning, only a back ache, but I'm not complaining. I had some pysilluim husk in water and I think that really helped after a while anyway. I'm so glad to find a forum to talk about tummy problems, whether or not I really have this. At least I may get to the bottom of this. I am going to proceed like I have celiac. But guess what? I won a $5000.00 cruise that my hubby and I are scheduled to go on April 9th-April17th. I am worried about eating. Don't want to go on a great cruise and be doubled over with gas pain. Have you all ever used Metamusil or 100% pysilluim husk and had it work pretty well? How about Immodium? Did you still leak? Stargirl, what is your family history? No one is my family has it as far as I know. Although my younger, very overweight sister with diabetes and a lots of hormone problems and takes various heartburn OTC drugs, and sleeps sitting up. She and my mom and dad will get up and eat in the middle of the night. That would kill me, I'd pay for that one. My grandma had GERD. My dad was always constipated, and so was my brother. Plugging up the plumbing, that sort of thing. I have done that too. Constipated or diarrhea. Aargh. Ianm, yeah I'm not big on Doctors who only know about drugs and nothing about prevention. Veterinarians are the same way. I read they get an hour of nutrition in their studies, from Science Diet people no less. Talk about conflict of interest! Plantime, that is a totally good point! I may not have enough damage to my intestines yet. I think I'll have to educate the Doctor in order to get more tests. But really, after this little episode, I'm not wanting to eat grains. and I'm not one to turn down food. But now I'm looking at it, thinking....oooh it's gonna hurt. I did Atkins, it was hard to be completely without grains. I should have written the food down along with when I had problems, but I think I was ok. I went to the Doctor's office and picked up the blood report. I've looked at a bunch of these because I do them all the time on my dog, Zoe, a mini bull terrier. I read on a dog list, it's funny but lots of times the dog will mirror the owners problems. I know it's true in my case and another person with the same kind of dog. She has the worse allergies to everything ever. Cannot handle carbohydrates at all. Neither can her mini bull terrier dog. But then it's common for those dogs to have all kinds of problems. And it's getting more common for people too, I've read. Here's what the LAB ONE test says: oops. Will post again later. Have to work. Karen Darn wheat (rye & barley)! :)Karen
  3. My Dr. Says I'm Not Cd

    Thanks for sending your comments everyone. I am feeling a little teary right now. I'm glad to know others tests did not come back positive but they went gluten-free and it turned to be the right thing. I guess a diagnosis would feel good for when family and hubby think I'm just making a big thing out of this. Oooh tummy hurts. I'll keep reading you keep writing. Thanks so much. Laying down now. Karen
  4. My Dr. Says I'm Not Cd

    Thank you for your reply and help. My stomach hurts so much right now. I want to do something. dont know what. Which probiotics do you take? Thanks too for the lab link. It looks like I coudl find out what's wrong with me, wiht enough tests anyway. I don't have any idea whether or not my insurance will pay though. And first I may need to educate my Doctor. I had the test for this done by my Dr: Anti-Endomysial (EMA) IgA it was normal. :)Karen
  5. My name is Karen, I live in the Kansas City area. I was glad to see an article in Whole Dog Magazine by a vet who has Celiac Disease, who also prescribes no grains at all for dogs, which means home-made dog food. He said dogs with allergies and some with seizures have had much better health when they are not fed grains. He described the symptoms, explained about the villi. He said to go gluten-free and that most celiacs also have a dairy problem too. I recognized symptoms I've had for the last 3-4 years of heartburn, gas and digestive upsets, diarrhea. I am 53 years old almost and was wondering if I was going through menopause but the DR. said not yet according to the blood-work. I have been trying to find a solution to this but have not been to the doctors because I didn't have health insurance until last fall, and then I was afraid to go for fear they'd say I had a preexisting condition. I finally called and they said it's ok - no preexisting condition riders. good. So I went to a DR. I have never seen before. She's young. I told her I wanted to be tested for celiac disease. I had started eating without gluten for two weeks before, then I read the site and started eating it again 3 days before the DR. visit. (I have tried to give blood at a few times in my life and they wouldn't let me because they said I was anemic. ) I can go pick up the tests form the DR. But the nurse said these tests were done using Lab One: IgA ....normal, they didn't have any numbers on it. Thyroid ...normal. CBC red and white-cells.... normal. all basically normal. Inflammation ...normal. Testosterone and Testosterone Free: the T.-Free was elevated. Dr. wants to repeat these tests. DR. wants to do a DHEA test too. So as I sit here and have been eating grains and everything... my gut hurts. I woke up last night and my gut hurt. I've had diarrhea a 3-4 times for the past week of so. Didn't have it when I was eating no grains for 2 weeks. What am I to do? I am not thin, I am overweight. I'm about 5'3" and 200 lbs. When my tummy hurts, I usually eat something even though it is a temporary fix. I tried Prilosec but still had stomach pains and diarrhea so I quit it after 3 weeks. Doctors seem to give that stuff without determining whether you have too much or not enough hydrochloric acid to digest. I always tried to eat early before going to bed but the food just wouldn't digest...and I'd wake up with heartburn. Prilosec shuts off the pumps, so if you didn't have enough in the first place, can you ever digest the food? I just want to be healthy. I just started back to Jazzercise, which I love. But it does seem like plenty of times I don't have enough energy to do regular stuff. And I have been depressed. Seems like I keep thinking it's going to get better but other things keep happening. And I seem like I am getting arthritis. I really don't have allergies, except to nickel and I get sun poisoning. I'm not taking any drugs except Ibuprofen once in a while...like now because my back has been hurting in about three places. Arrgh. I guess I could have a wheat allergy. Don't know of any forums on that. I have done searches for diarrhea and looked around lot, and hoped this would be it. I'm afraid I will get diabetes (type 2) like my mom and dad and sister (and now my brother who just got it, but he now has small cell cancer for the 4th time and is in hospice with a few weeks or more left.) Anyone have a web site they can direct me to in order help with digestion problems when a person does not have celiac disease? Thank :)Karen